Reasons why entrepreneurs should move to Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the largest financial center in Southeast Asia. There are many reasons why international companies are moving here. Some of them would include the international index of economic freedom, the high level of investment protection, minimal taxes, and high wages. If you want to enjoy all the benefits of working in one of the biggest Asian cities, it is time to find a moving company HK. There is a large group of ex-pats already living here and developing their companies. If you need more reasons, here is why entrepreneurs should move to Hong Kong. You will see that moving to Hong Kong for business purposes would be a smart business move. 

Entrepreneurs should move to Hong Kong because it is a smart city 

There is a good reason why Hong Kong is one of the largest centers in Southeast Asia. It has been able to rip all the benefits from its location. The city started as a harbor city but soon turned its services into knowledge. Because of its strong economy, it has become quite popular for international companies. In addition to this, it is relatively easier to find start-ups.  If you have a new idea that you want to develop into a business. With all the benefits, government support, and a large number of potential customers, you have a better chance of succeeding. For this reason, when you are ready for this step, make it comfortable for yourself. Find an international moving company Hong Kong to help you with your relocation. There is no need to stress about your relocation when you can hire professionals. 

a city during the sunset
Hong Kong is the largest financial center in Asia

Which industries are popular? 

In order to be successful, you should also choose your industry properly. Just like anywhere around the world, there are certain industries that are more popular and also the economy is more geared towards them. These industries would include the following. 

  • Finance 
  • Retail 
  • Tourism 
  • Real estate 

If your company is related to these sectors, there is a high possibility that you will succeed in Hong Kong. However, if you have a good business idea, you can also achieve success even if your business is not related to these industries. You also need to think about moving your office. It would be smart to look for office movers Hong Kong. Luckily, there are many young professionals that you can recruit to work for your new company. They will certainly help you achieve your goals and expand your company. 

Entrepreneurs should move to Hong Kong because of its location 

As mentioned before, Hong Kong and its people certainly know how to take advantage of the opportunity. First of all, Hong Kong is a great getaway to mainland China. As you might know, China is massive and it has the biggest population. When you think about this in business terms, you will have a lot of potential customers and many possibilities to expand. Mainland China is not the only part that you can easily expand your business to. All other close Asian countries such as Japan or South Korea are also available to you. You can even expand your business to Australia since it is quite popular to move your business from Hong Kong to Australia as well. For this reason, if you plan to start your business in Hong Kong, you can easily expand it to other parts of Asia. 

map of the world
Entrepreneurs should move to Hong Kong because of its strategic location

Taxes are low 

Hong Kong also has a business-friendly tax system. The government is keeping taxes relatively low because they get a significant amount of income from the land value. As you might know, Hong Kong’s land is actually owned by the government of China. This is an excellent opportunity to grow your business here. Since taxes are quite low, you can earn more money. In addition to this, Hong Kong together with Singapore are only two places in Asia that allow foreigners to fully own all the shares of the company. But this is not everything. You also don’t have to have any locals on the board of directors. This will give you total control over the company. Instead of wasting time on finding locals to have shares of the company, you can focus solely on developing your idea. 

Young professionals are moving to Hong Kong because of its infrastructure 

When you are developing your new business or moving your company, it is important that the new location is accessible. Luckily, there are more than 85 airlines operating out of Hong Kong International Airport. This airport is the world’s fifth-busiest International Airport. You can easily reach Hong Kong from anywhere in the world. This is important since you will be moving here to Hong Kong.

In addition to this, the city itself has an amazing system of transportation. If you want to expand your business, it is extremely important that your location is easily accessible by public transport. If you are planning to attract customers, they should be able to find your company or your office without any trouble. This definitely is not a problem for Hong Kong you can choose between subway, buses, taxes, and so on. 

entrepreneurs should move to Hong Kong because of its buildings
It is convenient to live in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a welcoming city 

The last reason why entrepreneurs should move to Hong Kong would be its friendly attitude towards foreigners. The city has more than 50 international schools, high-quality health care, beautiful scenery around the city, and a low crime rate. In addition to this, there are two official languages in the city. The first one is Cantonese and the other one would be English. So, you would have no problems getting around the city knowing only English. It is important to feel comfortable living in a foreign city. Not many cities are as friendly as Hong Kong. If you decide to move and start your business here, you need to enjoy living in Hong Kong as well. Lastly, there is a large number of ex-pats already living in Hong Kong so it is easy to make both personal and business connections. 

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