Simple guide to decluttering a storage facility

Whether you wish to deposit your stuff long-term, or need space to temporarily store your belongings when moving your home or office, you should consider renting a storage unit. Additionally, if you need someone to help you with office relocation, your best bet is to contact office movers Hong Kong. In other words, storage units are a great solution for everyone looking for some additional space. But if you want to get the full potential of this additional storing space, you must take good care of it. There are a few things that you should know before renting a storage unit, but you should also learn how to keep it clean and organized. Therefore, we present you with a simple guide to decluttering a storage facility. Stay tuned for more.

What are the benefits of decluttering a storage facility?

Cleaning your storage facility and getting rid of useless junk has many advantages and it’s something that you should do every now and then. Just like you should declutter your home, you should invest time in decluttering your storage unit.

  • It’s easier to get around in a clean and organized facility. Clean storing space is the key to effective and efficient management of your belongings.
  • Less time spent on searching for items. If you use your storage facility to hoard piles of junk you will have a hard time finding anything.
  • Better for mental health. The state of your surroundings dictates the state of your mind. Although a storage facility is not your close surroundings it doesn’t have to be dirty and dilapidated.
  • More room. Why would you waste your money on a bigger storage unit when you could just free your current unit from useless clutter?
  • Protection against mold and pests. Keeping your storage unit clean and organized alone won’t stop mold from appearing. Climate-controlled units are the best way to prevent mold from appearing. But if you keep everything neatly arranged you will be able to spot first signs of mold or pests.

Simple ways to declutter before moving

Okay, now when we know the reasons for decluttering a storage unit, we should discuss the best ways to do it. So, how to get rid of the stuff you are not using anymore? There is no point in keeping all that junk there. It will just attract dust and allergens.

  • Use the internet to sell your belongings. Probably the fastest and most-efficient way. Try selling anything you believe is of some value before you just throw it out. Take some good photos to attract more potential buyers. There is a fair chance you will get top dollar for your items.
  • Donating is always a good idea. This could be your moment to give something back to society. There is a lot of people in need that will put your old stuff to good use. It will cost you absolutely nothing, you will help someone, and you will also have a clean storage unit.
  • Throw out everything that is just plain garbage. Do you have a lot of trash piled-up in your basement or storage unit? Don’t let your emotions win, be rational, and throw out anything that you don’t plan on using anymore.

    Picture of a PC
    Don’t forget to consider donating your old stuff when decluttering a storage facility.

Organizing a garage sale is a great idea for decluttering a storage facility

When you have decided what you are you keeping and what is good to go, it is the time to sell those leftover items. We already said that selling them online is a great solution, but you can also organize a garage or yard sale. Here are some tips for a successful garage sale:

  • Arrange your belongings so that people can see everything that you have on offer.
  • Put a sign in front of your house. Maybe some random passengers will come thus boosting your chances for a successful sale.
  • Set reasonable prices for your belongings. It would be great if you could get the most for your items, but remember that your first goal was to declutter the place, and make things easier for you and your reliable moving agency.

    Pciture of a yard sale. This is a great solution for decluttering a storage facility
    You can always organize a yard sale to get rid of stuff you are not using anymore

Other ways of keeping your storage unit organized

Decluttering is sometimes a necessary step, but there are other ways of keeping your storage unit organized:

  • Label the boxes. The first step towards an organized storage unit. Most importantly label the boxes with fragile items.
  • Create an inventory list and a map of boxes so that you can easily get what you need.
  • Stack boxes to create a wall. Use boxes that are similar in size for this purpose.
  • Leave the floor space free so that you can move around.
  • Install shelves if you don’t have any.
  • Pack items that you plan on using soon at the front of the storage unit.
  • Consider organizing a deep-cleaning day once a year.
  • Store items in transparent plastic bins so that you can see what’s inside.
  • Use furniture as shelves. Are you shipping furniture to Hong Kong? Contact reliable companies for this task.
  • Measure your furniture and other large items before choosing a storage unit.

    Picture of a cardboard box
    If you want to get the most of your storage unit you should label the boxes before storing them

Additional tip: How to pick a quality storage unit?

Okay, now we know how to keep our storage unit clean and organized. But how to choose a good storage unit in the first place?

  • Safety rating. This is probably the most important parameter for most people because nobody wants that their belongings disappear overnight. A safe storage facility must be equipped with surveillance systems, night guards, and new locks.
  • Climate control. Best for companies conducting cold-chain services, but useful for ordinary users as well. Climate-controlled units protect your belongings from extreme outdoor factors and are also great in preventing mold. Most companies that offer storage services offer climate-controlled units as well.
  • Accessibility. If you want to get the most of your additional storing space, you must check if the storage unit is easily accessible by truck or van. Also, check if they work on weekends and holidays.

As you can see, organizing and decluttering a storage facility has many benefits. Follow the advice we gave you, and get the most of your storage unit.

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