The ultimate vehicle inspection before moving

Preparing for relocation can be quite hard. You will have to organize everything, from gathering packing supplies, hiring a moving company Hong Kong to packing your entire household. Most people are too preoccupied with their household items to think about their other possessions. However, you need to think about your vehicles. Even if you plan to drive your car to your new address or your client to ship your car to your new address, you still need to prepare your vehicle for relocation. You need to make sure that your car is properly prepared for relocation and that you will be safe driving the same car. For this reason, here is the ultimate vehicle inspection before moving to your new address. 

All the things to check for a vehicle inspection before moving 

Unless you are an expert on vehicles, you should take your car to a car mechanic. They will do a complete car service check. This is an important step since it will take some time until you find another good mechanic that you can trust. For this reason, since you still have time, you should take advantage of this to see if your car is ready for moving. Here are all the things that your mechanic should check in your car. 

  • They will check for any damage to your car 
  • If you find any leaks, make sure to report 
  • Your mechanic will probably change the oil 
  • They will also check tires, rotation, and pressure in tires 
  • Any other things they find necessary 

As mentioned, it does not matter if you plan to drive or ship your car to your new address, you need to have it checked. 

person changing the oil
You should visit your mechanic

Wash, clean, and declutter your car 

You should wash, clean, and declutter your car before visiting your mechanic. First of all, you should definitely wash your car because some scratches can be covered with dust and dirt. Therefore, you will not see all the damage. If your car is clean, then you can be sure that if you find certain damage, it is probably caused during the transport. Then, you should also clean and declutter the inside of your car. It is the same thing as when you are moving your closet. Your car should be empty so the things inside will not be tossed around during the transport. Those small items could very well cause damage inside of your car. You should know that if you plan to transport your car with moving service Hong Kong, they will not be held liable for any damage caused by items found inside your car. 

Remove all personal items when doing vehicle inspection before moving 

Similar to the previous part, you should remove all your personal items from your car. This is even more important than decluttering your car from ordinary items. The reason is quite simple. You should never keep your important personal items in your car, especially if you plan to ship your car. This is the same thing when you’re moving your important items in your household. As you might know, you should never let your movers relocate your personal items. If something happens, maybe they will get lost or damaged during transport, it will be hard to replace them. For this reason, make sure you’re the one packing and moving your personal items. If you keep any important documents in your car, make sure to remove them from your vehicle as well. You can keep them in the same binder as the rest of your documents. 

blue car
Make sure to remove all the items from your car

Alarm system, toll tags, and parking pass 

The next thing you should do is removing toll tags or parking passes. Usually, you would attach toll tags or parking passes to your car. However, if you keep them on your car, they may cost you while your car is in transit. In addition to this, sometimes, people even may steal them because they can be quite valuable. If you can, do not forget to remove toll tags and parking passes. On the other hand, you should also disable your alarm system. This is a quite common thing that people forget to do when they want to ship or have someone else drive their car. If you do not disable the alarm system, the person who is driving a truck with your car may have some serious problems because of it. Furthermore, it can be quite irritating to listen to a car alarm going on and on for hours.  

Do not fill it up and lock the car after vehicle inspection 

If you plan to use car shipping services, it is not necessary to fill up your gas tank. Since you will not drive your car, you don’t have to have gas in your car. Then, gas will only add the weights to your car so it is going to be more expensive to transport it. In addition to this, it can be quite dangerous to transport the car with a tank full of gas. You can only leave a little bit of gas in your car tank so you can drive it to the nearest gas station once you collect your car. Then, it is necessary to lock the car once it is loaded into a moving truck. There is no reason for your car to be opened during transit. In order to be safe, make sure everything is locked up. 

blue car parked
Do not fill up your car tank with gas

Options for moving your car 

As you can see, this is how the ultimate vehicle inspection before moving should look like. Now, here are all the options you have for moving your car. First of all, you can ship your car with professional car transporters. Then, you can also find a person to drive your car. This could be your friend, acquaintance, or someone transported at once to earn a few extra bucks. On the other hand, you can also hire a professional driver to drive your car to your new address. Lastly, you can also drive your car by yourself, especially if your new house isn’t very far away. 

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