Pros and cons of living in Hong Kong

If you are planning to move to a new city you should know that every coin has two sides. Living in any city has its pros and cons. Living in Hong Kong is not different in that regard. As one of the best movers HK can provide you with, we have helped many relocate here. While there are numerous advantages of living in this city there are some drawbacks too. And if you are intent on moving to Hong Kong it is better to know of both in advance. This article can give you some ideas what are the pros and cons of life in HK.

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Learn about pros and cons of living in Hong Kong

Pros of living in Hong Kong

One of the biggest pluses of living in Hong Kong, especially for people who are moving in from other countries is the international lifestyle. This includes language. If you are relocating to Hong Kong chances are you won’t need to learn Cantonese. English is widely spoken in HK. On the other hand, learning a new language can only benefit you. But if you don’t have time to do it before moving, you can do so once you have settled in.

When it comes to the multiculturalism of HK it does not end with just wide use of the English language. There is a reason why international movers Hong Kong are kept busy. A city is a great place for any person trying to start or expand an international company. And there is a large number of excellent international schools to choose from if you moving here with children. Other benefits of living in Hong Kong include:

  • good healthcare
  • low crime rates
  • reliable transportation system
  • great food
HK has well organized transportation system

Cons of being a Hong Kong resident

While HK is a great place to live in there are some disadvantages to it as well. First, it must be noted that moving overseas can pose quite a few challenges on its own. Besides that, finding an apartment might be problematic too as rent prices can be extremely high. This combined with a smaller size of lots can be somewhat of a deterrent for those who are considering moving here. But in case you already have living accommodations this is not something to worry yourself about. And if you are intending on renting a small apartment you might be surprised how well organized space and practical furniture make up for lack of size.

Another possible downside of living in Hong Kong is air pollution. It is not uncommon for HK to find itself among the top 20 most polluted cities from time to time. According to the IQAir index. With air currents level of pollution can vary on daily basis. So you can follow the changes. But depending on where you are moving from the air can be better quality than what you are used to as there are quite a few of the world’s larger metropolitan areas that have worse air quality than Hong Kong.

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