Lifestyle changes to expect when moving from Hong Kong to Australia

Australia is a really popular country to migrate to, especially if you are coming from an Asian country. Even though Australia is usually depicted as a land of dangerous animals and extremely hot weather, it is actually quite a diverse environment with friendly people. You will probably fall in love with Australia in the first couple of days after you move there with movers HK. However, since you are moving from Hong Kong to Australia, you can expect some changes. These two places are both different and the same in certain aspects. For this reason, here are all the life changes that you can expect when moving to Australia. 

Moving from Hong Kong to Australia – their sense of humor might be different 

The first thing that many people notice when moving to Australia is their sense of humor. It can be a little bit frustrating not to be able to understand their sense of humor. However, do not let this offend you. You need to give yourself enough time in order to understand when Australians are joking or not. Usually, people do not think about humor when they are relocating to Australia from Hong Kong. But you need to prepare before you come here. How to describe the Australian sense of humor? Generally speaking, Australian humor is a strange hybrid of the British and American humor. It is both dry as the British one but it has a signature air of “no-worry” American attitude. The best way to see if you can adapt to this style of humor would be to check out some popular movies and TV shows from Australia. 

aerial view of the bridge
Australia is a beautiful country with a different sense of humor

Spelling and slang 

Another thing that is not quite popular like their British and American counterparts would be Australian spelling and slang. If you are used to speaking and spelling in the American way, you will have to change that habit. Since Australia was a British colony once upon a time, and they use the same spelling as Great Britain. For example, it is not “humor” but “humour” and so on. Of course, no one will mind if you use the American version of spelling words. However, if you plan to work there, you have to use the official way of spelling in your emails. For this reason, you should check out the way Australians spell as a way to prepare for finding a job on another continent. You will also have a lot of fun learning all the words that have changed. Do not forget about all the slang words as well. 

Moving from Hong Kong to Australia is a huge decision

One thing that is extremely different from Hong Kong would be the size of the country. Australia is huge. It is the sixth biggest country in the world. When you compare it to Hong Kong where space is a huge problem, Australia is massive. As you might know, it is almost impossible to have a house with a backyard in Hong Kong. This is extremely common in Australia. If it is your wish to live in a huge house, now it is time to do it. Just get the house that you want and have international movers Hong Kong deliver your items. In addition to this, Australia only has 25 million residents. This is a pretty small number considering the size of Australia. However, some places are not populated due to the harsh living environment. Therefore, Australia’s population is heavily concentrated on the coast of the country. 

map of Australia
Australia is a huge country

Be prepared for all the animals 

This might be the biggest stereotype that people have about Australia – all the dangerous animals and insects living there. Although Australia has many animals and insects that you cannot find in Hong Kong or in any other part of Asia, it is not as bad as everyone seems to think. As you can see, 25 million people live in Australia. You can hardly find any poisonous insects, big snakes, or anything similar in large cities such as Sydney or Melbourne. If you live in a suburb, you can find a big bug from time to time. But they are not dangerous and you’re not going to die if you see one. However, if you are adventurous and want to explore the wilderness, you have to be careful. Since some areas are not populated, you can easily come across some huge insects or dangerous animals. 

Get ready for an active life 

One thing to know about Australians is that they love their outdoor activities. What else can you expect from a country and with so many beautiful beaches, deserts, mountains, etc.? For this reason, here are some of the most popular outdoor activities in Australia.

  • Hiking 
  • Surfing 
  • Skydiving 
  • Camping 
  • Diving 

In addition to this, Australians are extremely passionate about sports. The most popular ones include cricket, rugby, and Australian rules football. On the other hand, Australia is a great place if you want to explore the world and make some money. They offer a program known as a working holiday visa where you are granted entry into the country in exchange for a few months of paid work. However, this work is exclusively tied to agriculture so you will work at a farm. 

man standing on the rock
Join Australians and go hiking

The weather might pose a problem 

The last thing you should know when moving from Hong Kong to Australia would be the weather. As mentioned before, most people believe that Australia is extremely hot. Although this is not far away from the truth, it is not a sweltering desert. However, you cannot expect snow or anything like that. Even during the winter, the temperatures can go up to 30°C. During the summer, it is extremely dry and hot. On the other hand, you have beautiful beaches where you can go and spend your hot summer there. It’s going to be easy to pack when moving to Australia because you can forget about your winter clothes. 

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