Things you should know about Hong Kong neighborhoods before moving there

Choosing the best neighborhood for your relocation can be a pretty exhausting thing. Especially if you decided to move around a big city such as Hong Kong. You may be currently living in Hong Kong and trying to find a neighborhood that would be more suitable for your work or living style. Or you are moving from outside Hong Kong and trying to get a good job market and international schools. Whichever the reason, you need to inform well about your future home area before contacting a moving company Hong Kong to help you with the relocation. The city has a long history of accommodating both foreign and local citizens. Your job will have to be to do thorough research and discover which area works the best for you. Read this article to learn things you should know about Hong Kong neighborhoods.

What to expect from Hong Kong?

No matter if you are moving from outside of the country or moving locally, there are important things to discover before you make a final decision on your new home area. Its name means Fragrant Harbor.

a street view in Hong Kong
There are many things you should know about Hong Kong neighborhoods

This comes from its rich history of harbor trading. This bustling city is a great financial and trading hub with more than 8 million residents. If moving from Hong Kong to USA you will certainly miss living in one of the biggest commercial world trade centers. It has one of the greatest incomes in the world so living costs here are higher accordingly. It provides all sorts of great amenities. Also, it is an attractive spot for both young families and business professionals who would like to expand their carrier. The city is on the eastern Pearl River Delta in South China. and it is its special administrative region.

How much does it cost to live in Hong Kong?

No matter whether this is one of the biggest and most populous cities in the world, it has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. This is the fourth city in the world with the greatest population.  Still, there are some non-violent crime cases, however, this happens once in a blue moon. Many families with small children decide to move to some of its neighborhoods. Before hiring moving services Hong Kong you need to inform yourself about the costs of living here. Living expenses will certainly depend on the area you choose. In general, the latest statistics say that for a family of four the average monthly living costs are $2,801.31. A single person will need to spend around $750 without rent. If you compare it to London, for example, the city is around 7% less expensive for living and rent a home.

Things you should know about Hong Kong neighborhoods

When it comes to choosing where to live, Hong Kong has so many different options. Over the years, the city turned into a modern and prosperous place for different nations.

a boat on the water in fron of the buildings
Hong Kong is one of the wealthiest cities in the world

This is one of the wealthiest cities so it is no wonder you will find here a great number of billionaires. Just like many other big cities, it has two sides. There are many popular neighborhoods in Hong Kong for newcomers on both sides. Mid-Levels represent three neighborhoods in one. It goes from east to west from Wan Chai and finishes above Sai Ying Pun. In the middle is Mid-West Central which features apartment complexes with useful facilities. Singles and young couples prefer living in Mid-Levels West. Families with children mostly choose Mid Levels East since international schools and Hong Kong Park are in this area.

The Peak

If you are looking for all kinds of homes in an area, then moving to the Peak may be the right choice for you. This is one of the most influential areas where you can rent from standalone houses to low-rise apartment blocks. It is the highest point on Hong Kong Island. Among things you should know about Hong Kong neighborhoods is that here you can find some of the most luxurious homes in the entire city. If you are moving to Hong Kong for business, the average price for an apartment ranges from $7.7 million to $13 million. However, there are some cheaper apartments that are more affordable. If you choose to live here, you will be close to numerous parks and trails for hiking. Shopping lovers can enjoy shopping in several retail centers such as the Peak Tower or Peak Galleria.

Pok Fu Lam- things you should know about Hong Kong neighborhoods

This is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city. You can find it on the western corner of Hong Kong Island. It has a perfect location since it is only 20 minutes ride from both the Central and the beach area of the south. If you choose this neighborhood to live in, you will have a chance to experience both sides. If you look for the lowest costs for renters, you can also find them in this area.  That also includes apartments of different sizes in both old and modern buildings. In addition, this ware is highly popular among families with children.

a night street view in China
Pok Fu Lam is one of the o0ldest neighborhoods in Hong Kong

There are plenty of popular international schools and parks for your children. Thousands of ex-pats are living in the area “Garden Neighborhood. ” Cyberport is its popular complex where you can find hotels, a shopping area, and a place where you can walk your dog.

Living in Kennedy Town-HK

Kennedy Town is a part 0f the Sai Wan area. Being only 15 minutes drive from Central, this neighborhood has become one of the coolest in the entire HK. This waterside area has so many things to offer to its residents. Families with children love it since they can take long walks along its promenade. Apart from swimming in the public pool, it offers other great amenities. Monthly costs of living are affordable comparing them to some other neighborhoods. The area has a rich nightlife and is very attractive to young professionals. It hosts many diverse bars and restaurants. In addition, the Hong Kong Cultural Centre boasts cultural events including the Hong Kong Ballet. Young people like to gather in the Winstons Coffee to have long Friday evenings. You can try here diverse cuisines such as a Nepalese-Indian restaurant that offers some of the best momos in the city.

