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SMART Storage

Are you in the process of relocating or remodeling your apartment? Or you have just downsized into a smaller home and don’t know what to do with the excess stuff? If you need a place to store your belongings either for a few days or in the long term, we can provide you with the best storage Hong Kong has to offer. Our storage solutions are extraordinary, so you can be sure your belongings will be safe from any damage and breakage. Contact ReloSmart Movers Hong Kong today to get your free quote. Let our diligent and experienced staff help you determine what kind and size of storage in Hong Kong is best for you. If you entrust your belongings to us, you can be sure they are in safe hands.

Storage in Hong Kong

Let our diligent and experienced staff help you determine what kind and what size of storage facilities Hong Kong you need.

Who we are and why choose our storage in Hong Kong?

We are a moving company aimed at building smart moving solutions to cater to your needs. We offer moving services for almost all types of moves, from furniture moving to pet moving. Your wish is our command, and we’ll provide you with a customized moving plan and safe storage solutions. Your satisfaction and safety is our main priority. When using Hong Kong storage, you can rest assured that your belongings will stay intact even after you withdraw them from our storage since we’ll protect them in the best way possible.

What kind of storage do you need?

The first thing we need to do is establish your needs. However, many people don’t have a lot of experience in moving, let alone renting HK storage. Where would you even start with the search? That is why you should use the help of our reliable and trustworthy moving company Relo Smart Asia. We will make sure to ask all the right questions in order to figure out what you need. Is this something you are looking for while the remodeling of your home finishes? Or are you looking at a storage unit in Hong Kong for a more permanent solution?

a person witting fragile on a box
Even the most fragile items can be kept in a storage unit

Whichever is the case, our workers can help you. Once you tell us about your plans, we will try to find the best and most cost-effective solution for you. You can choose between:

And don’t hesitate to ask us everything you need and want to know. We are at your disposal, and we are willing to provide you with all the necessary answers in order for you to make the best decision possible.

How to determine the type of HK storage to use?

It’s not easy to decide what type of storage to use. Many factors will affect your decision. However, there are some common rules on how to decide what is for you the most suitable storage facility Hong Kong has to offer. Here’s how:

  • First and foremost, find professional moving help. And whom better to refer to than to ReloSmart Movers Hong Kong? Our moving professionals have performed an infinite number of relocations and have come across different types of belongings, so they’ll know exactly what kind of storage condition you’ll need.
  • Make an inventory list: The list will help you classify your items. This way, you and your Hong Kong movers will know exactly the kind of packing supplies to use. Besides, the list will help you decide whether you need to get rid of some things.
  • Measure your belongings: This will help you decide the size of a storage unit.
  • Determine the level of protection: Some items require special conditions, such as temperature control.
Wrapped items in storage

Your belongings are properly packed and protected in our storage

What is the right size of a storage unit in Hong Kong?

This is a universal question, but the answer differs a lot from case to case. Once our hardworking men come and inspect your home and finish the estimate, we will give you suggestions on the appropriate size of storage facilities in Hong Kong that you need. However, the ultimate choice is on you. Besides, some items may require additional moving services, such as packing and crating.

Before you decide on the adequate size of the storage unit, it’s important to know what belongings you are going to store in it. Actually, you should tell us how often you are planning to visit your belongings. Are you moving out of the country for a while, and you won’t dwell on your stuff? In that case, you can choose the storage unit that fits all your belongings, furniture, and boxes without additional space. That way, you will see your stuff when you put them in and after you take them out of HK storage.

However, if you plan to store belongings that you will be needing regularly then you need a bigger Hong Kong or Kwun Tong storage, depending on where you are. You should decide to take the kind of storage unit where you will be able to go inside and take what you need without taking everything out to get to the last box.

movers in storage Hong Kong offers
Your items will be safe and sound in the clean and safe storage Hong Kong has to offer.

How to know if the storage unit is good?

