Tips for loading a moving truck like a pro

If you chose to pack and move by yourself, then you should know how to make it work. You have rented a moving truck and now it is time for packing and loading a moving truck like a pro. A goal is to put all your household items and to keep everything safe and in one piece. So, when you open a moving truck and unpack your boxes, nothing is damaged or broken. That is an idea, so make it work and move smoothly and successfully. Moving without a professional moving company HK  is not simple, but it could be if you are fully prepared.

A moving truck full of household items.
Load a moving truck as a professional would. Find tips and tricks and success is guaranteed.

Steps for loading a moving truck like a pro

Packing and loading a moving truck or a van can be so overwhelming. Almost like the rest of the moving process. Not only you should pack items properly, but also you should put them in the moving truck so all items can fit.

Preparing for loading a moving truck

Preparing for loading (packing) is one of the most important parts of moving. If you didn’t pack the furniture well, then loading a moving truck will not be successful, and your items may be damaged after moving. Pack for the move first, and then load the truck.

  • Collect material for packing, equipment, and ask friends for help. You will need a dolly for heavy items, boxes, packing tape, a plastic wrap, furniture pads, straps, etc.
  • Fragile items should be wrapped with an air bubble foil.
  • Disassemble your furniture if it is possible, so you will pack and load it easier.
  • Put all the furniture outside and then start with loading.
A dolly.
Equipment, materials, and friends are essential when moving and packing.

Rent the right size truck

If the moving truck is too small, it is a big problem, especially if it is a long-distance move, so it is not possible to move back and forth. On the other hand, why to pay more money for a bigger truck? Choosing the right size moving truck will save you money, time, and nerves. So, you need to know how many items you have, to move. Truck rental company should provide you different moving vehicles.

Large and heavy items go first

Load large and heavy items first, such as furniture, appliances, mattresses, bed frames, etc. Put them on the bottom, not on the top. If it is needed, use moving straps. They will hold the furniture in place. For these large and heavy items, you will definitely need strong friends to help you with lifting. Moving truck has a ramp, but still, a couple of friends are a must.  Items should be in their upright positions and don’t forget to keep a balance (don’t put all the heavy items on just one side).

Furniture in front of the house.
Put all the furniture in a yard first, and then load the truck with the large and heavy items first.

Use furniture pads

Paddings will protect your items. They are not too expensive, and you can rent them for a truck rental company. Also, with padding, you will slide items much easier. They definitely worth the little extra money, because loading and unloading will be smooth.

Things to load last

When you are finished with heavy and big items, it is time for lighter boxes. Those boxes should be on top on heavy boxes. Also, fragile items should be also on top, so they will be safe. Keep the light and small items for the end. Things you will need immediately after moving put closer to the truck’s door. Straps will help boxes to stay in place during transportation.

Fill the holes

If there are holes in your moving truck, it is not safe for your belongings. Boxes will move, and your fragile items may be broken after transportation. So, stuff the holes between boxes. But, do not stuff it with fragile items. Use boxes and bags with clothing, linens, rugs, blankets, shoes, etc. Make sure there are no empty spaces, and your items will be safe.

Avoiding injuries when loading a moving truck

When loading a moving truck, you should try to avoid moving injuries if you want to pack like a pro. Always keep the first aid kit near, just in case. If something larger happens to you or someone else, go to an emergency room. Your health must be in the first place, so beware. Injuries during moving could happen, and some of the common injuries are:

  • When you are loading a moving truck like a pro, do not lift large items, or you will hurt your back. 
  • Stretch to warm up your muscles and you will avoid muscle injuries. 
  • Wear protective gloves. For example, when you are packing knives, it will prevent you from cutting yourself.
  • Avoid wearing sandals and slippers. 
The first aid kit.
Keep your first aid kit near. Injuries are common, so be prepared.

Hiring a moving company

If packing and DIY moving are too much for you and your family, then you should hire a moving company. Your move is going to be easier and faster, especially if you are moving long-distance. Renting a moving vehicle is recommended only if you have experience with driving it. Keep in mind that a truck will be full of your belongings, traffic jam, and do not forget to take a break whenever you need to. By hiring a moving company you will not have these worries.

Loading a moving truck like a pro with a guide and a little help from your friends or family members is possible and it will give you another experience. But, if you are not sure you can do it, then don’t. Prepare your moving in advance, make a plan and start organizing the relocation. Put the safety in the first place, and follow moving steps.

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