Misconceptions about renting an apartment in Hong Kong

There are many misconceptions about renting an apartment in Hong Kong. It can be quite challenging to find a good apartment for a reasonable price. It’s a known fact that renting prices of apartments in Hong Kong are pretty high. For this reason, many people are renting small apartments in bad shape. Luckily, if you rent one that was not cleaned for some time, you can hire a removal company in Hong Kong to tidy up the place before your arrival.

What do you need to know before renting an apartment in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong has over 7 million residents in very small space. For this reason, the competition for apartments is big and the prices of apartments are high as a result. Most of the housing options in Hong Kong are apartments from luxurious and spacious to modest one-rooms. However, you shouldn’t be turned down by the small size of the apartment. You can live very comfortably in a small apartment in Hong Kong for a reasonable price.

Apartments in Hong Kong are expensive

If you are hoping that the high renting prices of Hong Kong apartments are just a misconception, well unfortunately it’s not. Renting is expensive because of limited available apartments and a large number of residents. The average price of a one-room apartment that is far away from the center is around $1900. For this reason, if you don’t have enough space for your belongings, you can rent Kwun Tong storage for some extra space. Bigger or apartments in a better location are much more expensive with rent going between $2500-$4000.

aerial view of Hong Kong buildings
Apartments in Hong Kong are very expensive

How to find an apartment in Hong Kong?

One of the benefits of moving during the off-season in Hong Kong is better real estate offers. Fewer people are moving during the winter months, so the demand for apartments is also lower. You will have more chance of finding an apartment that you like and need. Finding an apartment in Hong Kong can be challenging. There is a couple of way on how you can find your Hong Kong apartment. It’s important to always go to see an apartment in real life before you sign the contract. The ways to find apartment are the following.

  • Online
  • Real estate website
  • Real estate agent
  • Land Registry

One of the biggest misconceptions about renting an apartment is that all apartments are tiny

There is a very big misconception that all people in Hong Kong live in cage-sized apartments in buildings with more than 40 floors. While there is notoriously famous Kowloon Walled City, there are many good apartments and even houses to rent. However, before you rent an apartment in Hong Kong, you should pay attention to a couple of things like a neighborhood, public transportation, etc.

when renting an apartment in Hong Kong, you can have a big kitchen
When you are renting an apartment in Hong Kong, you don’t have to choose a small one

You will need to compromise when renting an apartment in Hong Kong

Renting an apartment in Hong Kong can be difficult but not impossible. If you don’t have a large budget for renting an apartment, some compromises will need to happen. You need to decide whether the location or the size of the apartment is more important to you.

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