Safety tips for moving bulky furniture to Hong Kong

Known for its delightful food, vibrant culture and abundance of opportunities, Hong Kong is a fantastic destination. Moving to Hong Kong might be one of the best decisions you can make. However, every move is a tiring thing to go through. You must plan how you are going to pack and move everything to your new home. Then there are items that are difficult to relocate, like your heavy furniture. Since we know how troublesome it is, we prepared a couple of safety tips for moving bulky furniture to Hong Kong. If you have any doubts, look for trustworthy Hong Kong movers and packers to make your move quick and easy. Follow these tips and before you know it, you will enjoy warm dim sum in one of many Hong Kong’s night markets.

Moving heavy furniture isn’t easy to do, this isn’t a one-man show, so before you start anything, check out if your friends and relatives can help you out. Although, if they are unavailable call professional furniture movers Hong Kong to avoid any accidents.

Make a plan

First of all, make a plan. Begin with an inventory list of all the heavy furniture you are moving to Hong Kong. Sort your furniture in order from the heaviest to the lightest. Make sure that the heaviest items go first, place them to the back and along the sides of the truck. Fill the middle with lighter items.

It is very important to disassemble your furniture to make it easier to move and pack. Hence, take out the drawers, remove legs from tables and cushions from the sofa. Pack everything separately with wrapping paper or bubble wrap. This way your furniture is protected during the move. If you are moving from another country, see what is the best option for shipping furniture to Hong Kong. Planning your move will keep you on track.

A woman plans on moving bulky furniture to Hong Kong
You should properly plan moving bulky furniture to Hong Kong

Use the proper form

The most important thing to remember is that you must use the proper form. Not knowing how to properly lift heavy things will cause injuries. So, to avoid any injuries to yourself or any damage to your furniture use the appropriate form. You should never lift with your lower back, always use your leg muscles to lift.

Get the right tools for moving bulky furniture to Hong Kong

The best way to prevent accidents and injuries when moving bulky furniture is to get the right kind of tools. Here are a couple of things you will need:

  • Shoulder dollies-Use them to take off some weight from your back.
  • Furniture carrying straps-You can use different straps that are able to adjust to a variety of furniture pieces.
  • Furniture sliders-Use it to easily slide your furniture on the floor or the carpet.
A truck moving furniture
Safely pack your furniture in a moving truck.

We hope these safety tips for moving bulky furniture to Hong Kong help you move easily. The next chapter of your life is waiting to be written right here in Hong Kong.

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