Places you need to visit in Hong Kong for your first time there

Hong Kong has it all. It is a fast-paced city that never sleeps. No matter what you are looking for – food, shopping, nature, nightlife – Hong Kong has it all! There are a lot of places you need to visit in Hong Kong, and you need to plan your time carefully. A good plan will ensure that you don’t miss a thing and that you truly enjoy this unique place. But, just to be on the safe side – plan another trip to Hong Kong because you will fall in love with this city and you will want to come back!

There are a lot of places you need to visit in Hong Kong, but first – basics!

Before you start visiting all the exciting places in Hong Kong, you should know that Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China. The local currency here is a dollar, and most places accept Visa or MasterCard. Some of them will even accept American Express. The main language in Hong Kong is Cantonese, although many people speak English and most of the signs are bilingual. So, if you are thinking about relocating to Hong Kong – it will be easy to get around Hong Kong. One of the first things that you need to get in Hong Kong is the Octopus Card. It will make paying for public transport very easy. Even some shops, restaurants, and vending machines accept Octopus Card. Getting around Hong Kong will be easy with it!

street in Hong Kong
Get the Octopus card so you can get around Hong Kong with ease

When to visit Hong Kong?

Timing your visit to Hong Kong is essential if you want to really enjoy your time here. The best time to visit is during the fall – from the end of September to mid-November. Also, the ideal time is from March to May. Besides the weather, room rates are reasonable during the fall. It will be much easier to find accommodation and it won’t be so crowded. If you are thinking about moving to Hong Kong, and you want to visit it before making the final decision – this is the best time. It will also give you an opportunity to learn more about neighborhoods, cities, and cultural differences. And to adjust to Hong Kong. It will be much easier to make a decision about relocating.

One of the places you need to visit in Hong Kong is Victoria Peak

One of the most popular attractions in Hong Kong is Victoria Peak. It is located on Hong Kong island and it is the highest point. Once you get to the top – the view is amazing and breathtaking. There are a couple of lookout points – Peak Galleria which is free, Sky Terrace in the Peak Tower, and Lion’s Pavillion. Try to visit it on a clear day, right before the sunset. It is a spectacular view, especially if can see the skyline at blue hour. You can easily get there by Peak Tram or by bus. Both of them get busy, so be prepared to stand. And if you have an hour to spare head to Harlech Lugard Road and enjoy one of the easiest hiking trails in Hong Kong. No matter if you are just traveling or moving for business, make sure to visit Victoria Peak and enjoy the view. Just make sure that the day is clear!

view from the Victoria High as one of the Places you need to visit in Hong Kong
View from Victoria Peak is breathtaking, especially during the night

Next on the list is Tian Tan Buddha

The Tian Tan Buddha is located on Lantau Island and is one of the places you must visit in Hong Kong. It took 12 years to build, and it was completed in 1993. Bronze Buddha is a very popular place for all tourists, and pilgrims from all over Asia come here to pay their respects. The Tian Tan Buddha is tall 34 meters (112 feet) and it weighs more than 250 tons. It really is an amazing statue that is breathtaking. You will walk 286 steps that lead to the statue. Across is the Po Lin Monastery. If you ask international movers Hong Kong they will tell you that this place is a must on your list of places to visit in Hong Kong. You can easily get there with a yellow MTR from Hong Kong station to Tung Chung Station. From there you can go by cable car or by bus. It is worth the trip!

Hong Kong Park

One of the hidden gems in Hong Kong is Hong Kong Park. It is definitely one of the places you need to visit in Hong Kong. It is a beautiful public space and a breath of fresh air. You can enjoy your whole day there! If you need to take a pause and simply enjoy your time in Hong Kong – this is the place for it! And you can even look for a reliable moving company in Hong Kong to help you relocate with ease, so you can enjoy this beauty all the time. Check out the conservatory, walk behind the waterfall or simply enjoy the ponds and turtles. Also, from Hong Kong park you can easily reach Victoria Peak. 

Hong Kong PArk
Hong Kong park is a great place to relax and breathe fresh air!

Stanley should also be on your list of places you need to visit in Hong Kong

We know, Stanley seems like a tourist trap. But it really isn’t! It really is one of the places that you should visit in Hong Kong. First – a little bit of history. Stanley was a fishing village. It was the last stand for the British troops before surrendering to the Japanese. Today, it is home to a lot of souvenir shops and stores. Ad if you walk to the end of the Stanley Market you will see Murray House and Blake Pier. Stanley shows a slower side of fast-paced Hong Kong and it is a great place to spend a sunny day. You can even visit a small beach that is nearby. You can get there by bus or taxi.

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