Mistakes to avoid when leaving Hong Kong last minute

Hong Kong is a vibrant city and people are always flowing. Being a regional business hub, many connections are made from around the world and sometimes opportunities appear elsewhere. To seize some of them, you may need to relocate temporarily or long-term and there is little time to plan and organize your move. When there is little time and you are leaving Hong Kong last minute, it’s best to reach out to professional service. Here’s how you can make your move less stressful.

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When there’s little time, everything must be perfect.

Getting professional help when moving out of Hong Kong

Some people are maybe relocating temporarily and after packing and storing their belongings, there is already much less to worry about. However, if you are moving out of Hong Kong for good, that could be a whole new level of planning. Trying to take care of everything alone when leaving Hong Kong last minute is a mistake you can easily avoid by hiring professional movers.

Get in touch with one of the ReloSmart employees to discuss all your needs. Depending on the time frame, they will give you advice and instructions regarding the whole process. It is very complex, but on special notice, things can maybe be put in motion faster. The most important thing is to understand everything that is supposed to happen in a short time frame. Any relevant information about your specific situation can help organize your move better.

You will get instructions on how to pack and label your boxes. If you are unsure about the best ways to pack them, ask some of the employees for advice.

If you are moving with your pet, make sure that you check in with your vet and get all vaccination certificates. Your pet can be transported separately from you, even abroad, so don’t leave your pet if you are leaving Hong Kong last minute. We know it’s best when you travel together, but getting all health checks for them might take some time.

If you can’t imagine being elsewhere without your car, we got you covered. You don’t need to sell your car or pay for a lengthy garage lease. Instead, you can use car shipping HK to transport your car to the desired location. Contact our employees so you don’t miss out on any important detail.

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You’ll need help if you’re leaving Hong Kong last minute.

Handling finances before leaving Hong Kong last minute

There are many reasons why you need to sort your finances. Leaving Hong Kong before everything is in order is something you should avoid. You should put some things in motion before leaving, at least. This doesn’t include spending advice where you are left to your designs. Instead, the most important aspect of handling your finances before leaving Hong Kong regards taxes.

Depending on the nature of your move, it can have different implications on how you should handle tax. Not every type of tax is the same and there are different things you should look out for. Mainly there are income tax, estate tax, and capital gains.

Income tax

If you are moving abroad to conduct business on behalf of your employer, talk to the HR department and the accountant and ask them how will your income be taxed when working abroad. In this scenario, the company might initiate the process regarding paperwork. However, if you are pursuing business opportunities abroad on your incentive, it’s wise to talk to a tax advisor first.

Estate tax

Estate duty is a tax on your property and other assets. If you own real estate in Hong Kong and plan to sell because of your move, you must keep in touch with the relevant services. Ask the tax advisor if there should be any changes in the way your estate tax is counted. Handling this can be a lengthy process, so enabling mail forwarding to your new address can be of much help. The last thing you’ll want is missing out on important notices and documents. It’s best to be safe when leaving Hong Kong in a hurry.

Capital gains

Having investments in stocks can be a lucrative business. Moving out of Hong Kong can seem like a good time to sell your stocks but it shouldn’t be done without caution. Capital gains are non-taxable in Hong Kong, so you should take this into account when reporting to the corresponding tax jurisdiction. Proper guidance will ensure you don’t lose any money or pay unnecessary taxes.

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It’s important to sort your finances before leaving Hong Kong.

Going through your belongings

Every move is a good time to rethink what you need. It makes it easier to pack and move your belongings once you get rid of unwanted items. Sometimes it’s not so easy to let go of your things, but if you’re in a hurry, being practical is paramount. It’s best to ask yourself two questions:

  • Did you use an item in the last year?
  • If you did, are you going to need it after leaving Hong Kong?

If the answer to both questions is yes, pack it for moving. When it’s a no for both, consider letting go. You can donate any unwanted pieces of clothing or other items. For those items that you did use but are not going to need after leaving, you could store them in Hong Kong. It all depends on the nature of your move and if you are going to come back.

ReloSmart Movers Hong Kong offers storage services for short or long-term storage. If you need advice or want to use storage or packing services, make sure to contact your movers to get a quick rundown of key things you should know.

There is no use bringing clothes with you that doesn’t fit the climate where you’re going. That and valuable belongings that you don’t want to bring with you are worth storing. However, keeping everything will only create more problems in the future. It’s the last thing you want after leaving Hong Kong last minute. Try to categorize and separate what you want, need, and don’t need.

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