Things you should know about Hong Kong neighborhoods-Southside

Some of the most luxurious neighborhoods are in this part of Hong Kong. If you like to take walks along the South China Sea area, then this is the right place for you.

a building with multiple terraces
Living in Southside is very popular In Hong Kong

For example, Deep Water Bay is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the world. It is home to some of the most famous business leaders. If you look to find a job in Hong Kong, then you will find a great job market in the entire south area. This very rich market sells everything from jewelry to groceries. Along its promenade, there are many sports and retail centers. Also, there are many country parks and the area offers great panoramic views which you can find in the following luxurious neighborhoods:

  • the spectacular scenery of the Tai Tam Country Park
  • Shouson Hill
  • Repulse Bay
  • Shek O
  • Stanley
  • Big Wave Ba

Kowloon Tong and Ho Man Tin

Ho Man Tin neighborhood is a residential area that you need to add to your list of potential areas to live in. This is a place with a diverse culture where not only Chinese but also Portuguese and Indians lived. Nowadays, because of its popular schools, many families with kids settle in this area. You should prepare for cultural differences when coming here, especially the foodies. You can try here on the go many different tastes and take the Kwun Tong MTR line to reach this family-friendly neighborhood. In addition, this transport line is very useful for commuters working in other areas. In general, it offers a peaceful living environment in combination with luxurious homes and easy access to Kowloon’s shopping zone. Also, you can choose to live on a tree-lined street of Kadoorie Avenue, with large and convenient houses.

Other things you should know about Hong Kong neighborhoods

If you opt for beach living, then the South Lantau neighborhood is a perfect place for you. Along the entire coast from Mui Wo to Tong Fuk, you will find endless lines of sandy beaches, restaurants, and hiking trails. You will also find a close-knit family atmosphere with many housing options. If this is your first month in Hong Kong with kids, you will have plenty of kindergartens and preschools where you can enroll your kids. South Lantau is home to many hiking trails so you will have plenty of places where to spend weekends hiking with your family. Of course, there are plenty of bars, restaurants, and cafes, where you can spend late afternoons after a long day at work. Still, you will not have the feeling of the big city bustle with privacy due to the low dentistry.

two children lying on the bed
There are many preschools and kindergartens in many HK neighborhoods

What is there to see and do in HK?

If you are afraid that you will ever feel boredom in Hong Kong, this will certainly not happen. There are so many amenities that the city offers and many different things to do. Among the things you should know about Hong Kong neighborhoods is that you can ride on the world’s largest escalator. The 2,600 ft long outdoor escalator connects Central and Mid-Level districts. Also, the Hong Kong community has so much entertainment to offer. The city’s party center in Lan Kwai Fong breaks common misconceptions about HK. You can go just party, party, party in thousands of venues. If you feel homesick, there is a place where you can also visit and that is Hong Kong Disneyland.  Although this is not one of the biggest in the world, it will certainly help you adjust more easily to the new environment.

Is there a language barrier living in HK neighborhoods?

If you have concerns about the language barrier when living in Hong Kong, then there is some great news. Although the greatest majority of people speak Cantonese, the city’s official second language is English. For those relocating to Hong Kong without a job, it is good to know that you can easily find a job with only speaking English. More importantly, many international companies tend to use English as their official language at work.

a family with kids thinking about things to know about Hong Kong neighborhoods
English is a second language in HK

This is great because you will not need to spend months and months applying for any position. However, if you plan to communicate with people outside your working environment and make friends, you should not give up on learning Cantonese. It is still necessary to learn it so you can make friends and buy in a local shops. Finally, knowing the primary language will give you the option to find a better position.

Some of the best job opportunities-things you should know about Hong Kong neighborhoods

This city is a hub for business and commerce, coming to live here you will not have difficulties to find a job. There are plenty of job positions in different industries. There are many things you should know about Hong Kong neighborhoods before choosing one. Individuals with many great talents come to work in HK. Therefore, for certain positions there will be a strong competition. Relocating on short notice, you can try to find positions in Ma Wan, Discovery Bay, or Lamma & Cheung Chau. In general, banking, finances, advertising, IT, and HR are among some of the most popular professions. In addition, Native American teachers hold a very high position when it comes to teaching profession. In general, being a teacher in China is very competitive and popular.

two people speaking about things you should know about Hong Kong neighborhoods
There are many job opportunities when living in Hong Kong

Moving to Hong Kong is certainly one of the best decisions that you could ever make. This is one of the richest and the most populous cities in the world. However, there are things you should know about Hong Kong neighborhoods. Therefore, take your time to discover all the important facts about this great city. This is the only way that you can discover what works the best for you so you can choose your new neighborhood wisely.

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