Last minute moving tips

Moving in the last possible moment is never recommended. But, you can’t choose sometimes. You may need to relocate because of a job and that is something that you can’t plan. Since you are already in this position, there is no room for worrying. You have to focus on your move because you do not have much time left. Even though it is a given, we still have to mention that you have to opt for some kind of moving help if you want to pull this thing off. It can be in a form of a moving company Hong Kong or you can opt for your friends and family. Of course, this is not everything that you should know about last minute moving. Here is a list of what you should do in order to have a nice move!

Do not think too much – hire professionals

When you lack time, there is a high chance that you will stress yourself. You will just worry and that is something that will do you no good. Instead, you need instantly to start doing things. Since it is already a given, you should start with help. As we have mentioned, there are two main options. But, our recommendation is to always go with professionals, especially if you are moving internationally. International moves are quite hard and you should always have international movers Hong Kong by your side. The same thing applies to the local move too. Make sure that your moving company is experienced because it is the most important thing here.

a man looking at the monitor - Last minute moving
Thinking too much will do you no good!

Declutter and make last minute moving easier

How to make the move smaller? The best way is to get rid of items before your start packing. Of course, you will not do this with all your things but only with ones that you do not intend to use once you relocate. It will make everything much simpler and you will have a much easier task packing. But, should you throw away things that you do not need anymore? Of course not! There are many Hong Kong charities that you should consider. They will accept almost anything, from clothes to books. That means that you most likely have something that you can donate and make someone happier.

On the other hand, you can consider renting Kwun Tong storage where you can leave extra stuff until you can move them too. Just have in mind that you will have to pay the rent until you are ready to do this. Do not make more mistakes than you ‘have’ to!

Packing can be overwhelming , but don’t be discouraged

As we have said, when you think too much, you lose focus. When you look at all those things that you have to pack for the move, it is easy to get discouraged. But, you have to avoid this at all costs, especially since you are relocating last minute. Here are some things you should have in mind when packing:

  • do not try to separate items, pack them as you see fit
  • use towels and other materials for fragile items
  • make sure you have enough boxes so you do not overfill the ones that you already have
  • once you are done with a box, tape it and start working on another
  • label the boxes if you can in order to know what is fragile and what is not

It is easy when you write this down, we know. You are the one that will have to do all of this. Or, you do not. You can always contact professional movers that will take care of everything. But, this is only if you have a budget high enough for everything.

a person using a packing tape
Pack things the best you can

Last minute relocation does not have to be a disaster

If you do everything correctly, you should not have too many problems along the way. That does not mean that last minute moving will be easy or not stressful. It just means that you now have the necessary tips that should help you survive this. Use them well and you should not have too many troubles in your path!

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