Packing your garage before you move to Hong Kong

When it comes to packing your household before relocation, one of the last rooms most people pack is garage. It is not a coincidence why this is the case. With all those awkward items to pack, it’s logical the garage is the last room to pack. Also, garages often become the dumping ground for junk we don’t want in the house. In case you don’t have a garage big enough, finding Kwun Tong storage is often necessary. But with a little planning, packing your garage can be easy and stress-free. We are here to help you in this endeavor.

Sort your items before you start packing your garage

Surely you won’t need all of the old items you collected over the years. That’s why moving is the perfect opportunity to get rid of anything you don’t need. Minimize the number of your items before moving to Hong Kong. So, the best way to start is to make a list of all the things you possess in your garage. Then, sort the items by creating two sections in your garage. One section would be for the things you are taking with you and one for the stuff you don’t want. After you make this division, you have several options. Any one of them will eventually cut down on your moving expenses. Getting rid of the unwanted items will also keep your new garage clutter-free. Also, it will make your garage a great place to get the rest of your house organized.

It is very important to sort items in your garage. Only after that, you will be able to pack them properly.

Organize a garage sale

One of the options to get rid of the stuff you no longer need is to organize a garage sale. After you sorted out the things ready to be sold, price and tag them for your garage sale.

Before you start packing your garage, donate the items that you don’t sell

For example, you could give clothing and household items to your favorite local charity. You could even donate unwanted furniture.

Pack your garage after the garage sale
One of the ways to get rid of unwanted items is to organize a garage sale.

Get the right moving supplies and boxes before you pack your garage

It is crucial to the success of your move to pair the right moving boxes and supplies with the right packing methods. You are going to need many different supplies and boxes because most items in your garage are heavy and oddly shaped.

  • Moving boxes. Get sturdy and recyclable cardboard moving boxes in many different sizes.
  • Packing tape. You’ll need one roll of tape for approximately 15 to 20 boxes. The best way to pack the boxes is to run multiple strips of tape along the bottom. Do it in both directions.
  • Packing paper. In most cases, ordinary newspapers work fine for many moving-related purposes. But be aware the paper’s print will run, giving you an extra cleaning task at your new home.
  • Blankets that you can use for packing large items. Your mover can provide you with them.

Extra tip for packing your garage items into boxes

Before you start putting your garage belongings into the moving boxes, make sure you’ve secured the boxes’ bottoms. Do it with several layers of packing tape for added protection. If you correctly pack your boxes and pair it with the correct moving supplies, that’ll keep your items safe.

Label your boxes before you move

After your moving boxes get shuffled during a move, it will be difficult to find what you need. So, label each box with its content and write the location where that box is going. Don’t forget to write „fragile“ when needed.

How to pack your garage items before you move

There are many tips and tricks on how to pack your garage with ease.

  • When it comes to smaller hand tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, or hammers, leave them in your toolbox. Make sure you close it securely before the relocation starts.
  • For large garden tools such as rakes and shovels, bundle them together with tape or rope. Then, wrap them with a large moving blanket.
  • Pack power tools in their original container, but remove any detachable parts a tool may have. Then pack them in the same box.
  • Before you start packing your garage, disassemble outdoor furniture and stack outdoor chairs. Remove all the cushions and pack them in boxes.
  • Don’t forget to clean, defrost and dry refrigerators and freezer. Afterward, wrap them with moving blankets for protection.

What not to pack from your garage?

Many hazardous materials are in your garage that you can’t move due to safety reasons. There are legal bans from moving flammable items such as aerosol cans, paints, gasoline, paint, propane tanks, etc. So, be sure to properly dispose of these items before moving.

Flammable items
It is forbidden to pack flammable items from your garage.

Save packing your garage for the end

The best time to pack your garage is when you pack everything else. Leave it for the end. Because a garage is certainly the most exhausting room to pack. Logically, packing heavy items, tools, and machinery garages requires time. Also, packing and cleaning your garage is dirty work. That’s why you’ll want to put it off until you can have enough time. Only when you’ve packed everything else, you’ll have plenty of time to dedicate to packing your garage.

Hire professionals to pack your garage

Maybe the best way to safely pack your garage is to have the movers do it. With help from reliable and experienced movers, your garage will be ready to go. However, make sure to contact the movers at least a couple of weeks before your moving day. That will give both you and your movers enough time to prepare.


By following our tips for packing your garage like a pro you’ll be able to manage this process with ease. We wish you a successful and productive packing and moving.

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