Moving out of Hong Kong stress-free

Life in Hong Kong may be very exciting and overwhelming, but sometimes it’s time to say „goodbye“ and move to a new exciting city. Although life in Hong Kong can not be compared to life in an American city, one thing is the same – moving is equally complicated anywhere in the world. But you’re wondering how to manage with moving out of Hong Kong stress-free? Well, surely you’ll be a little stressed, it’s natural. But if you stick to our list below, you will certainly be more prepared for the things to come. So, let’s see what you can do to move relaxed and less stressful! 

Pack ahead of time

Hong Kong, just like many Asian metropolia, is overcrowded with tourists, cars and traffic jam is a common thing. This is why you shouldn’t leave packing and move for the last day. While the total population of Hong Kong is around 7.43 million, during work time, this number is rising! Imagine relocating things during rush hours or workdays? You surely don’t want to be pushed on the streets, and lose more energy and feel stressed. So make sure you pick the right time and pack ahead of time. Beside crowds, if you don’t like heat and humidity combined, avoid relocating on typhoon season when humidity can go 77% on average! 

moving out of hong kong
In Hong Kong, as in most of Asia, crowds in the streets are a normal thing, so do not leave packing and moving for the last day!

Take care of all bills and taxes

While English is usually spoken in Hong Kong, it’s not bad to learn some Chinese. And when we say Chinese, we mean Cantonese. Knowing this language on a basic level can help you a lot with moving out of Hong Kong. But, nevermind, if it looks difficult you can easily deal with things in English. Before you leave, take care of all bills and taxes. This may be boring, but make sure you cover all taxes. This is especially important for expats because as a temporary citizen of Hong Kong, you give Inland Revenue (IR). Once IR is notified, you will be given one final green tax form for completion within 14 days. Your employer will have to notify IR of your salary up to the agreed leaving date. This all takes a toll on you, and you need to learn some tips to cope with moving stress. Then you will be required to settle the final bill in person at Revenue Tower. We highly recommend delivering the papers in person, or via fax to save time and provide a stress-free relocation.

passport when moving out of hong kong
Gather your passport, visa, and other important documents together before moving out of Hong Kong.

Gather all documents

The first thing before you start packing for moving out of Hong Kong is to gather all your documents in the same place. Make sure you have your passport, visa, credit cards, health insurance, moving insurance and any other important document on hand. You certainly do not want to risk losing some of these documents while packing because it can complicate and delay the forehead move. Moreover, with documents, you need to know how to find the best moving rates to save some budget. Loss of passport or money is one of the most stressful things when moving. Not to mention that the police can punish you if you do not carry your ID card in Hong Kong. Look out for these things.

crowded streets in hong kong
Moving out can be a stress-free experience, just make sure to take into consideration our article!

Claim your MPF before moving out of Hong Kong

Moving out of Hong Kong can be a stressful thing to experience. So, unless you want to return to Hong Kong, you may want to claim your MPF. If you want to claim accumulated MPF funds, you’ll need to fill necessary application forms. It can take some time, so it’s best to do it ahead of time before you leave. From the required documents, you will need a photocopy of your HKD and sometimes your passport copy and address in your country of origin. Surely they will ask for your bank details and you’ll have to make a declaration confirming your leave that organizes Public Enquiry Service Centre. Once it’s completed it will take one month for the money to arrive in your account.

 Moving out of Hong Kong – Choose the reliable moving company

Hiring a professional moving company may be costly, but when it comes to long-distance relocating, this is an absolutely necessary thing to do. A professional moving company is able to help you with relocating your things to new places and settling down anywhere in the world. Surely, you are able to move some things. But how you are going to relocate furniture, pets or fragile things from Hong Kong to Florida? Many of the things you own are not allowed to be transferred by plane. And DIY long-distance packing can go wrong easily. So, you need to pick the right moving company to ease your relocation.  

It’s not that difficult. You can easily google for the best and most reliable moving companies. Moreover, make sure to know what are the traits of good international movers. See feedbacks and reviews from other users and choose the right for your needs. See their deals and prices, and check if they have some special offer for long-distance. Relosmart Movers Hong Kong are among the best professional moving companies that can help you with long-distance relocation and moving out of Hong Kong to anywhere you wish.  

couple with keys in hand
We recommend you to hire a professional moving company and choose one of the insurance in their offer to safely move things.

Choose the most suitable moving insurance

As you saw above, hiring a professional moving company is sometimes costly but definitely worth your money, especially when it comes to long-distance relocation. Moving out of Hong Kong seems complicated when it’s about packing and relocating things. But before you hire a company and pay a deposit, we highly recommend you to pick the most suitable moving insurance to secure your belongings. If you have no experience with this, we will explain it briefly. As well, you need to learn how to avoid moving injuries, not just rely on insurance alone. First of all, moving insurance is not real insurance. Moving companies call it valuation. Valuation works like this: the moving company will ensure compensation for your items in case of damage or loss. Although every moving company has its own valuation types, we’ll mention the common so you can pick the right for you.  

Released value protection represents the most basic coverage that moving companies offer. This option has no extra cost for you, but it provides minimal coverage. Usually 60 cents per item. Full value protection is better than the first one but you will have to pay a premium upfront. The company will declare the worth of your goods. You can also choose between paying, repairing the item, or replacing it with another item of comparable value. You can also find other moving insurance types and choose the right to protect your expensive and fragile articles during transportation. 

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