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It’s a fact – moves are stressful. They have a lot of moving parts because they include numerous complex tasks. When we add living creatures to the equation, the situation gets even more complicated. Since your pets are not just animals, but also members of your family, we know how important they are to you. That is why it is extremely advisable for you to contact our ReloSmart Movers Hong Kong and let professionals handle everything. Our pet movers Hong Kong will make sure your pets are safe and sound from the moment they leave your sight until you see them again.

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You need professionals to help you relocate your pets

Our pet movers Hong Kong promise safe, gentle and timely relocation of your pets

Even moving across town can have its challenges, we all know that. But, having to move internationally is a challenge on a whole other level. Crossing borders always brings additional complications. Due to the fact that countries have different customs rules and regulations, moving a pet across the border can sometimes be pretty difficult. However, if you have proper help of our pet movers Hong Kong, you can rest assured that all difficulties will be set aside, and your pets will be relocated successfully.

Because we know how stressful relocation can be for you and your pets, we make sure to make it:

  • as safe as possible,
  • on time,
  • respectful and kind to your pets and you.

Safety first!

Just like when we are performing domestic relocations, safety is our first priority. Only, this time we guarantee you the safety of your beloved pets, and not personal belongings. As everyone who has pets knows, they are much more valuable than any type of possessions you may own. That is why our pet movers Hong Kong make this the first priority. We do everything in our power to gather all the necessary information in advance so we could ensure your pets’ smooth relocation. That will contribute to decreasing the stress level both you and your pets might experience.

So, why are the rules for transporting animals so strict? Well, because, all countries want to avoid potential transmission of diseases that come with pets. The most common disease is rabies, which is, unfortunately, transmitted to humans mainly by dogs, cats, and ferrets. In order to prove that your pet doesn’t have rabies, maybe you will have to show a blood titer test result and obtain a certified rabies vaccine.

a white ferret
You must vaccinate your pets against rabies

There is one more thing to have in mind when you are relocating your pets regarding safety and security. And that is a pet quarantine. Many countries have a mandatory quarantine from a few days up to 6 months as part of a standard procedure. Not only you and your pet will miss each other during that time, but it can also cost quite a bit. So you must inform yourself properly before you decide to hire pet movers Hong Kong to relocate your pets. And make a decision whether or not you can afford that.

Our pet movers Hong Kong make sure your pets are safe and sound

Timing is very important when it comes to pet relocations. Once you decide you are moving and taking your pet with you, what is next? Before our packing services come to your address and start doing the good work, you must prepare yourself and your pet. Since that isn’t something you can do in a day, especially not on moving day, you need to plan in advance. You will need to:

  • gather the information about the country you and your pet are moving to and see if you need some additional papers,
  • obtain the paperwork needed for the quarantine,
  • vaccinate your pet.

Having all the documents ready is extremely important if you want to avoid transport and customs complications. So make sure your vet gives you a health certificate for the pet. And make sure not to lose anything prior to the arrival of our pet movers Hong Kong.

After you leave the pet with us, you can rest assured that we will be taking great care of it. It is our job to make sure none of the delays happen. And we will do everything in our power to keep you away from your pet only the absolute necessary amount of time. Respecting the timelines is very important because of one more important fact. Since you are the one who will supply the food for your pet, you must have proper information about how long will the transport last and how much food to prepare.

Our pet movers from Hong Kong are respectful and kind to you and your pets

As we already said it, pet relocation is pretty stressful. And if you are moving around Asia, you know it tends to be even more stressful, due to the crowds and long distances. But, if you have proper support, it doesn’t have to be a terrible experience. If you know that your pets are in safe hands, it will be a little easier letting go of them. We from ReloSmart Movers Hong Kong are very considerate towards yours and your pets’ feelings. We want the relocation to go as smoothly as possible. So we make sure to decrease the stress any way we can.

two rottweilers
We will make sure your pets are safe and taken care of during the move

For you, that means being in contact with our agents, who will let you know how your pet is doing. Especially if you are relocating long-distance, so the trip lasts for a long time. And, when it comes to your pets, you should know one thing. We don’t consider relocating them to be just our job. Knowing that they are not belongings, but living beings with feelings, we treat them like we treat our own family. They can feel fear and anxiety due to separation and isolation, but we are here to offer them emotional support as well. Our staff is a group of pet-loving people and it makes us happy if we manage to execute the relocation without your pet even feeling it.

Give us a call and we will give your pet a stress-free relocation!

Since we have experience in relocating pets, we love animals and our goal is to make you and your pets satisfied, we are the right choice for you! Contact our ReloSmart Movers Hong Kong today, get your free moving quote and stop worrying. Our pet movers Hong Kong will make sure everything goes smoothly and without complications.

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