Monthly costs of living in Hong Kong

Hong Kong draws many people to it, and there are many reasons for that. It stands as one of the main financial centers in Asia, while it also remains one of the cities that hosts a vibrant culture and arts scene. There’s much to do in Hong Kong, and many ways to advance your career or education here, but it might be hard to settle in initially. Trying to round up your budget can be particularly hard during your first months while you try to adapt to the new city, so you should know what to expect. Make sure you contact a professional moving company Hong Kong, which is the first step before moving here. After hiring movers, you’ll have some time to prepare for the monthly costs of living in Hong Kong.

What to expect from the monthly costs of living in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong isn’t a cheap city, which makes sense with it being one of the main centers in this part of Asia. We’ll go through utilities and other monthly costs of living which will impact your budget. Not everything is expensive, but it depends on where you are moving from before making the comparison. Also, note that your first few months could take some more effort to adapt which is why many people go with smaller apartments to get the first taste of living here after relocating to Hong Kong.

person calculating monthly costs of living in Hong Kong
Make sure you prepare well and are familiar with the costs of living in Hong Kong before moving there.

How to pick the best place to move to in Hong Kong?

The price of rent in Hong Kong usually isn’t cheap, but there are smaller apartments that can surprise you with the price. It’s important to adjust your expectations before moving here, such as the price of rent. Note that most apartments will cost you around $2.000 and more, but some places go for half the price. Those places are usually not very spacey, but it works for many people who are trying to make a foothold in the city. When trying to balance the amount of space in your new apartment and the price, you should also add distance from work to the mix. Not having to commute can reduce your expenses and it’s impacted directly by the location relative to your work.

What to expect when moving with pets to Hong Kong?

Rest assured that movers can help you settle in, no matter what you need to transport. However, if you plan to move with pets, there are a few things you should know first. Before moving with pets, you need to familiarize yourself with Hong Kong’s regulations on the import of animals and prepare everything you need. This usually includes a rabies check-up before your pet can get clearance for getting into Hong Kong. On the other hand, after you move in, you still need to take note of the implications pets might have for your budget. Besides the regular expenses which include food and healthcare services for your pet, note that you’ll be spending more electricity.

Pets often require the right temperature to stay healthy and happy, which sometimes means leaving heating or AC on during the night. It all adds up to your electricity bill, but it doesn’t mean it’s too expensive.

people moving to hong kong with pets
Pets require a special procedure to get into Hong Kong, but they also impact the monthly costs of living.

Water is very cheap in Hong Kong

Luckily, other utilities like water are very cheap in Hong Kong. Many people across the globe already developed habits of saving water, but you won’t need to worry about that here. You should be responsible and not leave your tap open, but you shouldn’t worry about the price. It won’t impact your monthly budget, at least when compared to the prices of other utilities, such as internet and electricity.

Costs of living in Hong Kong as a commuter

Public transport in Hong Kong is really good, but the price doesn’t follow. It is very affordable, and most of the time will be punctual. However, if you miss a bus, don’t hesitate to get a taxi. The price of all kinds of transport, including taxis, is relatively cheap in Hong Kong. You’ll probably need to spend around $100 on public transport if you commute daily, while the monthly costs of living may increase if you opt for taxis too often. Monthly costs of living in Hong Kong won’t reflect on everyone the same, as not everyone has to commute. If you moved in close to your work, there’s no need to have extra costs. Still, you shouldn’t stress about using public transport, as it is 10 times cheaper than in some other countries, for example.

red taxi in hong kong
Taxis are not expensive, but public transport is also very reliable.

Monthly costs of living in Hong Kong if you like fine dining

Going out for a dinner might be a bit more expensive than you expected. Hong Kong offers a range of fine dining locations as well as many options for street food. Many people love the food in Hong Kong and enjoy exploring luxury locations to have a taste of different great foods. While this may be very popular among tourists, it might not fit into your budget after moving here. Cozy restaurants shouldn’t stay off-limit, but try to rationalize so it doesn’t hit your budget too much. Dinner in Hong Kong is quite expensive so it’s best if you only go out once or twice per week. Depending on the number of people you’re going out with, the price might even increase more. However, everyone deserves a treat now and then.

Cost of groceries in Hong Kong

There are different options for shopping for groceries in Hong Kong, as some are sold at local and others at international markets. Depending on your needs and taste, different markets may have what you need. However, if you’re trying to stay on budget and save as much as you can, note that the prices vary in different markets. For instance, local markets are usually less expensive, where you’ll need around $400 monthly to get the basic supplies. On the other hand, getting groceries from international markets might cost you around $600 monthly. There’s no need to cut corners everywhere you can, but try to balance out depending on your priorities. All in all, the monthly costs of living in Hong Kong are not too high, but it takes some time to adapt.

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