Rooftop Living in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has become the most attractive destination for renting apartments among young entrepreneurs and people searching for dream jobs in Asia. Hong Kong is full of amazing places to live in. Modern architecture combined with the latest technology trends, the true spirit of Asia, exciting nightlife and amazing job offers are some things that attract expats the most. But living in Hong Kong is not for everyone’s budget. Although you can find affordable apartments to rent, they are usually smaller than regular ones in America. Hong Kong housing market is one of the most expensive ones, which pushes people to find better alternatives for living in this city.

One of the latest trends when it comes to apartments is Rooftop living in Hong Kong. Living on the rooftop of some skyscraper is very exciting but also much cheaper. We’ll try to show you some benefits and give you a small guide to rooftop living in HK. And if you already consider moving your company to Hong Kong and living in a place when East and West are merging, Office movers Hong Kong will take care of your office stuff with ease and help you with necessary documents for moving your office

view from the sky on hong kong
Smartphones are MUST in Hong Kong. If you’re looking for renting an apartment in HK and professional movers, check applications to see local offers.

Rooftop Living in Hong Kong: housing. 

Hong Kong housing is expensive, we’re just going to tell you that city is the 3rd most expensive city in Asia for renting apartments, right after Seoul and Tokyo. And renting is 55% more expensive, than in London.  Hong Kong is a multi-cultural city with a population over 7,448,900, so for many people, there are many various types of housing. We are going to mention the fact that most expats in Hong Kong live in apartments in Hong Kong Island, where the average rent is about $5600 per month (for a bigger apartment in the center of the city). This is expensive even compared with renting in Manhattan. But if you are willing, you can share an apartment with a roommate or a colleague. Due to high costs and renting, sharing is very popular in Hong Kong. One of the biggest complaints about Hong Kong housing is small apartments. Before you pick one, make sure you visit it first and don’t compare to one in America.

street view on the city
Living in Hong Kong can be a costly adventure!

 Hong Kong areas to live. 

Rooftop living in Hong Kong is not affordable in every area in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a place of modern and smart skyscrapers and architecture. Most skyscrapers you see around are the property of big corporations and companies. Hong Kong is divided into 3 parts: New Territories, Kowloon, and Hong Kong Island, with 18 districtsThe heart of Hong Kong is Hong Kong Island which stands for its historical and economic center, and most pictures with skylines and high buildings you see on the Internet are from this area.

But rooftop living here is reserved only for high budget and wealthier people. More affordable accommodation can be found in Kowloon or New Territories. In Kowloon, you can feel the real spirit of Asia, and renting is cheaper. Moving to Hong Kong can generate stress so learn tips to cope with moving stress. There you can find bigger apartments, lower prices and you can have the luxury to own a car! Most entrepreneurs and IT professionals live in apartments in Hong Kong Island. While, most expats live in areas as Happy Valley, Mid-Levels and Discovery Bay, so make sure you search rooftop apartments there first.  

view on hong kong from the river side
Because of the lack of offers in the real estate market, Hong Kong housing is among the most expensive markets in the world.

Amazing view over Hong Kong from rooftops  

Rooftop living in Hong Kong is not only affordable but more amazing than living in a regular apartment. And what can be more beautiful than waking up in the morning with an outstanding view over the city? Imagine living in a breathtaking place like that. Although views over HK from the Peak, area with the most expensive property. They require high incomes, the lifestyle there is different. So, if you want more luxurious living, you should consider rooftop living in Peak, but beware of the prices.

If this is costly for you, you can choose some high building in New apartments blocks. These blocks are made in the 1990s and you can find them at good prices. What’s more amazing, rooftop apartments here often have swimming pools and gyms. Their interior look luxurious and have a modern kitchen and bathroom. So, you can have both, a nice view and an affordable apartment. 

Rooftop Living in Hong Kong
High rents and housing costs make rooftop living in Hong Kong more attractive and affordable

High costs make rooftop living in Hong Kong attractive  

Rooftop living in Hong Kong is not a new thing. Poverty and high costs made rooftop living popular among people. But nowadays it is becoming a growing trend, not only for poor residents. Top-levels of high buildings offers more affordable and low prices that fit every budget. But if you already like living on the rooftop, you should know that Hong Kong is a rooftop’s paradise, and it’s all covered with skyscrapers. Kowloon has the most affordable rooftop apartments and probably the cheapest in the city, with over 40 skyscrapers, not to mention high buildings. This is also the place where many expats live. Victoria Peak is famous for rooftop views, but not affordable unless you are a millionaire. Before moving here, learn how to avoid moving injuries! But you can always take a picture there! 

Hire professional movers to help you relocate things to your rooftop apartment 

Moving to Hong Kong is not an easy job to do. This is a huge metropolis, and if you are newcomer, you definitely need some help with moving and Rooftop living in Hong Kong. Besides documentation, visa, and all papers for relocating things, driving a car is almost impossible here if you are an expat. Traffic jams and rules in Chinese and high costs of owning a car are some of the reasons we recommend you to don’t try to take DIY relocation. As this is a place of modern technology, you can find and finish whatever you want on the Internet. Through smartphone applications, you can find the best local moving company to help you. Movers HK is a reliable moving company with amazing services you can hire. 

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