Pack a PC for moving like a pro

When you start planning your relocation, it‘s normal to be worried about moving your equipment. From large screen TV to your desktop computer and its peripherals. Because due to their bigger sizes and fragile screens, it is always difficult to handle them. As you are taking your PC with you, you should take all the necessary measures to protect it. That applies to your laptop as well, because packing and safely moving your laptop computer can be hard. That‘s why we’ve gathered the best tips to help you pack a PC for moving with ease.

What to do before you pack a PC for moving?

Relocation is never easy, that‘s a fact. However, if you hire a reliable moving company such as ReloSmart Movers Hong Kong, you‘ll be on a safe track. When it comes to packing and moving a computer for moving, there are several useful tips you should follow. Depending on the configuration of your PC, packing a computer for moving can take from 20-30 minutes to an hour. If you have many peripheral devices, that can take even more. Of course, the productivity when packing a PC for moving will depend on your preparation for the task.

A desk with a PC
By following the best tips to pack a PC for moving, you’ll save a lot of time.

Get proper supplies to pack your PC for moving

If you’ve kept the original cardboard box of your desktop computer or laptop, that’s a great first step. You’ve already made your packing job easier. Furthermore, if you’ve kept the original box of your desktop monitor, that‘ll be even better. Especially if you are moving from Hong Kong to USA. However, if you haven’t, there is no reason to worry. You’ll still be okay if you manage to find thick-walled cardboard boxes of the dimensions you need. Also, the original electronics boxes have custom-made cushioning and padding to keep sensitive devices safe during transport. The bottom line is to secure your PC for moving so that it reaches the new home safely.

What packing supplies to get to properly pack a PC for relocation?

Even though your computer may be expensive, sometimes the information stored on it will be even more valuable. Therefore, it is really important to take the time to back up any essential data on your PC before the transport. You shouldn’t risk having your priceless information get lost forever. Hence, copy all important files to an external hard drive or use an online backup service for that purpose. If your data are not particularly large, you can transfer it to a few USB flash drives (memory sticks).

How to pack a desktop computer for moving like a pro?

After you’ve secured the required packing materials and done a backup, follow these simple steps to pack your computer.

Pack a PC for moving

Turn off your computer and disconnect the power cable for starters. One by one, remove all cables that go in or out the PC tower and monitor. Also, before you disconnect a cord, label it with a piece of paper. Or simply take a photo of the way all the cables are connected before disconnecting them. This step will save you precious time when you need to set up the desktop computer at your new home. Don‘t forget to fold up all cables and secure them with cable ties or rubber bands. You can arrange them into a medium-sized cardboard box.

How to pack a computer tower

When it comes to packing a computer tower, don‘t open the computer mid-tower to remove the PC components inside it. However, wrap the entire mid-tower with bubble wrap, which will absorb any shocks, vibrations, or even slight hits during transport. Also, place the protected PC tower into a cardboard box of the right size and fill the remaining space. You can use crumpled pieces of paper or old clothing. Finally, seal the box shut and label it as „desktop computer- fragile“.

Pack a PC monitor for moving

As for the packing of the computer monitor, start by removing the monitor stand and packing it separately, if possible. Then, use a soft packing paper to wrap the entire monitor. As the monitor screen is the most fragile part of your computer, you must protect it well. You can do that easily by cutting out a piece of thick cardboard that matches the dimensions of the screen. Then, place the cut-out over the paper-protected screen and fix it with tape.

A PC monitor and a laptop on a desk
As monitors are the most fragile computer components, be careful while packing them.

The best packing rules for preparing a PC for moving

  • First, use original boxes of the peripheral devices whenever possible. That is the best way to protect your PC during a move and pack quickly for moving.
  • Use packing paper to protect your PC peripherals.  Also, when folding up cables, don‘t press them too hard or you‘ll damage a cord.
  • Always use labels or any other sort of identification to keep track of the positions of your cables.
  • If you have a printer, a scanner, or any other bulkier peripheral device, everything‘s the same. Use the same advice for packing the computer tower and you‘ll be fine.

Tips for packing a laptop for moving

Don‘t ever neglect the importance of properly packing your laptop for moving. So, start by using your laptop bag to transport it between two homes. If you don‘t have a laptop bag or case, you can wrap them up as we already explained. Or you can reuse your moving boxes for this purpose. Don‘t forget to be careful when folding up the cable of your laptop’s charger.

An opened laptop
Finally, don’t forget about properly packing your laptop for moving.

The summary

If you stick to our advice to pack a PC for moving, you are all set. You can be sure your computer and its components will arrive safely at your new home.

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