Moving to Hong Kong with kids: what to know?

Ok, so you’ve decided that it’s time to move with your family. However, relocating to Hong Kong from the US is never easy. Even though you’ve found the perfect place to raise your family, there are many challenges ahead. So, after you sell your current place, you have to survive the relocation with your kids. Especially if you are moving so far away. Because packing, hauling, and adjusting to a new environment can quickly turn into a nightmare for your whole family. But don’t panic, because we’ve gathered some tips to make moving to Hong Kong with kids a smooth experience. Eventually, your little campers will come out happy after the relocation is over, trust us.

How to break the news before moving to Hong Kong with kids?

First things first, you have to begin by telling your kids that you’re moving to Hong Kong. There’s no doubt the kids’ world is going to be uprooted and turned upside down at the beginning. However, there are ways to help your kids and make this transition easier for them.

  • Tell them about the relocation as soon as you can. This will help them prepare for the upcoming change and make them feel included.
  • Provide them with enough details. That’s especially the case if you have an older child. Therefore, give them details about the exact date you’ll be in your new Hong Kong home. Also, speak to them about what life is going to be like in their new home. Or whether they’ll be sharing rooms or not.
  • Give them some reasons to get excited about your upcoming relocation. They will need your help to feel excited about leaving their new life behind and moving to a different place.
  • Answer all their questions. Try to give them honest answers to help them feel more secure about the upcoming change. For instance, they might wonder how to keep in touch with their old friends. Or how to make new friends after the relocation.
  • Help them with their feelings and emotions. This is maybe the most important thing you have to do to make moving to Hong Kong with kids easier. The reason is that they will experience big scary emotions and might not be able to understand those feelings. That’s where you, as a parent, have to jump in and help them to understand and deal with these emotions.
Help your kid if you are moving to Hong Kong
It is important to create a positive atmosphere about your move to Hong Kong with kids.

Prepare for the big change

After you tell your kids about the upcoming move, it’s time to get everything else ready. Surely, it won’t be easy to keep track of kids while dealing with grumpy attitudes. Alongside this, you have to pack the moving boxes and clean your house. However, there are some useful ideas to survive the challenge called moving to Hong Kong with children.

Start earlier than you think you need to when moving to Hong Kong with children

One of the most important tasks when moving with children is to properly plan. So, don’t let the moving day to sneak up on you, only to find yourself throwing things in the boxes. Therefore, start packing and do the deep cleaning as early as possible. That’s the only way for your family to get fully prepared for the moving day.

Create a moving timeline

As we already said, you have to plan every detail of your relocation. So, sit down with your kids and plan all the details of the last week before your move. For instance, you can together decide what meals to eat, or to create packing schedules. That one will cut back some last-minute stress. You can also plan out who will be riding in which car and who will carry a bag of essentials.

Give your kids some tasks to ease the process of moving to Hong Kong with your youngsters

Another great way to incorporate your kids into the whole moving process is to recruit them to handle simple jobs. Whether it’s decluttering their toys or organizing a yard sale, give them lists of their duties. They will have great fun while handling these jobs and you will be free to carry on with your tasks. It’s a win-win situation, right?

Moving to Hong Kong with children requires a lot of planning
Planning is crucial if you’re moving abroad with your kids.

Final tips to help you move smoothly

Donating old toys can help when moving with kids

Before moving to Hong Kong with kids, it’s the perfect time to give away the unused and unloved toys. Don’t throw them away but donate the toys instead. So, pick a day to sit down with your kids and go through their toys. This is a great opportunity to teach your kids about giving and charity work. Along the way, you’ll get rid of some unnecessary clutter. Also, make sure your kids are involved in deciding which toys to donate and which to keep. Help them understand that the toys are going to another child who will give the toys the love they deserve.

More activities to make moving to Hong Kong with children fun and joyful

After all those schedules, plans, and to-do lists, it’s time for some fun. You shouldn’t forget that your kids have to have fun while moving. So, while handling a move, let your kids color-code the moving boxes. Get them some colorful stickers to mark each box for a fast and easy kid-approved organizational method.

a toy
Include your kid into the relocation process by letting him choose the toys for donation.


The bottom line is to take time to organize moving to Hong Kong with kids. That way, you’ll have a less bumpy ride. Let your kids get involved in the moving process and they’ll take the stress away.

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