Reasons why you shouldn’t move by yourself

You might have an impression that using professional moving services can be quite expensive. Since it can be quite challenging to save enough money to afford relocation, some people will decide to do everything by themselves. Organizing do-it-yourself relocation might seem like a good choice. You’ll get to choose everything related to your relocation which might mean spending less money. Even though this can be true, in most cases, you will end up spending more. If you do not have experience, skills, or packing supplies, your relocation might end up being a huge disaster. For this reason, you should better find movers Hong Kong. In order to see why you shouldn’t move by yourself, here are all the examples. 

You shouldn’t move by yourself if you don’t know how to do it 

First of all, if you haven’t moved before in your life, it can be quite difficult to organize relocation all by yourself. For example, if you are relocating to Hong Kong from abroad, what are you going to do with your items? This is the most difficult example. However, even if you are just moving across the street, how are you going to protect your items? Then, you have to figure out all the logistics of one relocation and they can be quite complicated and scary if you don’t know what to do. For this reason, usually, when people are moving for the first time, they should hire a moving company. This way, you will see how you should organize your relocation from professionals. Then, next time if you need to move, you can try to do everything by yourself. 

packing supplies
It can be quite difficult to organize relocation all by yourself.

You can damage your items 

The biggest problem when you are trying to move your items by yourself would be the way you protect them. It is extremely important to properly pack and secure items if you want to avoid damaging them. This is especially important if you are moving expensive items or items that have sentimental value. It can be extremely hard or even impossible to replace or repair them due to damage. For this reason, it is better if you hire a professional moving company. Since there are professionals, movers will have all the necessary packing supplies, skills, and moving equipment to properly secure your items. In addition to this, if you want to try shipping furniture to Hong Kong, you need to hire a proper shipping company. Otherwise, your furniture will not reach your new address in perfect condition. 

You shouldn’t move by yourself because of insurance 

Similar to the previous point, if you are the one packing your furniture and something happens to them, you will be held responsible. On the other hand, if you hire a moving company and you get insurance, the situation will be completely different. First of all, you need to get better insurance. Most moving companies include basic coverage where you don’t have to pay more.

However, when you are moving rather expensive pieces of your household, you need to insure them properly. If they get damaged or lost during the transport, you can claim insurance. This means movers will be held liable for anything that happens to your furniture. At least, this way, you will not have to spend more money on replacing or repairing items that got damaged or lost during transport. Don’t think about the worst-case scenario but it is always better to be prepared. 

using a box that says fragile when you shouldn't move by yourself
You can damage your items if you don’t know how to pack them

You can injure yourself 

The other big problem with doing everything by yourself working injuring yourself. Since you have to lift end carry heavy and bulky furniture or boxes, you can easily end up injuring yourself. As you might know, you need to have proper lifting techniques in order to avoid injuring your knees or back. In addition to this, you also need to have proper moving and packing supplies that will help you with this task. For example, if you want to lift and carry your kitchen appliances, you need to have a dolly. If you are using a dolly, you do not have to carry any of your heavy pieces of furniture. The same goes if you have to carry boxes to the moving truck. The simple way to avoid all of this would be to hire professional movers. They already know how to carry all these heavy boxes and furniture. 

You may lose time and money 

When you are moving by yourself, you might think you have enough time. This will lead to procrastination and then you will realize that you need to move out in a couple of days. This will force you to pack everything quickly which again leads to losing sleep and energy.

In addition to this, if you want to pack everything by yourself, it will take a lot of time. Packing your entire household is extremely time-consuming. On the other hand, most people opt for moving by themselves because they think they will save money. As you could have seen, if you end up losing or damaging your items, you will have to pay for everything. The worst-case scenario would be injuring yourself then you have to pay for your medical bills. Some injuries can be serious such as breaking your bones. 

person looking at the watch
You might lose time and money

What to do? 

As you can see, these would be all the reasons why you should not move by yourself. It is always better to have professionals by your side to help you with any moving-related problems. In addition to this, you will have more time and energy to deal with your everyday life instead of focusing too much on moving. However, if you still want to try to move by yourself, here is when you should do it. 

  • When you have enough experience 
  • You have enough time 
  • When moving locally 
  • If you have friends or family members helping you
  • If you are moving a smaller amount of items.

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