Migration trends in Hong Kong in 2022

More and more Hong Kong residents are choosing to relocate abroad. According to government statistics, Hong Kong’s population has decreased by 1.6% to around 7.29 million, with more than 113,000 people departing the city in 2022. Since records began keeping track in 1961, this annual decline represented the biggest percentage drop during a 12-month period. There are lots of reasons for migration. Those can include better job opportunities, living standards, marriage, educational purposes, etc. Regardless of how hard it may seem to move your entire life across the globe, the best movers Hong Kong can rescue you. There are various countries that Hong Kongers migrate to, but 4 of them are the most popular ones. We will show you the migration trends in Hong Kong for 2022.

Latest migration trends in Hong Kong in 2022

According to the government, 113,200 residents left Hong Kong during the course of the previous year as opposed to 89,200 the year before. Due to the issue’s strong contextual components and the likelihood that personal motives will have a greater impact than typically well-studied determinants like economic factors, it is difficult to define and explain the current trend of migration in Hong Kong in terms of typical legal and official categories of migration. However, most people choose some of the following 4 countries:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America
a person walking at the airport pushing his luggage
When it comes to migration trends in Hong Kong, the most attractive destinations are Canada, USA, Australia and UK


Moving to Australia from Hong Kong can give you multiple benefits because of its great standard of living. With more than 400 distinct occupations that Australia needs workers for, as well as for working holiday visas, student visas, working visas, and more, Australia is embracing new immigrants from Hong-Kong. Hong Kong has seen an increase in immigration to Australia at a rate of 11.88% per year, making it one of the world’s largest migration routes for skilled labor. More than 300,000 Hong Kong nationals now reside permanently in Australia.

People from Hong Kong move to Australia for a variety of reasons, including improving their families’ future, striking a work-life balance, advancing their education, or even just to get away from the stress of the city. It can be about residing close to the ocean and its expansive sandy beaches. Reuniting with family is a motivator for some, while visiting the location where they had wonderful memories while studying abroad or while on a working vacation visa for a year in Australia is for others. Many relocate to Australia in order to launch a new business, grow an existing one, or invest in one of the many opportunities the nation offers.


People from Hong Kong and China have immigrated to Canada over the years for a variety of factors, including political and economic ones. Large immigrant populations can be found throughout Canada, particularly in Vancouver, where 20% of the population is of Chinese heritage. Many moved here in search of employment and educational opportunities. There are numerous reasons to consider moving to Canada from Hong Kong, and there are ways to make it happen. You can just get in touch with a cousin you already have there and ask them to sponsor you.

You still have possibilities if you’re the first member of your family to migrate. Both prospective students and highly educated or skilled personnel are constantly in demand. In the previous year, 2,295 new Hong Kong citizens arrived in Canada as permanent residents.

United Kingdom

One of the most well-known and well-liked cities in the entire world is undoubtedly London. Many individuals would appreciate the chance to reside here or somewhere in UK in general. There are a ton of top-notch restaurants, employment options, homes to pick from, sights to view, activities to participate in, people to meet, etc. However, moving to UK from Hong Kong is not that simple.  Fortunately, Hong Kong residents can now more easily obtain a visa thanks to recent amendments made by the UK government, particularly for students. This is the ideal chance to work and study in the UK.

London as a part of the migration trends in Hong Kong
Many individuals would appreciate the chance to reside in London or somewhere in UK in general

You and your family will be granted BNO status, which stands for British National Overseas. Initiation of this project began in January 2021. After five years of residing in London, you may apply for settlement if you submit an application this year. This implies that you can stay indefinitely and that obtaining full British citizenship will be significantly simpler. However, you must first apply in order to receive a BNO status. You must pass a background check and criminal history check. It is often rather challenging to obtain a working visa for the UK, therefore this is incredibly wonderful news for everyone coming from Hong Kong.


Nowadays, the majority of immigrants from Hong Kong who are granted legal permanent residency do so as US residents’ immediate relatives or through family sponsorship. A Green Card may also be obtained by immigrants through employment in addition to family-based considerations.

Those moving from Hong Kong to USA mostly choose California, New York, New Jersey, Seattle, Texas, and Boston among other states. Through restaurants and supermarkets run by Hong Kong locals, there are various communities that promote the culture of Hong Kong. The majority of these Hong Kong-owned companies are situated in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York’s Chinatown neighborhoods.

Chinatown in NYC
The majority of the Hong Kong-owned companies are situated in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York’s Chinatown neighborhoods

The review of the migration trends in Hong Kong in 2022

People usually relocate in search of a better life. The biggest drop in the population of Hong Kong in the previous 60 years has occurred during the third year in a row of decline. An exodus of both foreigners and locals from Hong Kong over the past year has had an influence on admissions to international schools in the area and elsewhere. Whether you choose Australia, Canada, UK, USA or maybe some other country as your final destination, the international moving company Hong Kong will be more than helpful when it comes to making this tiring process easier. Even though it is hard, it is always good to follow your dreams and make sure you have a brighter future!

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