Recognize fake online moving reviews on time

One of the most important decisions you need to make when moving is what mover to hire. Of course, we would all like to avoid fraudulent ones, but this is not always easy. In order to do this task properly, you are going to need some time. In addition to this, you should also know what to pay attention to in order to recognize fake online moving reviews. We are going to give you a helping hand- all you need to do is to keep reading the article.

A too positive moving review

There is no such thing as a perfect moving company. Each and every one of them has, at least, one aspect that needs to be improved. You should beware of all the reviews that are about praises, compliments and superlatives.

One of the ways to recognize fake online moving reviews is if they are too positive

There are some combinations that are treated as highly suspicious and impossible, such as ‘they offer the best service ever’ and ‘this is the cheapest moving company’. Therefore, try to stay away from companies that have moving reviews of this kind. It is more than enough for you to recognize them as fake. Of course, you can always count on furniture movers Hong Kong. They are reputable and you can be sure they will not trick you.

A too negative moving review

Negative moving reviews are to be found on each and every mover’s website. This usually happens just after the move, at the time when the client is greatly affected. However, comments like these are not completely true. If you notice some moving reviews that do not provide useful information, do not trust them. This is a good way for you to recognize fake online moving reviews. If you ask yourself who might leave fake reviews, the answer is- the rivals. Since there are a lot of moving companies on the market, some of them would certainly like to reduce the competition. This is one of the ways in which they accomplish their goal. An additional piece of advice for you would be not to do this and to write a helpful review of your mover.

A way to recognize fake online moving reviews is if they are excessively descriptive

This is yet another piece of advice we can give to you when you need to recognize fake online moving reviews. A great majority of genuine reviews provide precise and relevant facts. These facts usually refer to the good points or bad points- or the combination of the two. This is something that should not confuse you, quite the contrary. Whenever you come across a review like this, you can be sure that it is not fake.

Too descriptive moving reviews are usually fake

In case some reviews go deeper into explaining and describing the great quality of the relocation, they are certainly false. Therefore, be careful when reading them- pay attention even to the most minute details. You should do this for each and every one of their services- packing, transport, storing your items, etc. If you would like to store your belongings for a short period of time, feel free to rely on short term storage Hong Kong.

Do not trust a too general moving review

One more trait that most fake online moving reviews have in common is that they are broad and general. They do not provide any piece of useful information about the whole move. This can reveal only one thing- there was no actual relocation in reality. Comments like ‘wow’, ‘great’ or ‘best’ cannot be of great help in this case. So, make sure you look for actual details and useful information. For example, the real clients will point out some things they were satisfied or unsatisfied with. They will mention that the movers have been quite efficient or that they did not pay close attention to your belongings. These are the only things that can help you make the right decision and recognize fake online moving reviews.

Including personal names

It can be a funny engagement to detect fake online customer reviews about relocation companies. In order to sound more persuasive, the individuals who are paid to write fake moving reviews often overdo it. One of the details you can easily spot that can confirm this is mentioning the name of a relocation company employees.

Using personal names when writing moving reviews is not that common

For example, ‘David and his team were experts’ or ‘Ben and his colleagues were professional’. This is not quite a common thing that clients remember. Quite the opposite- they usually forget even the name of their moving company.

Using unnatural language is another clue

Real moving reviews do not usually sound like they were written by people with degrees in marketing and PR. Also, specific jargon words or slang is usually used in fake online reviews in order to pass their message across to people. Another common practice in the false review is the usage of ‘all caps’. Not a single person in the right mind will want to write a review in manners like these.

When moving to a new home, one of the most important things you need to take into consideration is choosing a reliable mover. Of course, this is easier said than done, considering the number of moving companies on the market. However, this is not a reason to quit and decide to move on your own. There would be a risk of injuring yourself, and this is something you should avoid. Luckily, there are some things you need to pay attention to and you will achieve your goal. For example, we have provided you with several tips on how to recognize fake online moving reviews. Put them into practice and you will make a decision in no time.


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