Package theft prevention guide

More and more people around the world have their packages stolen every week. As online trade and delivery services have more business, so do these crimes happen on a larger scale. Luckily, we know of a few ways you can use to avoid this. Check out our package theft prevention guide and never worry about your precious parcels again.

Here’s what’s important to know in order to keep the thieves away:

  • Reduce the opportunity. Since package theft is mostly a crime of opportunity, making your porch seem like less of a target will definitely improve the safety of your package.
  • Increase your overall security. Installing some security measures in your home will protect your package as well.
  • Ensure proper delivery. Make sure you leave the correct information and schedule the delivery when you can pick it up.

    A front porch.
    An unprotected front porch looks inviting to a package thief!

Beef up security

Improving your home’s and yard’s security is a great way of package theft prevention, especially after moving your home with the help of reliable domestic movers HK. This is great as increasing your home’s security is generally a good idea. Apart from this, there are a lot of ways you can increase your overall security.

  1. Signs. Leave a sign saying your yard and front door are under constant surveillance. Even if there are no cameras, this should serve as a strong deterrent.
  2. Extra locks. If your home allows it, you can add an additional room before your home entrance. The delivery man will be able to come in and leave the package there, but not enter your home.
  3. Spotlight. A motion sensitive light set on your porch can startle potential thieves and save your package. However, this only work for opportunistic thieves who try to steal your package at night.
  4. Camera. The most complete solution is to get everything we mentioned above as well as a camera. This will allow you to not only deter package snatchers but also provide evidence in case you need to find the package later.
A security camera.
A safer yard and home are a great way of package theft prevention.

Time the arrival properly

Make sure you’re there to pick up your package to prevent anyone else from stealing it. Apart from this, you can make sure you provide all the right information to ensure your item is shipped to the right spot. Additionally, you can ask the delivery agency or the shipping company to deliver the package to your home at a time you’ll definitely be able to pick it up.

Animated delivery man.
Communicate with your delivery agency and have them deliver the package when you’re home.

Alternative ways of package theft prevention

One of the easiest manners of protecting your package is to get a parcel box. Installing a special box outside of your home is a great way of package theft prevention. The delivery company will have the key and they can unlock the box, leave the parcel inside and lock it again. You’ll have the other key so you can access your package at your leisure! In case this solution is not to your liking, fear not. There are other means you can use to protect your package.


The easiest way to ensure the safety of your order and prevent any package theft would be to reroute your package in case of failed delivery. This means that if you don’t answer the door when your package arrives it will be sent to another location. Divert it to the delivery agency’s local franchise or to the nearest post office Hong Kong and pick it up when you have the time. Of course, we should note that the downside of this is that you’ll have to go out of your home to pick it up.

Install smart locks

The most comfortable way of package theft prevention would be to use a smart lock to open your door once the delivery man arrives. This way they can leave your package inside and the doors will lock automatically after them. The best part is that you’ll be able to see all of this happening through a camera.

Learning about security is necessary in order to prevent package theft.
Harness the power of modern technology to prevent your parcel from being stolen.

Alternatively, you can assign a specific room in your home, so the delivery man doesn’t have to actually even enter it to deliver your package. This also works with a designated box which could have a smart lock or a key your delivery guy will have.

Get creative to avoid package theft

Now is the time for the method we recommend the least, but still works pretty well. This will give the dirty package snatcher the surprise of his lifetime! This is how it works! You leave a decoy package with nothing in it that sets off an alarm when someone tries to lift it. What you get is a terrified thief which will never try something like that on you again. There are numerous variants of this. Some of them even including the sounds of gunfire, so you can take your pick! However, we believe this should be your last resort. But hey, this is one of the creative ways you can protect your items after choosing storage for your valuables.

Prevent the theft of your package when moving

A lot of package theft happens after you’ve moved your home. This is the case because relocation is a hectic process and people sometimes make mistakes which end up costing them their packages. Apart from keeping yourself safe and avoiding moving injuries, you’ll also want to prevent the theft of any future parcels that you might order to your new address.

The most important thing you’ll need to do after you’ve moved your home is to change your address with all the relevant organizations. You want to avoid ordering a package to the place you just moved out of. Don’t forget to change your information on any websites and app you might be using to order your parcels, as well. Most people make this mistake and end up paying the price and you don’t want to be one of them.

There you have it, these are the best ways of package theft prevention! Follow them carefully, and you won’t have to worry about the safety of your belongings!

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