The biggest differences between Canadian cities and Hong Kong

Moving long distances requires that you be fully prepared and organized. If you are moving to Canada from Hong Kong, you must begin preparations several months in advance and with professional help. But as you prepare for this undertaking, you have many questions that need to be answered. These two countries are essentially different in every way, but something also connects them. Both share a legal and political history as they were part of the former British Empire. It is estimated that approximately 300,000 Canadian citizens live in Hong Kong. There is the second-largest Canadian community after the United States. To help you know what to expect when you move to Hong Kong, we will share with you some differences between Canadian cities and Hong Kong.


To begin, we will address the issue of population. One of the differences between Canadian cities and Hong Kong is the number of people. In 2022, Hong Kong is home to over 7,500,000 people. In contrast, Canada’s largest city, Toronto, has a population of just over 6.5 million.
Hong Kong is the fourth most densely populated place in the world. Although the birth rate is low, this city is growing steadily due to the constant immigration of people from mainland China. It should be noted that this city is controlled by the People’s Republic of China but enjoys its limited autonomy – “one country, two systems.”
Canada has a total population of 38.25 million. Besides the city of Toronto, which is the largest metropolitan area, it is followed by Montreal, Quebec, with 4.4 million people. Vancouver, British Columbia, has a population of 2.8 million.
These are significant differences between Canadian cities and Hong Kong in population numbers. Canada is much larger and geographically more extensive than Hong Kong.

money with a bill on the table
One of the differences between Canadian cities and Hong Kong is that rental prices are over 40% higher than in Canada.

Cost of living

The cost of living between Canada and Hong Kong varies. Consumer prices (excluding rent) are 15.33% higher than in Canada. For example, utilities are over 50% more expensive than in Canada. Real estate rental prices are 102.42% higher than in Canada. But that’s why restaurant prices are 14.97% lower in Hong Kong. Food prices in Hong Kong are over 20% higher than in Canada. That’s why the local purchasing power is almost 40% lower than in Canada.
The unemployment rate in Canada is 6.90%, while in Hong Kong, it is 3.20%.

What is the life like in Canadian cities?

If you’re considering moving out of Hong Kong to Canada, we’ll outline some pros and cons. It is an important step that brings many challenges. In the following, we will tell you about some of the advantages of living in Canadian cities.

Canada’s healthcare system is one of the best in the world

The advantage of the health care system is that it provides publicly funded care for all. Much effort is also devoted to prevention. The educational program includes learning how to avoid injuries and other health risks. In addition, about two-thirds of Canadians can afford private health insurance.

Lake in Canada
The vast expanse of Canada is known for its natural beauty.

Surrounded by amazing nature

In addition to urban life in the cities, Canada is known for its natural landscapes. In addition to having the longest coastline on the planet, Canada has 20% of the world’s fresh water in its lakes. The land of maple syrup is also rich in animal life. One-third of the world’s polar bears live here, and a short detour along a forest trail may allow you to see a black bear, a bison, or a lynx up close. Some of the most famous natural attractions include:

  • Big Muddy Badlands in Saskatchewan
  • Lake Louise in Banff National Park
  • Red Sands on Prince Edward Island
  • Capilano Suspension Bridge Park in British Columbia
  • Cathedral Grove on Vancouver Island

You are moving to Quebec, Canada

If your new home is here, remember that French is the official language. Take French classes if you don’t know it, as 95% of people speak it as their first or second language in Quebec.

Best cities to live in Canada for new Asian immigrants

With the help of international movers Hong Kong, you can prepare for your big move to Canada. In the following lines, we will introduce you to some of the most developed and pleasant cities to live in. These cities have been chosen specifically for new settlers of Asian origin to help them adapt and find their new home:

  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Calgary, Alberta
  • Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Montreal, Quebec
  • Saanich, British Columbia
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba

Everyone is welcome

Are you thinking of moving to one of Canada’s cities? If you relocate, you’ll live in a progressive, multicultural country. In the largest city, Toronto, over 140 languages are spoken, and over 20% of the population is foreign-born. So this is a country where you are more than welcome.

Harbour of Hong Kong
Get ready for an active and dynamic life in Hong Kong.

What is the life like in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is a large and dynamic city that attracts a great number of expatriates. More than half move for work. The majority of people seek their new home in this city for professional reasons. Hong Kong is an international city due to its specific location and attracts people from neighboring Asian countries and the West.

The city that never sleeps

Hong Kong means “smelly harbor,” which cannot be said from a current point of view. But Hong Kong remains a port that will enchant you. It is one of the busiest and most populated places in the world. Hong Kong is truly a city that never sleeps. There is no legal closing time for businesses here. Getting around the city may seem daunting at first. However, Hong Kong has one of the best public transportation systems in the world. Even in the top 10.

Learn about etiquette as one of the biggest differences between Canadian cities and Hong Kong

It is one of the differences between Canadian cities and Hong Kong. Show respect to everyone, both at work and in public places. There is always a hierarchy in relationships. The oldest guests are the most valued guests. So if you receive an invitation to dinner or drinks from your colleagues, it is very rude to refuse. If you are about to give someone a gift, learn the rules about bad gifts.

Make Hong Kong more affordable

Hong Kong is a very expensive city. One way to keep costs down is to adopt the local attitude. For example, use public transportation instead of owning a car. When negotiating your salary, consider the high costs of living.

Living in Hong Kong will allow you to travel to China, which can be a lot of fun. Macau, the Las Vegas of Asia, is also an hour away by ferry.
If you are ready to move long distances, hire the best movers Hong Kong who will offer you the best solution for your move.
There are many big differences between Canadian cities and Hong Kong, but if you are ready for change and new challenges, we do not doubt that you will fit in easily, no matter your decision.

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