Offbeat sites in HK you have to see

Relocating to a new country is something that can bring you both anxiety and excitement at the same time. Especially if you are moving to a completely new culture you know nothing about. So if you have just moved to Hong Kong and you have no idea where to start to explore this magical place, check out these offbeat sites in HK, and make sure you get the best impression of this place. There are some wonderful places you have to see, and what is best is that you can plan to visit them right after you have hired ReloSmart Movers Hong Kong. With help from these professionals, you can focus on planning your free days in HK and not think about the location at all.

Offbeat sites in HK you have to see

  1. Sham Shui Po
  2. Sunset cruise on the Aqua Luna
  3. Victoria Peak Gardens
  4. Visit Lugard Road
  5. Take a ferry to Cheung Chau Island
  6. Find delicious places to dine 
HK from distance
Find out why Hong Kong is the most magical place on the planet

Why is Sham Shui Po worth visiting?

This is one of the poorest of all places in Hong Kong and it will give you some special insights into this town. You will be able to experience the life that truly happens in HK. Among the locals that are very friendly, you will be able to see and taste some of the most delicious food, find the clothes that you need for yourself or your kids, and find all the decorations you need for the upcoming holidays. This is the most describable place in Hong Kong you will ever see. So after relocating to Hong Kong, make sure this place is the number one place you will see in order to get to know the culture of this city and the people living here.

Aqua Luna – one of the offbeat sites in HK

Traditional Chinese junk is one of the most unique things you can do here. But what happens if there are some unique things that not so many people know about? Of course, you will get to one of the boats and make a cruise. However, you should not miss the Aqua Luna. This is one of the last remaining red-sail junk boats that can take you on a short cruise. Tickets for this ride are around $28 but there are some simple tricks. When you hire moving service Hong Kong, book your tickets online then.

the red boat is one of the offbeat sites in HK
Get on the boat as soon as you relocate!

Victoria Peak Gardens

This is one of the favorite destinations when it comes to locals. They love spending time here relaxing and hanging out with friends and family. If you love nature and beautiful plants, this is the right place for you. One of the best pieces of advice you can get is to ask locals to get you through this magical place. They know the hidden gems and they will show you the Peak Gardens from a different angle. You can even ask your first neighbors to do it. Once you have relocated with cheap local movers Hong Kong, you can use this chance to get to know your neighbors and spend time with them. After these walks and relaxation, you will have new friends you can rely on nearby.

Lugard Road is one of the offbeat sites you must see in HK

Most tourists do not even know that this place exists. You will be amazed by the views. If you have a pet or you want to have a nice and relaxed walk, without the crowd and a lot of people coming your way, coming here will be a blast. Most of the station’s public transportation is here and you will have no problem stopping by and relaxing after hard-working hours. You will need around 90 minutes to pass all the trails here. So take your time and enjoy!

Cheung Chau Island

Catching a ferry to this island is maybe one of the first things people do when they experience domestic moving Hong Kong. This island is a simple yet very interesting escape from the city and the crowd. You will be able to ride a bicycle, fish, and enjoy beach sports you like. Most people like spending their weekends here and enjoy the rest of the free time they have. Tourists here do not visit this island much because they think it is a waste time. Spending a day here will actually make you not want to go back to the city. That is maybe the biggest reason tourist avoid coming here. Once you spend your day on this island, the landmarks you have managed to see will not be important anymore.

Where to eat here?

Of course, you will try some traditional food and taste some of the delicious things from this cuisine. But there is some stuff you can try and eat that you are not used to and you cannot find everywhere. And those are Egg waffles. You will find them in numerous places, but there are maybe a few of them that are making them in a traditional way. It is the type of waffle that was created with leftovers some local man had in its store. This dessert will give you a true taste of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong at night
If you ever want to get out of the city center and the crowd, visit some of the offbeat sites in HK

Remember, these are just some of the offbeat sites in HK that you must see. There are also waterfalls that you must explore, another great place and beautiful nature. After the studies we have done, the best way to get to know Hong Kong and to get to know the place you have just moved to is to be led by the locals. So once you move, make sure you get to know your neighbors, coworkers, etc. They will give you the best impressions and tastes of Hong Kong you are looking for.

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