Spring cleaning before and after moving house

Most people do not like to do anything special or difficult during the winter months. For this reason, they usually buy items, get presents for winter holidays, and keep collecting more and more items. Finally, as spring comes, you realize that your house has become huge storage for all the items that you accumulated over the winter months and even years before. If you add moving your entire household to a new address into this combination, you might have a little problem. Therefore, before your ReloSmart movers arrive, it is time to do spring cleaning before and after moving your house. Here is how to organize your big decluttering. 

Spring cleaning before and after moving – reasons to declutter your home 

Organizing a relocation can be quite expensive. The price of moving services Hong Kong would depend on the size of your household, the number of your items, the distance between your old and new house, special services needed, and so on.

Since you cannot change the distance or the size of your household, you can change the number of your items. Therefore, if you declutter your home before relocation, you can save a lot of money. There is no need to move items that you have not used in a very long time. The same applies to items that are in bad shape. It would be better to do something else with these items and save money on moving fees. You can always use this saved money to buy and replace these items with the new ones. After all, almost everyone loves to go shopping after a big declutter. 

a big bookshelf
You should declutter before moving

Should you declutter your house before or after hiring a moving company? 

Since you want to declutter your home before relocation, you need to think about hiring international movers Hong Kong. Now, should you hire them before or after decluttering your house? It would be better to hire movers after you declutter your house. The reason is quite simple. When you are looking for movers, you should ask for an in-house estimate. This means movers coming to your house, assessing your items, and giving you an estimate about your price.

If your house is full with all the items that you plan to remove after, your estimate might be much bigger than on the day of your relocation. Still, it can be quite difficult to clean your house at least two months in advance before your relocation. Therefore, if you do not do it before movers come for an estimate, then, do not show them items you don’t want to move. 

Spring cleaning before and after moving – make a plan 

Before you start cleaning your house before your relocation, you should make a plan. It is important to stay on schedule when you are packing and preparing your items for relocation. As you might know, your moving day will come sooner than you expect. Therefore, it is better to be prepared than to rush around potentially damaging or losing some of your items. In order to avoid all of this, you should make a plan for each day. For example, one day should be dedicated to cleaning your living room. The next day should be for your bedroom, bathroom, and so on. If you divide your cleaning tasks like this, you will have enough time to take care of all moving-related tasks. However, you do not have to clean one room per day. You should divide these tasks depending on your free time and motivation. 

white planner
Make a cleaning plan

What to do with your items? 

When you need to declutter your house, you should separate your items into at least three piles. Here are some examples and suggestions for those piles. 

  • Move – here should be all the items that are in good condition and you plan to use them again. 
  • Sell – if you have enough time, you can try to sell your items that are in good condition but you do not want to use them again. You can try to sell these items on the Internet.  
  • Donate – of course, you can always donate items to charities that you no longer need. Remember that these items should also be in good condition. 
  • Give to your friends and family – you can also give some items to your friends and family if they need them or want them. 
  • Throw away – lastly, if items are in bad condition, you should throw them away. 

Post relocation organizing and cleaning

People might think it would be unnecessary to clean their house again after moving since they decluttered all the items before. However, when you are decluttering and cleaning your house before relocation, you might be in a hurry. You might start to pack items that you do not really need but you will realize that once you move into your new house. For this reason, it is necessary to do a little bit of cleaning and decluttering after your relocation. First of all, you need to clean your new house before and packing your items. Then, once you start unpacking all of those boxes, you should decide whether to keep those items or not. If you decided some items are not necessary, you can always sell, donate, give them to someone, or simply throw them away. The last option would be to place them in one storage unit. 

person cleaning
You should also clean your new house

All the reasons to declutter 

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to spring cleaning your house before and after moving. The bigger focus should be on cleaning your house before your relocation since this is a way to save money. However, it is also important to clean your house even after relocation. This way, you can have a good start in your new house. It might sound difficult to do spring cleaning two times, but if you organize your time well, it is going to be worth it. 

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