Outdoor activities in Hong Kong to enjoy

Hong Kong is a world metropolis, located on the outskirts of the South China Sea, where Asian and Western cultures have merged into one. So if you are relocating to Hong Kong, you may need to know a little bit about this city before you start packing. Some of the obvious questions are: where are you going to drink your morning coffee? Where can you go for the weekends? And what are the main outdoor activities in Hong Kong to enjoy? Well, in this article, we’re going to focus on the last one… so let’s begin naming the best ones!

As you may know, Hong Kong is the Asian financial capital and 4th on the list out of the most expensive cities in the world – besides Singapore, Tokyo, and London. Besides this, Hong Kong is a city-state, as is the case with Macao, and they are together the part of the People’s Republic of China, but function as separate states. So Chinese people from all parts of China need a visa to go to Hong Kong. The visa is 100% obtained, but that fact says a lot about Hong Kong’s particularity and sovereignty than the rest of China. As you are decided to relocate here, you may already know these facts and want to know more about outdoor activities in Hong Kong. The first disclaimer here: one thing is that you want to go partying and clubbing. Then you should definitely check best rooftop-bars in Hong Kong. But if your plan is to live here, let’s focus on the outdoor activities.

hong kong - Outdoor activities in Hong Kong
What are the main outdoor activities in Hong Kong to enjoy?

There are plenty of outdoor activities in Hong Kong to enjoy

Hong Kong is a big city where everything grabs your attention. If you are just planning to move, calculate your costs well. For example, you may need more space than you need, so think about renting a short term storage Hong Kong. Because once you start to move, know that all your senses are going to be bombarded. The heart of the city is Hong Kong Island, a center of economy, politics, entertainment and shopping. It takes two days to visit the island’s main attractions. The Kowloon Peninsula connects Hong Kong Island with mainland China. If you can visit the bay by boat. The living space covers the largest area of the New Territories. It used to be a rural part of Hong Kong here so you can encounter the remnants of former villages and rural lifestyles. Now, we know that we can’t name all outdoor activities in Hong Kong, so we tried to narrow things down… If you think we missed out something, be sure to tell us in the comments below.

Ocean Park

Probably no one visited Hong Kong without visiting Ocean Park, especially those who moved internationally. The park is located in the south of Hong Kong Island and is the largest park of its kind in the world. Also, the park is divided into two sectors: Nam Lang Shan Mountain and Wong Chuk Hang Valley. The park is all about fun, education and a good mood. At the very entrance is Aqua city – a city with about 400 species of fish. In addition to marine animals, you can also meet pandas and birds here.

hong kong
There is so much to see in Hong Kong.

The Ocean Theatre is the most visited part of the park with the performance with dolphins and seals. Here you can also meet animals living in the Asian rainforests, learn about the history of the Yangtze River, the wild and dangerous inhabitants of the ocean etc.

Victoria Harbor

Victoria Harbor is the largest port in China and the third-largest harbor in the world. It comes right after the harbor in San Francisco and the harbor in Rio. Victoria Harbor is located between Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula. It was named after Queen Victoria during Britain’s conquest of Hong Kong. In 2005 the Guinness Book of Records proclaimed the Symphony of the lights, Hong Kong’s light show as the largest one in the world.

Also, Victoria Peak is the highest peak in Hong Kong with 554 meters above sea level. This top offers the most beautiful view of Hong Kong. Here you will also find Golden Bauhinia Square. In its center is a huge bauhinia flower sculpture. The sculpture is there since 1997 to celebrate liberation from the Britain colonization.

Disneyland resort in Hong Kong

Disneyland resort is located on Lantau Island and is interesting because of the specific combination of the most famous American brand for children and Chinese culture. Mickey the Mouse and his friends take people through the park, introducing them to all the magic of Chinese Disneyland. You can also sleep in one of the theme hotels here, which are inspired by all-time-favorite fairy tales. Adventure-land is for those who are a little bolder, Simba’s The Lion King Festival is for those who like this character, and Tarzan Island for those who want to know how Tarzan grew up.

hong kong
Visit one of the most famous temples in Hong Kong.

Wong Tai Sin Temple

If you want someone to tell you your fortune, then Wong Tai Sin Temple is the right place for you. This is the most famous temple in Hong Kong where tourists can get acquainted with old and ancient Chinese civilization. The temple exists since 1921 and is in the spirit of Taoism. The temple is dedicated to a monk punishing the wicked, healing the sick, and resurrecting the dead. In addition to this temple, two others that are famous are the Man Mo Temple and Po Lin Monastery.

We hope you got a hint of how outdoor activities in Hong Kong can be interesting. All you have to do now is choose what you would prefer to see first. Have fun and enjoy!


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