Red flags for fraudulent movers to look out for

Every relocation brings so many things that you need to think about. Logistics is a tricky business. This goes further if you are relocating with your family. On top of all this, you have to remain observant for red flags for fraudulent movers. As if it was not tricky as it was. However, these pesky frauds are having quite a difficult time maintaining their scams given the current availability of the internet to the general population. We live in the so-called era of information, and it becomes nearly impossible to conceal your villainous activities. Once it goes online, it stays online, and everyone can see it. So, at best, you have one chance of doing it after which you are good and gone.

This is why it is much easier to spot red flags for fraudulent movers. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, many of these frauds already took place. This is why you can learn from their experiences which are extremely important. Many would steer clear from hiring professional moving assistance, but this is ridiculous. These professionals make everything easier when it comes to moving, all you need to do is be a little bit more careful. Scams and frauds are not what they used to be. Still, they are not to be underestimated either.

Red Flags for fraudulent movers

So, what are these red flags you need to worry about? How do you recognize frauds? How do you, your money and your belongings stay safe against these scoundrels? There are more than a few things you should know, however, there is one very general tip that we give to all who ask. This tip is: if it sounds too good to be true it most likely isn’t. 

We understand better than most that moving is expensive. This is why we understand the motivation to find cheaper solutions for your relocation. However, there are some stories that are simply too good to be true. These ones usually are not. If you see some insane discounts or witness some completely unrealistic terms of the ‘moving company’ doing business, you should usually avoid this.

You can familiarize yourself with moving services before you start looking for deals. So the first thing, the first clue and the first of many red flags for fraudulent movers is the fact that you should stay away from unrealistic, fantasy-like offers. These offers are 95 percent scams, and 5 percent up and coming moving companies trying to make a name for themselves. Unfortunately, it is far more likely for it to be the former.

A red flag
Number one red flag is an unrealistic offer.

Other common red flags

The second thing you need to be worried about are any types of payments in advance. We will discuss some examples further, but know this – there is nothing you should ever pay in advance. Simple as that. This one should be a very clear red flag for you. Every good moving company will have a way for you to get a quote, without paying anything.

Lastly, make sure the company you are dealing with has all the licenses. This is absolutely imperative and possibly the first thing you should be looking into. If all else seems suspicious, but they are licensed and registered, you should be more or less fine. Even if something was to happen, you would be allowed to and able to prosecute them and get back what’s yours.

There are many red flags for fraudulent movers.
There are many ways to spot a fraud! From paying in advance to lacking proper licenses. Be sure to keep an eye out for them.

#1 Too good to be true

If it’s too good it is usually one of the red flags for fraudulent movers. There is no such thing as too good since all moving companies are working for money. This type of service is a costly one because it provides you with so much. Anything less and it is either very low quality of service (which you should avoid), or it is a fraud. Both of these are not going to go your way and should be avoided by any means necessary. Also, many good companies will offer you a way to get all of the necessary moving forms, before you commit to the move.

You could get lucky and get flawless service for a ‘too good’ price. This would come from a moving company start-up trying to make its name, but it is highly unlikely. In a very large percentile, too good means too bad for you.

#2 Payment in advance

There is no serious moving company that would ever, under any means, ask for payment in advance. This should never happen and you should never settle for this. If there is any word for payment in advance, this should be the queen of all red flags for fraudulent movers. You should, in most cases, instantly cut out all communication and look for moving services elsewhere. Every decent moving company will discuss the price beforehand but proceed to payment way after the move has been done.

Any payment in advance and you will most likely never see that ‘moving company’ again. So be careful!

Credit cards
You should never provide payment in advance, lest you risk fraud.

#3 No licenses

The last and the most obvious on the list of red flags for fraudulent movers is the absence of any moving licenses. All of the previous red flags could have a chance to work out if they would turn up. This one is absolutely zero chance of ever working out. Any single moving company that would fail to have a license number should be avoided, without any exception. This is simply the biggest red flag of all, the one that almost guarantees that you are talking about a scam. This one would be if all else was uncertain, the only certainty that someone is trying to rip you off of your money.

All in all, with the internet, and countless forums and chatrooms, the frauds are having a hard time evading people. All you have to do is do a little research. If they fooled someone once, that someone will be extremely vocal about it and it would be nearly impossible to hide it. Use this to protect yourself.

Good luck!

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