Moving to Hong Kong for business – an ultimate guide

Hong Kong is one of the biggest cities in the world. The headquarters of many big global industries are located here, which gives many job opportunities. It is only normal that such a city will attract you, a professional working on their career. But moving to Hong Kong for business is not for everyone. As appealing as it might sound, there are certain difficulties included. The move won’t be one of those difficulties if you decide to do it with ReloSmart Movers Hong Kong. Before you decide to take a leap of faith, you should learn certain things about this glorious city.

What should you know before moving to Hong Kong for business?

Hong Kong is a very welcoming country for expats, that’s why so many live and move there daily with the help of some international movers Hong Kong. But all these people did their research on the city before they moved. You should do the same, to avoid regretting your decision when it’s too late. Some of the things you should know before moving to Hong Kong for business are the:

  • Cost of living
  • Average salary
  • Visa requirements
Couple talking about moving to Hong Kong for business
Hong Kong is welcoming for expats

Cost of living

No matter where you want to move to, the first thing that you should investigate is the cost of living in that particular place. Money is very important nowadays, and so is the cost of living. The cost of life in Hong Kong is ridiculously high it is the second most expensive city in the world. Compared to other cities everything is more expensive, especially in the housing market. The lowest amount you could pay for a small apartment is $2000. If you want something bigger or closer to the center, expect to pay up to $4000 monthly on rent.

Average Salary

The high prices of living in Hong Kong are luckily covered by good salaries. You cannot expect to have a great payment as soon as you move with the help of some moving service Hong Kong. People with a few years of working experience in this city can expect a good paycheck. The best-paid job is in finances, software engineering, and marketing. The majority of companies that call Hong Kong their home, are doing business in this industry.

Visa requirements

When moving to a foreign country, you will bring a bunch of important documents with you. One thing that is mandatory when moving to Hong Kong is a visa. Both you and your employer need to fill out the visa application forms, and you should do this at least 6 weeks earlier. If you move with your family, the good news is that you only require one visa per household, not per person working.

Picture of documents on a map
A visa is a must

Conclusion on moving to Hong Kong for business

Moving to Hong Kong for business might seem scary, but it is well worth it. It won’t be easy in the beginning because of the language barrier, new surroundings, culture shock, etc. But no beginning is easy. You will get used to it in time. Now the only thing you have to think about is when you will contact us so that we can offer you a great moving experience. Good luck!

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