Once you decide to rent HK storage, how will you know if it is good? That is a very important question because you want to know that your belongings are safe and sound. But, again, let’s say you haven’t had any experience with the storage facilities Hong Kong offers. How will you know which parameters are significant for a storage unit to be good? Whether you opt for short-term or long-term storage solutions, the parameters are more or less the same. Here are some parameters to consider:

  • Facility security – choose storage with premium security, such as HK storage. Pay attention to lighting, 24/7 surveillance, door alarms, and others.
  • Tidiness – There’s not much to emphasize here – cleanliness is a must.
  • Access – If you are renting storage for storing additional items you’ll occasionally need, it’s important to find a storage facility that offers you access most of the time.
  • Assistance – This is also a must. You may need help with loading and unloading. Besides, you need to know where to look for an item that you need.
  • Climate control – if you have items that require special attention, choose climate-controlled units.

Why choose our storage in Hong Kong

We can guarantee the safety of your belongings in your HK or Kwun Tong storage. This is our main goal and our highest priority. Not only our storage facilities are monitored with alarm systems. We also have full-time security patrolling around the premises. If you decide to hire our moving and storage services, you will also have an electronic consignment control. That way, you will know where your belongings are at any time., whether they are in transport or they are in our containerized storage systems.

No unwanted guests

Besides the fact that we will be keeping your belongings safe from burglars, you can count on our storage Hong Kong units to be a pest-free environment. Maybe now you are not aware of why this is important. However, just imagine seeing your favorite vintage armchair half eaten by rodents or insects. Not to mention the situation where you have to store books or your Ph.D. dissertation in hard copy. No matter if you are in Hong Kong or anywhere else, you would like to see your belongings in the same way, form, and shape that you’ve left them, right? That is why we make sure to do regular fumigation and to provide pest-free and clean storage units.

Two men standing next to car

You can also store your car in our well-maintained storage facility

Store your vehicle in our storage facilities in Hong Kong

Storing your vehicle is not something you can entrust to whoever. It requires special conditions and a safe space. And if you are using storage before moving your car to another country, the space should be flawless since you’ve done the final checkup, and nothing should get damaged in no way, not even a scratch. Besides, if your vehicle needs to be stored for longer, you may need extra caution. So, to ensure the safety of your belongings, use our Hong Kong smart storage services, and rest assured, knowing your car is in safe hands.

Services you can use other than smart storage

ReloSmart Hong Kong doesn’t only provide our customers with storage solutions. Here you can find a wide array of moving services that will come in handy if you decide to move one day. And if you have already stored your belongings in our smart storage Hong Kong trusts, your relocation will be much easier. You can use moving services such as:

Climate-controlled storage space – when to use it?

Before you opt for renting a climate-controlled storage unit, you should first understand when to use it. Climate control storage keeps your items safe within a temperature span. It helps protect sensitive items from damage caused by extreme temperature conditions. Temperatures vary throughout the whole year. So, if there are drastic climate changes, you should find a way to protect your items. And the best way to ensure the complete protection of your things is to use climate controlled storage. As you already know, such storage units reduce these risks of irrevocable damage. However, there are many other benefits of renting climate-controlled storage space, such as less dust, better air quality, and no extreme conditions.

Climate control term is also used for humidity control. Temperature and humidity are essential parameters for optimizing the climate in the storage unit. So, contact our Hong Kong movers to inspect your belongings and provide you with a free estimate. They will also advise you on what kind of climate controlled unit you should use and whether you need it at all.

Storage unit
Our climate controlled units are perfect for your delicate items.

Ensure the safety of your items by renting storage Hong Kong offers

When you hire a reliable moving and storage company, you expect your relocation to be executed safely and without complications or damages. It is the same way when you are renting HK storage. Our devoted and experienced staff will pack, seal and store your belongings in a safe and convenient cheap storage Hong Kong offers. Whether you need short or long-term storage Hong Kong residents recommend the most, get your free estimate today and let our ReloSmart Movers Hong Kong staff help you pick the right choice for your needs. Contact us and rent your storage unit for any purpose, whether you need it temporarily or long-term.

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