Packing tips for busy moms

Every mom knows that being a mother is a full-time job. There is always something to worry about. From the moment you open your eyes in the morning to the moment you fall asleep. Whether it is bills to pay, or house cleaning or your kids’ homework. There is always something else. In such a situation, moving will surely bring a handful of new challenges. Not to mention the level of stress. However, there are ways to prepare for the move and keep your sanity. One of them is to find reliable storage in Hong Kong. But there is so much more to it. Here are some packing tips for busy moms which will help get your house packed.

One of the most important packing tips for busy moms- have in mind that packing is a lengthy process

It is no secret that preparing for the relocation can take up to a week. You will spend the most time preparing for the move and packing. That is what local movers in Hong Kong say. On the other hand, if you decide to do all of the work by yourself, it can last even longer. However, packing, in general, can take up to a month or even more. So, you will need to look over each of your rooms. Then, you need to decide what you don’t want to bring with you to your new household. It is also a great opportunity to declutter by selling, donating or simply throwing things away. From there on, it is all about getting the necessary packing supplies.

a child in a cardboard box
One of the best packing tips, if you are a busy mom, is to include your child into packing. It will be fun!

Planning ahead is the key to a successful packing with kids

Like in any other situation in a mom’s life, you have to plan when it comes to moving. You ought to plan and give yourself enough time for the organization.

Make arrangements and plans for the packing if you are a busy mom

The first thing when it comes to moving is packing. The best time to start preparing to pack is two months before the moving date. If you time everything well, it can go even faster. But, don’t get obsessed with planning. Leave some room for improvisation. Make sure to leave room in your schedule for things to get pushed around when something unexpected happens.

What can you pack in advance?

Logically, you cannot pack your entire household two months before moving. But you can pack the things you don’t need. Make a decision when it comes to prioritizing the items. In general, the things you could surely pack in advance are:

  • Off-season clothes,
  • Knickknacks,
  • The toys your kid doesn’t play with daily, etc.

Multi-tasking is a must when it comes to packing tips for busy moms

There are all sorts of things you can get done while your children are occupied. Look for every opportunity and moment to get your items ready for packing. For example, while your kids are napping, you can sort their toys. Also, while they are playing in the backyard, you can start packing up the gardening tools. There are so many opportunities to keep an eye on your children and get things done.

Don’t forget to consider your children needs when it comes to packing as a busy mom

When all the moving fuss starts, don’t forget the most important aspect. That is your child. So, help your children with the moving transition. Give them the items that will help them stay calm and entertained while you get settled. We recommend you save your kid’s favorite toys and jammies for last. Also, leave them their teddy bear and a favorite bedtime book. Finally, don’t forget to take some time to spend it with them, playing or talking.

a child jumping
Besides playing with toys, don’t forget that your kid should spend some time out while you’re preparing.

Allow your kids to help while packing

By allowing your kids to get involved, you will make them feel helpful. Also, you will get a little extra help. Allow them to assist you with boxing up non-fragile items. If they are old enough, they can help you with labeling or color-coding different boxes. On the other hand, if they’re too young, they can use stickers or markers to decorate boxes as they wish.

Another great packing tip for busy moms- downsize after bedtime

As we already mentioned, moving is a great time to clear out extra clutter. But decluttering takes some time. If you have kids, you already know that you can do many things while they are sleeping. So, the best time to get rid of the unneeded toys and forgotten trinkets is exactly while they’re sleeping. If you go through the playroom after the lights are out, your kids won’t probably notice what you’ve thrown away.

a child sleeping
Use the time while your children are napping and prepare their toys for relocation.

Last but not least- sometimes just say yes!

When you have to move, all kinds of help come into consideration. So, kindly accept the offers from friends or neighbors to babysit. There are so many tasks you can get done without kids underfoot. In the meantime, your kids will have fun, away from the relocation mania. But don’t forget to arrange the babysitting in advance. Plan and find ways to let your loved ones participate in this endeavor.

Here is our conclusion

To sum up, there are so many parts of the relocation puzzle. If you are a busy mom as well, there might even be more to think about and do. If all of this feels overwhelming, get all the help you can. Either from your family and friends or professionals. Don’t forget that keeping your kid stress-free is the most important task. Make all the arrangements so that they have a fun experience. All you have to do is to follow our packing tips for busy moms and you’re all set. Good luck!


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