Planning ahead when moving to Hong Kong

It is a well-known fact that the idea of moving to a new location is exciting. Yet, when it comes to the actual move, there aren’t so many excitements in packing boxes. Especially if you plan on moving to a metropolis such as Hong Kong. Also, dealing with immigration authorities and filling out numerous forms isn’t fun. Hence, moving can be a tiring process when  dealing with bureaucracy in two states. Also, arranging everything on time and finding the best relocation services in Hong Kong takes a lot of effort. So, to ensure that your move goes by smoothly, it takes a lot of planning ahead when moving. Here are our tips to prepare for moving to Hong Kong and become a specialist in planning your move.

Relocation companies will help you deal with planning ahead when moving to Hong Kong

There are not so many people with special organizational skills for planning. That’s why the best thing you could do before relocating to Hong Kong is to hire a relocation company. Not only will they help you ship your items, but  also, they’ll help you with the organization. Also, they will often offer guidance on administrative procedures during and after the relocation. Furthermore, you can expect help with immigration issues, house hunting and job applications. Hence, don’t hesitate and always think about hiring moving companies. Even if you are capable of planning some minor tasks, you’ll surely going to need help when moving.

Planning ahead when moving to Hong Kong involves precautionary measures

Even though there are so many advantages when you hire a moving company to organize everything, be careful. Before you commit to any of the moving companies, do a thorough research. Make sure the moving company you are planning to hire has good reviews and qualifications. So, for instance, read online reviews and ex-pat forums as valuable resources. Meanwhile, beware of the fake online moving reviews, as they can eventually cost you a lot of money.

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Before hiring a moving company to conduct your relocation, do your homework and check them online.

You can always opt for planning ahead when moving by yourself

If you think you are able to organize your relocation to Hong Kong, you should know this. Moving to Hong Kong requires a lot of planning. Here are some of the facts you have to know before planning your move to Hong Kong.

  • First, you will have to decide how to send your items to Hong Kong the best way possible. The problem is that most airline companies will only allow one or two pieces of personal luggage. On the other hand, sending your items via post or express delivery services is only recommended for smaller quantities. Yet, for larger quantities, you should choose one of the specialized shipment companies. Furthermore, don’t forget to opt for a good insurance for your belongings.
  • Also, note that there are items that are generally forbidden to transport. Then, there are goods which are always subject to excise duties. For further details, you can always check the Hong Kong Customs Website, under prohibited items and dutiable commodities.
  • Finally, there are no restrictions on the amount of money you can bring when moving to Hong Kong.
Moving to Hong Kong requires a lot of planning
Planning ahead before you move to Hong Kong means getting to know all the customs regulations.

How to import your vehicle when moving to Hong Kong?

Another important subject is moving to Hong Kong with your vehicle. You will surely be pleased to hear that personal vehicles are not subject to import tax. However, within 14 days of bringing the vehicle to Hong Kong, you’ll need to lodge an initial import declaration. You will do that with the Customs authority. Also, within 30 days you’ll need to submit an Import return and Declaration form. You can do that with the Customs and Excise department. Afterward, the Customs authority will issue a Notification of motor vehicle provisional taxable value. Keep it, as you will need it for your first registration in Hong Kong.

Register your car after moving to Hong Kong

Besides the Notification of motor vehicle provisional taxable value, you will have to complete more steps to register your car. First, you will have to prove that your car meets safety and environment standards. That’s why we would recommend you apply for an Environment-friendly private car certificate before you move. You can get this certificate from the Environmental protection department. Then, you will have to approach a Vehicle examination center for a safety check. Afterward, after you’ve successfully passed the vehicle examination, you’ll be able to register your car in Hong Kong. You’ll only be left paying the applicable First registration tax. Then, your car will be registered with the Hong Kong Licensing Office of the Transport Department.

A bonus tip for importing your vehicle to Hong Kong

There is another thing we would like you to remember. Generally, you are allowed to bring right-hand-drive vehicles into Hong Kong. If this is not the case, the rules are different. You will have to contact the Customs and Excise Department in advance for detailed information.

When moving to Hong Kong you should arrange for visas and work permits

Visa requirements

As it is always when you move abroad, there are many requests regarding paperwork and personal documents. First, to obtain a work visa in Hong Kong, you have to have a confirmed job offer. Additionally, you have to have it when you submit your documents for processing. However, if you have enough experience and your profession is in high-demand, there is a special type of visa. Never the less, filling your visa application documents is free of charge, so it won’t cost you anything for just trying.

There are many requirements regarding a visa for living in Hong Kong. That also means more planning to do prior to your relocation.

ID documents

After you’ve landed in Hong Kong, you will need to apply for a Hong Kong ID instantly. Logically, an ID has a chip which contains all your details, including your thumbprint for the biometric customs gates. Luckily, this process is a lot easier than getting a visa. Within ten days, you can expect your credit-card sized ID to be ready for use.

To sum up…

As Hong Kong is a popular international place, the process of moving is quite easy. That’s why planning ahead when moving there won’t be so difficult after all. That’s if you do it the right way. Anyways, we wish you successful planning and even more successful relocation.

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