New Year in Hong Kong: Top events & Venues

People decide to pack their bags and hit the road for various reasons. More often than not, it is the better job opportunities that motivate people to make a huge step and change our lives completely. Marriage and the arrival of children can also affect the way we perceive life and our surroundings. For all these reasons today is completely normal for people to tour the globe in search of perfect living conditions. Moving to Australia from Hong Kong and traveling huge distances is not a problem when you have the right moving partner. Even adjusting to different culture doesn’t have to be a problem. You just have to keep an open mind and a friendly attitude. One of the best ways to experience the local way of life is to talk with the locals, walk and wander, and to take part in festivals and events. For this reason, we have selected top events and venues to see for the New Year in Hong Kong. Stay with us to find out more.

Hong Kong skyline
Celebrate the New Year in Hong Kong and experience this great city in all its grandeur

Begin the New Year in Hong Kong by joining some of the outdoor events

Night is the time when Hong Kong shines in all its glory. Countless shimmering skyscraper lights melt with a myriad of neon signs creating a light show reminiscent of a scene from a futuristic film. Even those accustomed to living in big cities will be left breathless by the mesmerizing sight of Victoria Harbor. If you like the idea of relocating to Hong Kong, you just have to find a reliable moving company to help you relocate. Here are a few things to do on a New Year’s Eve:

  • Hop on one of the luxury cruise ships and observe the city from the bay.
  • Find a good spot to observe the spectacular Symphony of Lights
  • The famed Hong Kong fireworks display is a sight to behold, just make sure you have a good viewpoint
  • Mix with the locals and join the New Year’s parade

    Picture of fireworks
    New Year’s Firework spectacle in Hong Kong is one of the best in the world

Hit the famous nightclubs and bars

Hong Kong is a massive melting pot where many influences blend together. In its spiderweb of streets, squares, and neighborhoods you can find an innumerable variety of clubs and bars for every taste. Neighborhoods like Lan Kwai Fong and Tshim Sha Tsui are hotspots for those who would like to party their way into the New Year. Locals and tourists from all over the world flock here to attend live concerts and lavish countdown parties.

Spend a quiet evening in one of Hong Kong’s fancy restaurants

Hong Kong has a rich and vibrant restaurant scene. This comes as no surprise given the fact that so many different cultures meet and clash here. The city is also home to the biggest number of billionaires in the world. In that sense, you can find cuisine for every type of taste and pocket. Various street eats will offer you the chance to truly experience local culture. We also advise you pick one of Hong Kong’s rapidly growing number of restaurants. After all, it’s New Year in Hong Kong, and one of the best ways to experience the staggering fireworks is behind the window of a cozy restaurant. We wish you a happy holiday.

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