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At reloSMART we offer reliable domestic moving services.

International Moving

Our international movers Hong Kong are the best in China!


We offer excellent packing services for your safe relocation.


Store your belongings in our secure storage facilities.

SMART Services

Are you planning to relocate soon? Whether you are changing your address for a close by city or for a different country, our Relo Smart Asia is the right moving partner for you. If you want a reliable and affordable moving company to handle your belongings with care, contact our moving service Hong Kong to discuss your options. Anything from your personal items to vehicles and pets can be our concern. If you want to be carefree while moving, you should team up with one of the best in the business, so our relocation services Hong Kong is at your disposal for all your needs.

Relosmart moving truck
Our Relo Smart Asia is the right moving partner for you.

Only the best moving service Hong Kong for our customers

Since we believe that relocation isn’t as complicated as it sounds, it is our goal to prove that to you. And how do we do that? Easy, by showing you our smart solutions for moving. Not only that our moving service Hong Kong is here to relocate your belongings from point A to point B, wherever it may be. But our dedicated and hardworking staff is also here to find the best solutions for any and every specific situation. Because you deserve this, we can assist you with:

  • International Move
  • Domestic Move
  • Excess Baggage Services
  • Vehicle Handling
  • Storage
  • Pet Relocation
  • Transit Insurance
  • Packing Material.

We don’t believe that there is only one and the same solution for everyone. On the contrary. You will get to see how we research your needs and try to find the best possible way to meet them. The best part about that is that you get the value for your money. And being affordable is something that we take pride in.

Some of the most complicated relocations include your pets. Because we know that your pets are your family, we promise to take the best possible care of them. Our experienced specialist for pet transport will make sure your beloved pets arrive at the final destination healthy, happy and without stress.

Responsible and green all the way

Cardboard box in pieces
We take care of our customers, but also of the environment

We can also proudly say that we are one of the relocation services Hong Kong that cares deeply about community responsibilities and the environment. Equal opportunity for employment and support for youth businesses are just some of the causes we believe in.

You can rest assured that we follow the green initiative. Because our packing materials are recycled and reused whenever it is possible. And it is also made from sustainable softwood from responsibly sourced plantations. So not only that you will be getting the best as our customer, but you will also be giving your contribution to greater causes.

From point A anywhere to point B

The first question our moving service Hong Kong is not going to ask you is – where are you moving to? Because once you contact us, we will ask you – how may we help you? And that is due to the facts that no matter where you need to move, we can assist you. Whether you are moving a few blocks down the road in Hong Kong, or to another country, we got your back. Both domestic and international moves are something that our relocation services Hong Kong perform daily.

Our workers are well trained and with many years of experience. That is why you can relax even if the final destination is far away. We have a trusted network of relocation companies all around the world, because we only deal with serious and reliable partners. When your belongings are in safe hands, it shouldn’t matter how far they travel. And that is why we are so confident about our services. Our European efficiency and Asian experience give us the opportunity to offer only the smart and cost-effective moving solutions wherever you need to go.

Let us take care of you

Because relocation takes a lot of time to organize, prepare and execute, you usually don’t have enough time to properly pack yourself. Not to worry, time is definitely on our side. Because if you have a lot of belongings and the moving day is getting closer, moving service Hong Kong are here to reduce your stress, pack everything up and free up your time for other important stuff to handle. Either to pack everything for you or to supply you with packing materials, our experienced team will find a solution for you.

ReloSmart movers packing cardboard boxes and offering moving service Hong Kong
Let our movers do all the hard work!

And while we are at it, we’ll have you know that we can even provide you with storage solutions. No matter if you are looking to store something temporarily, or searching for a long term solution. We have what you need. One of the best relocation services Hong Kong can offer is giving you the opportunity to use monitored, containerized storage solutions with regular fumigation and electronic controls. And what more do you need to feel that your belongings are safe?

Big job or a small move – our moving service Hong Kong should be the first choice

Some people tend to avoid asking professionals for help because they think that the job is too small for them. However, our moving service Hong Kong is here for you even for the smaller assistance. Aside from offering our packing materials even without packing services, we have more surprises for you. You can use our Excess Baggage Services for a smaller amount of belongings. With or without having our diligent staff help you with packing. That way even if you have only a couple of boxes for shipping, you can count on us to handle it.

Relo smart asia team - moving service Hong Kong
We provide you with a reliable team of movers

No more waiting, the help is on the way!

As you can see, our Relo Smart Asia can meet all your needs. If we didn’t mention some of them, that doesn’t mean that we can’t provide them. The best way to know for sure is to contact us today and get your free smart quote. You will see for yourself how affordable and reliable we are. Our moving service Hong Kong will help you establish your needs and execute them, no matter the distance, time and type of belongings. So choose smart, and join our huge base of satisfied clients in no time.

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