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Do you lack space in your current home? But you can’t afford a new house any time soon? Maybe you are about to search for some of the best long term storage Hong Kong has to offer. In that case, we have a solution for you. Contact our agents from ReloSmart Movers Hong Kong and let us help you explore all the options. You can get premium storage solutions at more than reasonable prices, all you have to do is reach out to us. We offer secure and climate-controlled units in many different sizes.

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Our long term storage facilities are here to satisfy all your needs

You don’t have to worry about extra space with us by your side

If you don’t have previous experience in storing items, you will need the help of our skilled agents. We have the expertize in providing all kinds of moving services, and storing as well. If you ask around, you will hear that you will find with us some of the best long term storage Hong Kong has to offer. We have gathered a wide pool of loyal customers throughout the years, because we deliver an excellent service, both moving and storing.

Our diligent team is more than capable to provide you with support from the beginning. Once you start thinking about storage services, you should get in touch with us immediately. Our experienced agents will plan and organize everything on your behalf. We will help you determine:

  • what should or shouldn’t go to storage,
  • how big unit do you need,
  • whether or not you want it to be climate-controlled,
  • who will pack and move your items to our storage facilities.

All you have to do is say what you want to place in safekeeping with us. And we will help you find the way. There are some forbidden goods, that we will tell you about, in case you want to store them. And, again, there are some things that need to be strictly in climate-controlled units.

What should you use our long term storage Hong Kong for?

People who don’t lack space at their home, usually can’t imagine what could you possibly be using another room for. However, everyone who has the challenges with free space in their household knows the struggle. Especially in Hong Kong, of course. And sometimes people don’t even get the idea of using storage until they hear that they can solve all their problems with one phone call.

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Your items will be undamaged in our clean and pest-free units

So, what is a long term storage Hong Kong good for? Well, in one word, it is good for everything. Sometimes people use long term storages in Hong Kong or anywhere else to store their old furniture once they finish remodeling their home. Since they can’t find buyers right away, and it would be a shame to get rid of the perfectly good furniture, they place it in our storage services for safekeeping.

Other times, they use it to store the items that they use seldom. But, the smartest thing to do is to use it for all the seasonal stuff in your home. Place your winter gear in a unit during the summer, and your motorcycles and summer sports equipment during the winter. That way, you will use the full potential of a storage unit, while keeping your home decluttered. Also, people rent storage units to place their household belongings if they travel around for a while or decide to move internationally for a year or so. It is cheaper and safer than renting an apartment, of course.

What size of unit do you need?

This is a good question and unless you pay close attention, you can easily make a mistake. People tend to rent the smallest spaces in order to save money, of course. However, sometimes the cost of that decision is bigger than the price they pay for rent. You need to choose the kind of storage unit that will satisfy your needs.

For example, if you are traveling around the world, you are probably not going to visit your possessions in Hong Kong, right? In that case, it is perfectly okay to rent the storage unit big enough to place all your stuff inside and close the doors. Since there will be no going in or out, this will cover your needs. And once you come back from your trip, you will simply remove all your belongings, or most of them, from a unit and put in your new home. So, you really don’t need a big storage unit in that case.

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You can travel the world with serenity because your possessions are safe with us

However, if you are planning to regularly or sometimes visit your belongings and use the stuff, you need a bigger storage unit. Why? It is very simple. You don’t want to have to take all the boxes out in order to get to the one in the back, right? And then put everything back in the place once you have taken what you wanted. That is a lot of work and it takes time to do. Not to mention you can hurt yourself and damage some of the items in the storage unit. Therefore, you need a unit big enough to place your stuff and boxes, but still, be able to move things around inside of it.

Let us handle the packing for you

If you want to remain completely carefree and ensure full safety of your possessions, you need to handle the packing for storage properly. That is why we recommend hiring our diligent packing services. You will get only the best treatment and your items will be put in the best packing materials. Our packers have had vigorous training in order to provide you the safe packing, no matter the size and the shape of your belongings. Combined with many years of experience, you know you will get only the best service.

It’s time for a call!

If you are determined to live a clutter-free environment, some of the best long term storage Hong Kong has to offer can be yours to rent. Contact our ReloSmart Movers Hong Kong and get your free moving and storing estimate. Place your belongings in our secure, clean, pest-free and affordable storage units for however long you need.

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