Step-by-step commercial relocation checklist

There is nothing simple about relocating an entire office. It includes not only a team of employees, but also high-value equipment, electronics, and machinery. When you plan an office relocation, you will be aiming for minimal disruption and maximum productivity. To manage a successful relocation, planning and organization are key to do it without a hitch. Although moving your office is a challenging task, there are ways to do it smoothly. Office movers Hong Kong are one way to do it. But, if you think you are capable of doing it yourself, we will help you coordinate logistics and prevent any problems from happening. So, here is our commercial relocation checklist to help you along the way.

The first step of a commercial relocation checklist you should start as early as possible

Once you have decided to make an office move, you have to start taking care of the first steps. We advise you handle them three to six months before the day of your relocation. If you’re moving to Australia from Hong Kong, maybe even eight months earlier.

Review your lease before your moving day comes

Before moving your office, you have to review the details of your lease. This way, you will avoid some of the unforeseen costs. So, if you are planning to leave before your lease ends, you can count on losing your deposit. Also, in this case, you could end up being responsible for any damage that might occur to the office space during the move. Make sure to know all the details about the legal aspect before you relocate your office.

a man signing the contract
Before you arrange your office relocation, don’t forget to read your lease.

Start asking for quotes for your commercial relocation checklist

Another important step you should do is to start getting quotes for your relocation. Ask for moving quotes from a variety of moving companies. Because that is the only way to find the best available service and value for your money. Only after you get estimated quotes, you will be able to set your moving budget and prevent yourself from overspending.

Step number two of a commercial relocation checklist- communication

Right after you’ve confirmed the moving date, it is time for communication. It is very important to inform all interested parties about your upcoming relocation. First things first- you should notify your current landlord or property manager, and give official notice. Then, notify your team members of the moving date and new office address. Also, make sure that all team members know their responsibilities regarding the relocation ahead of time. Also, make a checklist of people and organizations you need to send a change of address to. Notify local partners, affiliates and suppliers as well about the upcoming relocation of your office. Finally, make a reservation with the best moving company and set an appointment with your IT department to discuss their responsibilities and tasks.

Who should you notify about the change of address?

  • Partners and clients,
  • Banks and other financial institutions,
  • Stationery services,
  • Professional organizations you belong to,
  • The telephone company and internet service provider,
  • Insurance companies.
a man holding a cell phone
There are many parties you should inform about your commercial relocation. Do it as soon as possible.

Step number three of your commercial relocation- preparation

After you’ve made basic preparations for your office relocation, it is time for some logistics. You have to prepare and make a detailed plan of moving your office equipment from one location to another. For starters, get a detailed floor plan of your new office space. You can also define communal spaces on your floor plan. Then, measure the new space and plan the layout. Afterward, you can create an inventory of existing office furniture and make a list of any new furniture you might need. Also, you should arrange external storage facilities if needed. Then, it is time for some paperwork. Sign any official paperwork and legal documents regarding the relocation.

Don’t forget to set up a meeting with your movers

This is one part of the relocation that you shouldn’t skip or take too lightly. Before you have a meeting with the movers, make a list of your specific demands and questions you might have for them. That will make a great first impression and affect the movers to have confidence in you. Ask them about the estimated price, or about the additional services they provide. On the other hand, your movers will help you decide on packing responsibilities, packing procedures and layout. Also, they will inform you about the directions to the new location, including public transport, etc.

Also, your office relocation checklist should include a meeting with your employees

The manager needs to have a good and trustworthy relationship with the members of his team. So, your employees will surely appreciate if you ask them about their ideas concerning the office relocation. That way, not only you’ll make them feel respected, but you will maybe get some constructive ideas. It’s a win-win situation, don’t you think?

an office table with chairs
Office relocation is a great way to connect with your employees

Step number four- the moving day has come

Until the moving day comes, you’ve made all the necessary arrangements. Good preparation will help you feel relaxed when the relocation day has come. Yet, there are more ways to ensure everything goes smoothly on this big day for you and your office.

  • Keep emergency numbers close to you. Who knows when you’re going to need them?
  • Мake sure that all the tech equipment is moved first. For example, computers, phones, etc.
  • Acquire some refreshments for the moving team and your employees.
  • If you are moving during summer months, arrange for air conditioning during the move.

Final step

After your big relocation is over, get the final few things set up. First, set up all computers, telephone lines, and tech equipment. Give your employees new passes, keycards, and keys for the new office. Finally, add a special touch by leaving a “welcome pack” on each employee’s desk. That will make them feel great on the first day of work in a new office.

Congrats, you did it!

By following this step-by-step commercial relocation checklist, you will make through an office relocation without too much stress. Anyway, it is time to pause and celebrate your new office space. Have fun!

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