The do’s and don’ts of moving and storing furniture

Like in any industry, there are dos and don’ts in moving. There are plenty of suggestions that can facilitate your move, whether you are moving locally or internationally. These tips have been established by experienced movers and those who moved multiple times. While these rules are not a novelty, they can be really helpful for those moving for the first time. To make your moving experience much more pleasant and trouble-free, one of the best relocation company Hong Kong prepared a ” do’s and don’ts of moving and storing furniture” guide!

Empty all cabinets before packing

The first don’t of moving and storing furniture is not emptying it before the relocation. You might think it’s better to leave everything in drawers, but doing so is a big mistake. Firstly, you can cause damage to your furniture. The contents of drawers can move around, spill, damage themselves, etc. Secondly, you cannot secure them well enough, meaning that your belongings can scatter around the moving truck. Therefore, the first thing you should do when preparing for a relocation is to empty all the furniture, shelves and bookcases and pack them carefully. Look into all closets, drawers, nightstands, freezers, microwaves, fridges

A modern kitchen
Relocating your entire home is not an easy job.

Moving furniture in one piece or disassembled?

After you empty all drawers, the important thing to understand is whether it is convenient to disassemble a specific piece of furniture or whether it is better to move it in one piece. Some furniture pieces are easier to move when disassembled, and others cannot be disassembled at all. Of course, both solutions have pros and cons. If you opt for disassembling furniture, you have two options:

  1. Do it yourself
  2. Call professionals

Most people tend to do it themselves, especially if they want to save as much as possible. That is a common mistake you might fall into. Disassembling is not as simple as it might seem. You have to break furniture down into pieces and take care of smaller and larger elements. If you don’t have enough experience, you might hurt yourself and cause damage of your furniture. Therefore, if you do not possess the knowledge or experience for disassembling and reassembling your sofa, it’s better to hire professionals who are experts in packing and shipping furniture to Hong Kong.

DIY- disassembling furniture

To facilitate the reassembly operations, take a picture of all the disassembly steps of the individual components. That will; come in handy and speed up reassembly. Also, keep the screws and smaller parts in transparent bags to avoid losing them. You should also cover the individual pieces you have disassembled and protect them with multiple layers of bubble wrap and wrapping tape. Lastly, use markers to label the disassembled components and distinguish them from one another.

A man packing his belongings
If the packing becomes too big of a deal, hire professionals. They will handle it in no time.

Moving and storing furniture from the second floor

If you are living in a multiple-store house, you will probably need to take your belongings from the upper floors to the first one. That is simple for light furniture such as lamps, books and wardrobes. But moving heavy furniture can become a problem. For example, if you want to move your fridge or couch. The first thing to keep in mind is never to do any heavy lifting alone. It’s much better to hire professionals and let them handle the hard work. However, if you cannot afford to hire professionals, you can do it with a helping hand from your family or friends.

Moving bulky furniture

When moving a fridge, you can use a moving cart that most moving companies use. Put the fridge on a cart and have your helper hold it in front while you hold it in the back or vice versa. Move the carriage to lean it at a 45-degree angle to the rear. Then, the person holding it behind must balance it on the wheels of the moving cart. Then, start walking down the stairs slowly, taking one step at a time. You must move carefully if you are behind the cart to not push the weight of the cart onto the person in front. Pull or push the carriage while descending without lifting it. Maintain the pace until you reach the bottom of the stairs. After reaching the first floor, your furniture can be packed and sent to Kwun Tong storage or your new home.

Another great technique consists of using two wooden or aluminum planks as a ramp and sliding the object slowly. If you don’t have planks, you can lay the load on a sturdy blanket, adjust the descent with your shoulders and as you go backwards, lift the end of the blanket with both hands and use it to drag the object. Whenever possible, let the furniture piece on the handrail. By using these methods for moving and storing furniture, you are moving your possessions effortlessly and safely.

A king-sized bed
Try using force as little as possible. Instead, opt for using smart moving methods.

Push instead of lifting and be as careful as possible

Always keep in mind that pushing is easier than lifting. If you want to push an object, always place newspapers, cardboard, blankets or old clothing under it so the object slides across the floor easily, avoiding streaks on the tiles. That way, you are spending less energy and ensuring you don’t run low on energy in the middle of moving. Also, this will prevent your floor from getting scratched. Lastly, being extremely careful is one of the most vital rules, especially if you are moving alone. Moving and storing furniture in short term storage Hong Kong is no joke. One wrong move and you can hurt yourself fatally. Therefore, pay attention to how you lift, push and walk around your inventory. Using smart moving methods instead of relying solely on your strength is much safer and more efficient!

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