Special moving services that cost extra

The moving process encompasses a wide range of tasks. Most of the tasks that you need for relocating to Hong Kong, for example, are covered in regular moving services. It is usually either residential or commercial moving, or local/long-distance relocation. These services include moving your belongings from point A to point B, loading and unloading the truck and so on. However, there are a lot more services that are “special” and can come in handy. Services such as piano or home safe moving and packing services cost extra.

These are not included in the list of “regular” services. We will try to bring several of these services to light and to point out why they might be really useful. So, without further ado:

What are the special moving services?

As mentioned previously, packing and unpacking cost extra. As do some of the carrying services, such as long carry or stair carry services. If you require additional storage services, such as heavy lifting, these might cost extra, too. You might want to read up on a guide to successful moving before you go any further, though. Finally, specialty items, such as a piano or a home safe, require a special service as well. For the ease of reading, here is the list of these services:

  • Packing and unpacking
  • Some storage services cost extra
  • Special moving services – Piano and a home safe moving
  • Carrying services
Packing and unpacking services might cost extra!

Packing and unpacking

First, and most used, service from the list is the packing/unpacking service. When looking at the relocation services Hong Kong, this is the additional service that gets the most use. The reason is quite obvious, this is the service that can potentially save you the most time. And time is money. If you consider that your time might be a lot more valuable than theirs, then why not hire these services and not work on your own. It all depends on your income, however.

Some storage services cost extra

Depending on the type of contract with your moving company, storage might be included in the base price. But it usually is not. Anything that concerns storage is an additional service and thus an additional expense. You need to figure out what kind of storage services your move might require and plan accordingly. Storage space is usually not that expensive but if you require anything really specific, it might be. It all depends on the items that you need to store.

Special moving services – Piano and a home safe moving

Any of the specialty items such as a piano or a home safe require a special service to move. This is because the relocation of these items requires a lot more than moving a regular couch, for example. Some of the piano brands require special handling and equipment.

Moving a piano or a home safe might also cost extra.

Carrying services

Finally, there are carrying services. Usually, you get carrying service included in your residential/commercial move already. So what’s the deal with these additional ones? Well, they are there to account for exceptional circumstances. For example, let’s say that you are living on the 7th floor. Carrying your items via the elevator will not cost the same as carrying them down seven flights of stairs.

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