Meal ideas for moving day

Are you looking for meal ideas for moving day? You’ve come just to the right place! International movers like international movers Hong Kong are always getting questions about moving-day meals. It seems like a very trivial detail, but actually – it’s not. Long-distance moves, cross-country moves, and other complicated moving processes always leave us anxious, worried, and even if we had time – we would forget to eat something during the move. That’s why it’s important that the meal you get before the trucks set off is a quality, fulfilling meal. 

rice with sauce
Rice or pasta with chicken and curry is a great moving day meal!

Meal ideas for moving day that include a lot of protein

There are many meals that you could have that include a lot of protein. The trick is to eat the ones that won’t cause your stomach to go berserk! Simple chicken breast with the side of a salad and rice is one of the best meal ideas for moving day. It’s healthy, you can always store it in a plastic container and bring it with you if you can’t eat it all, it won’t go bad quickly and it’s nutritious. The proteins will help your body recover from physical stress. There’s just one problem – you need more energy nutrients, and we’re going to deal with it by introducing the carbohydrates in the meal. Eating beans, lentils, and similar protein-stacked food isn’t a good idea because they tend to cause problems with the stomach. 

Don’t forget about the carbohydrates!

If you’re worried about not getting enough carbohydrates, instead of rice, you can introduce some kind of pasta for your meal. Preparing pasta with chicken and curry sauce can be a good idea, even though you might want to avoid spicy food. If you have problems with dairy products, don’t consume them on a moving day. Include the bread, pasta, and simple, light groceries. To get more carbohydrates, and maybe have an energy boost mid-move, prepare the energy balls the day before. Apart from being nutritious, they are also great party food! They contain nuts, dates, coconut or cinnamon, and other items that you might want to include like chocolate chips. They’re very tasty, they don’t go bad easily and they are a great source of energy!

bread and a salad
Eat neutral foods and avoid dairy products.

More meal ideas for moving day

There are a few things that you need to get right when you’re moving:

There are many meals that you can try to incorporate now that you know what to look for in a meal.
Some more meal ideas for moving day: 

  • Sweet potatoes
  • Sandwiches without a lot of dairy products 
  • Lasagna
  • Salads with chicken 
  • Tortilla with carrot, cheese, and chicken meat
  • Pizza

Those are some more meal ideas for moving day that you can combine with the vegetables of your choice that you know you won’t have problems with. Dips that provide energy, like hummus, are also a good side-treat!

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