The most livable cities in China

Are you considering life in China? It will be definitely more different than your average life in a western country. In addition to this, you are not the only one. China is a huge country and it is filled with diverse cultures, dialects, cuisines, and of course people. Because of its huge size, it can be quite difficult to decide on one particular city. Relocating to Hong Kong from US is quite popular, but Hong Kong is not the only city in China that deserves your attention. Here are the most livable cities in China for you. You will soon realize that the lifestyle in these large cities is quite different from any western city that you might have visited. 

The most livable cities in China – Hangzhou and Xiamen 

The first city on this list has over 8.7 million residents and it is well known for its history and culture. Hangzhou is one of the most prosperous cities in entire China due to its location in the southern part of the Grand Canal and its own natural beauty. Additionally, West Lake, located in this city, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Even if you decide to live in some other city, you should definitely visit West Lake as it is one of the most beautiful and breathtaking places in China. It is a perfect combination of modern and traditional. The other city, Xiamen is a little bit smaller, with only 3.5 million residents. Make sure to book your international moving company on time so you can enjoy all the beaches and beach life. Furthermore, the city is one of the best cities for foreign investment and trade. 

ship on the lake
West Lake is one of the most beautiful places in China

Kunming and Hong Kong 

Kunming is yet another Chinese city with over 6.4 million residents. You will see notice this pattern soon enough. Why is this particular city good for you? First of all, it is the least polluted city in China. Then, you can find many important cultural, economic, and educational institutions, which is perfect when seeking employment. In addition to this, Kunming and the entire Yunnan province is well known for their cultural and ethnic diversity. Speaking of diversity, Hong Kong, or officially Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, might be the most popular among foreigners both from Asian and Western countries. It has more than 7.5 million residents and it is one of the most expensive cities in China. It is the perfect mix of Western and Eastern culture. Therefore, do not worry about shipping furniture to Hong Kong since there are many English-speaking companies to help you. 

The most livable cities in China – Qingdao and Nanjing 

Another quite popular city among foreigners would be Qingdao. You can easily notice a large number of buildings built in German style and beer. The city was under the control of Germans once upon a time. You can also see a lot of influence from Korean culture due to the large Korean expatriate population. For this reason, Qingdao is one of the best Chinese cities to enjoy beer, beach life, and European/Korean culture. The other city on the list would be Nanjing with over 8 million people. This city might be the most popular among expatriates that seek employment at the university level. The ratio of university students to the total population is the highest in the entire country. In addition to this, the city has many picturesque locations and very decent nightlife. The most popular street among foreigners would be Shanghai Road. 

one of the most most livable cities in China is Nanjing covered in snow
Nanjing is beautiful even when covered in snow

Shanghai and Shenzhen 

Probably the biggest city on this list with almost 25 million people, Shanghai is also one of the most popular Chinese cities in the world. Since you are interested in moving to China, you’re probably considering Shanghai as your future home. This city, how like any other city on this list, is a perfect mix of modern and traditional. In addition to this, you can clearly see western influence all over the city, especially the famous French area. The popular places in the city also include The Bund, Nanjing Road, City God Temple, Yu Garden, and so on. If you talk to any ex-pats living in China, they would probably say that Shanghai is one of the best cities in China. Shenzhen is also quite big with over 10 million residents. This city is perfect for business and also because it is close to Hong Kong. 

The most livable cities in China – Beijing and Tianjin 

This list would not be complete without the Chinese capital city. Beijing has over 19 million residents and it only keeps growing. Since it is the capital city of the country, it is also the center of national, political, cultural, and educational life. You will never be bored in Beijing with so many fun post-move activities in Beijing. The most famous places include the Great Wall, Temple of Heaven, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, and so on. Lastly, the city is perfect for all the people who are interested in learning Mandarin Chinese. If you are looking for a business city with a small-town feel, then Tianjin would be perfect for you. With only 13 million residents, this city is China’s first eco-friendly city with a dash of future urbanization. Furthermore, it is also perfect for employment outside education since it has more than 500 companies. 

Beijing during the day
Beijing offers many opportunities for foreigners

The last five cities 

The most livable cities in China would also include these five places as well. 

  • Sanya – with only 535,000 residents, it is probably the safest city on the list. You can also enjoy the sun, beaches, and an outdoor lifestyle. 
  • Haikou – 2 million residents that also love the beach lifestyle with many beautiful beaches and places to explore. 
  • Chengdu –the cultural and financial center of western China with 14 million residents. It is popular for its amazing food and pandas. 
  • Suzhou – with 5 million residents and it is well known as the center of history, culture, and traditional gardens and canals. 
  • Guilin – the last city on the list with almost 5 million residents. Again, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.  

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