Preparing for a move from Hong Kong to Tianjin

Have you been thinking about changing your address? Do you have a couple of cities in on your mind? Does one city particularly attract your attention? If that city is Tianjin, then you came to the right place. This flourishing Chinese city has everything, from rich history to current growth and a promising future. It is important that your new city has all the necessities and opportunities for you in the future. For this reason, here are all the important things you should know about Tianjin. this is especially important if you plan to move from Hong Kong to Tianjin. After all, you will need to hire Hong Kong movers and packers on time, organize the entire relocation, and lastly move to your new city. 

Learn about the city before you move from Hong Kong to Tianjin

Before every big decision, you need to do your research. This also includes learning more about your possible new future city. Tianjin is only 220 kilometers away from Beijing which you can reach in only 25 minutes by bullet train. The city also has an extremely successful trading port for many countries. Because the city was under the control of so many foreign countries from 1860 until 1902, you can see the influence in the architecture of old buildings. The most notable ones are found in the five Ave area of the Old Town. Aspirate population, it is estimated that Tianjin has over 15 million residents. It is the 29th largest city in the entire world. Since you are moving out from Hong Kong that has over 7 million residents, you won’t have any problems adapting to life in a huge metropolitan city. 

buildings next to the street
Tianjin is one of the biggest cities in China

The weather in the city and its area 

The next important thing you should know when you’re moving to a new city would be the weather. Otherwise, it can be quite hard to prepare everything that you need. Luckily, the weather in Tianjin is quite pleasant, especially during the spring although it can be sometimes windy with a risk of dust storms. However, summers are hot and rainy, especially between June and August which results in high levels of humidity. Even though it is quite humid, temperatures during the summer are on average around 26°C But they can go well above 30°C. on the other hand, the winters are not humid at all and the temperatures can drop below 0°C. The biggest problem in the city would be air quality. The city’s administration has enacted several new laws in order to lower the city’s pollution levels 

Find accommodation before you move from Hong Kong to Tianjin 

Like any other Chinese city, you can mostly find apartments. You should definitely find a place of your own before you actually move. Many real estate agencies advertise apartments on their websites. You can also contact any of these agencies to schedule a visit so you can see the place. In the meantime, you can easily rent an apartment on Airbnb where you can stay for a couple of days or weeks until you figure out your living situation. You can also see about car shipping HK if you plan to move your car as well. In addition to this, if you want to stay in neighborhoods that are favored by foreigners, these would be the following. 

  • Central Tianjin City – where many young professionals live 

  • The Water Park or Nankai District – popular among ex-pats 

  • The Mei Jiang area – a more peaceful neighborhood 

  • person sitting on the bench
    Most people live in apartments

The economy in the city 

Tianjin’s GDP was 1.572 trillion yuan in 2014 which was the highest per capita followed by Beijing and Shanghai. The Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area (TEDA) is the first state-level economic and technological development zone. Its main goal is to attract both domestic and foreign investment to develop new technology. The second important thing that you need to know about the economy in this city would be Tianjin Export Processing Zone. This is one of the first fifteen export processing zones approved by the State Council almost 20 years ago. Next would be Tianjin Airport Economic Area. This is important because this area has both domestic and foreign airfreight logistic enterprises and it is currently in the process of constructing the largest airfreight base. Other notable aspects of the economy would be Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, Tianjin Tanggu National Marine High-Tech Development Area, and Tianjin Nangang Industrial Zone. 

What to do and see in the city after you move from Hong Kong to Tianjin? 

After a long and difficult relocation, you need to take a time off and explore your new city. Luckily, Tianjin is among the best cities in China so there are many things to see in do. First of all, the city has many sights, from traditional Chinese architecture to 20th-century European style and all the way to contemporary China. Some landmarks and attractions you should visit include the following. 

  • Binjiang Avenue shopping street  
  • Drum Tower  
  • Five Main Avenues  
  • Hai River Park  
  • Luzutang Boxer Rebellion Museum  
  • Temple of Great Compassion  
  • Tianjin Ancient Culture Street  
  • Yuhuangge Taoist Temple  
  • Tianjin Natural History Museum  
  • Yangliuqing (including Shi Family Grand Courtyard)  
  • Porcelain House  
  • Huangyan Pass, a section of the Great Wall of China  

People in the city speak the Tianjin dialect of Mandarin and you might need some time to get used to this dialect.

the city during the night
There are many interesting places to visit in the city

Transportation in the city or to the city 

When you need to move from Hong Kong to Tianjin, it is important to know how you can actually reach this city. First of all, you can use Tianjin Binhai International Airport which is around 13 kilometers away from the downtown area. In addition to this, Tianjin port is this China’s largest artificial deep-water harbor located in Binhai Economic Zone. The city also has an extremely modern and high-speed rail tram system. In the city, you can either use the metro, subway, and bus. With all these options, you can easily explore your new city, commute to your work, and do everything else that you want or need. 


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