The Essential Moving Abroad Packing Checklist

You’ve made the decision to relocate overseas, so it’s time to start packing. This is usually the hardest part of every relocation. You should never pack everything. However, it might be challenging to pack wisely. It’s also difficult to anticipate what you’ll need for your new house. That’s why making a packing list for your move overseas should be your first order of business! Before you hire the best moving company Hong Kong, here is the essential moving abroad packing checklist to make your relocation go more smoothly. You can find all the things you need to pack along with some helpful packing advice.

Questions to ask before packing your items

You must first take into account a few factors before you begin packing. First would be your destination. This will determine what you need to pack for your relocation to a foreign country. Are you moving to Australia from Hong Kong? Then, you can forget about your winter gear and clothes.  Then, how long until you relocate overseas? You need at least four to six weeks to pack everything properly. Are you relocating permanently abroad? If yes, you might need more items. Your financial situation? Examine your money before packing for relocation. Can you afford to transport your stuff and employ a moving company? Or do you have a tight budget and need to fit everything in your checked luggage? If you are moving household items as well, you should hire a moving company. However, if you are only bringing clothes, you can probably survive on your own.

a person holding a globe
You should learn more about your new destination

The essential moving abroad packing checklist

Every packing list should start with packing your essential items. These would include the following.

  • Passport and Visa
  • Your cards and cash in a foreign currency if you can
  • Personal electronics such as your phone, laptop, etc.
  • Medicines that you cannot get in your new country as well as pills for headaches, nausea, etc.
  • Converter or adapter plugs but you can skip this if the new country is using the same outlets
  • The portable battery pack in case your phone battery dies
  • Legal or important documents and their copies

In case you are moving for business, the essential items are pretty much the same. Apart from hiring office movers Hong Kong, you need to prepare your important documents. Make sure to make copies, both digital and hard copies in case something unexpected happens.

Passport, visas, and money

It might not be as easy as you think to renew your passport in the nation where you are relocating. For example, if you are moving to UK from Hong Kong, you should check the expiration date of your passport. If you need to renew it in the UK, it might be more complicated. In addition, check that you have a current visa with you before traveling overseas to ensure that you won’t encounter any issues upon arrival. You can do this by contacting the appropriate embassy or even visiting their website. Lastly, when you relocate overseas, chances are you can’t create a bank account yet. Therefore, you need to get ready and confirm that you may use your local cards overseas. It would be even better if you can exchange your money in your home country so you can have foreign currency upon arrival.

Moving Abroad Packing Checklist includes the passport
Make sure your passport won’t expire any time soon

Electronics, medicine, and documents

Your personal electronics are eligible for check-in luggage. However, you must take your luggage’s weight into account. Bring an extension cable rather than several adapters if you have a lot of devices and are going to a place with a different kind of plug. Then, you should also have some over-the-counter medications and bandages with you in addition to your prescription medications. These would usually include paracetamol, antihistamines, ibuprofen, medication for diarrhea, and pills for motion sickness. Place into a compact travel bag. However, there are also pre-assembled first aid kits for travel that can guarantee you have plenty of all the necessary supplies. Lastly, important legal papers and documents. It should go without saying that you need to pack them. Make a list of all the necessary papers to pack so you won’t forget. You should not let an international moving company Hong Kong pack and relocate your papers.

Other important items to pack according to our moving abroad packing checklist

Choose your preferred outfits first if your checked luggage is the only place you have for everything. Purchasing new clothing may occasionally be more cost-effective depending on the nation you are going to. Your coat will likely take up too much room if you’re relocating during the winter. You can make better plans if you make a list of the clothing and footwear you wish to carry. Verify whether they are still applicable where you are going. You should leave your other clothing and shoes behind if not. Toiletries other than a toothbrush and toothpaste should be included on your packing list if you’re going overseas. You don’t need to bring products that you can easily find everywhere. If you’re relocating overseas, you can also bring emotional objects to help you get over homesickness. This could be photos, clothes, blankets, etc.

person with a suitcase
See what you can fit inside your luggage

All the items you should pack when moving abroad

As you can see, this would be the essential moving abroad packing checklist. You need to bring all the items mentioned above. Everything else can be easily replaced upon your arrival. In addition, always weigh your baggage while you pack to determine whether you are staying within the allowed weight range. Typically, the overweight fee is expensive. If you believe that you cannot put all of your belongings in one bag, you should reconsider if you should decrease any further or think about checking a second one. You can also consult your airlines about the size restrictions to avoid additional fees. If you need all the items, you can get extra weight if you pay at the check-in desk in advance.

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