Prohibited items professional movers won’t move

What are the prohibited items that any moving company will transport? You will get an answer on that question and on many other questions if you stay with us. Read our instructions and know what things you can transport during the move.

Make a clear arrangement with the right moving company about prohibited items

In the process of moving every detail needs to be very clear. This is because at the start everything can seem very easy, but when the ball starts to roll many problems can occur. Prevent that in front. If you are moving to Hong Kong you won’t find a better partner in moving than best movers Hong Kong. Our professionals are experts in the field of moving. We know best what can transport and what are prohibited items that we can not transfer. With us, by your side, you will always be safe. We do what we know best, we move!

-movers with boxes
The moving company will know what are prohibited items in transportation.

When you need a storage

Long-distance moving is special. It demands good organization and planning. Your belongings must arrive safe and sound to your new address. If you are moving to Hong Kong you can predict what that means. It means shipping, customs clearance, and transportation to your new home in Hong Kong. Complicate work. That is why you will need storage unit Hong Kong.

We developed storage services because our clients have needs for storing their belongings while moving for different kinds of reasons. But, there are rules for us and as well for the clients. We have an obligation for transportation, storing, and shipping process. Our responsibility is to simultaneously coordinate with this process. But, your responsibility is the things that you want to move to. You have to be careful and check if some of these things are prohibited items for moving. We can not move those items.

Responsibility in moving-“prohibited items“ issue

Before you begin with the process of moving your office or your household, you need to get to know what item you can transport and what items you can not transport. Read, what items are prohibited items. That is very important because sorting things for moving is your responsibility. Contacting your movers and our specialist is going to explain to you how to act and what to do. They gain their skills in a special manner and they have experience in moving. Knowledge and skills are something that a moving company needs to invest all the time. Because that knowledge use our clients the most and they need it the most.

Pay attention to prohibited items while packing

Packing is a very serious procedure in moving. You must think and get to know with regulations and rules in transportation. When you want to pack your things alone, you must find adequate moving boxes, tape, sheets and watch out not to pack items that movers won’t transport. Why spend a great amount of your time on that? We can advise you to arrange our packing services Hong Kong so you can be sure that the package for your things will be the right one and according to law. Then and only then, packing is our responsibility. We, professional movers, know best what items are prohibited items. Because we don’t want to be in a problem or to pay penalties to the state. Our greatest concern is safety in the traffic and safety of your belongings.

Guide for avoiding prohibited items while moving

When you decide to move you have to pa careful about packing possible prohibited items. Maybe you don’t know that there are items that professional movers don’t want to move. Their transportation is against the law because of possible inflammation or danger to other lives.

Substances that movers can not transport

Professional movers don’t want to move prohibited items. When we talk about substances that can not be in transportation, we are talking about:

Deodorant or hair spray or anything in a can-things that are under pressure can explode if the package is not adequate. If they explode during the traansportation it can be tragic. That is why they are forbidden.

-aerosol can
Aerosols can not be in transportation because a leak of it can cause dangerous situations.

Chemicals for cleaning and bleach-chemicals for cleaning and bleach are also flammable. If they get out of the bottle they can damage other stuff.

Batteries and car battery-batteries are also flammable. They have acid inside and when that acid leaks out of the container it can literally „eat“ other stuff and also makes a flame.

Air freshener-air freshener is also under pressure. It can explode if the package is not adequate and other stuff bounce into it.

Liquor-we all know that liquor is highly flammable. In case of a vehicle accident if the liquor leaks, there will be a fire.

Pesticides poison for insects and rats-also inflammable substances

Kerosene-this kind of substance if highly flammable and there is a restriction punishable by law the transportation is not done as the law demands. There are other ways to transport kerosene can.

Oil container for lamps, etc-same as the kerosene

-prohibited items
Prohibited items are mostly flammable, check for the sign on the product.

Transporting food

There are different kinds of substances that are prohibited items. Some of them are not flammable. But they can make damage in another way. When you are moving long-distance you can not transport food that has an expiring date. Why is that so? Because the process of moving can last longer than you expect. Unpredictable things can occur. Delays because of the wheater conditions are most common in transportation and shipping. So, prepare yourself and don’t pack prohibited items like food. When the food is closed in a box for weeks, maybe even a month, it can start to rot and flees and warms can appear. They can infest furniture and damage it for good. That will cost you. Especially if the furniture is not yours. Don’t do that. After you move, buy fresh packed food.


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