Things you should negotiate when moving to London for a job

There are a few things that you should negotiate when moving to London for a job. Negotiations are very hard for some people, but others say that everything is open for negotiations. You should try to get better relocation packages and the best movers Hong Kong when you are in an international relocation process. See here about what things people usually negotiate and what you should avoid doing. 

Start with relocation packages when moving to London for a job

When you receive a job offer that will entice you to move internationally, you should aim for as better terms as possible. It is perfectly normal to have conflicting feelings about relocations and you should always try to get better terms of employment. But you need to know what and how to negotiate. Sometimes, there is a fear of negotiations so you don’t accidentally make your future employer change his mind. The best starting point for negotiations is the relocation package. A relocation package depends on the importance of that particular employee – yourself, in a company’s hierarchy. Higher positions will get a better relocation package.  

hand holding a credit card
Before you accept your relocation package, make sure that you are familiar with the cost of your move.

Come prepared for an interview

To negotiate a better deal, you need to know a few things first. Prepare by collecting valuable information, before you start to negotiate. You need to know what exactly includes moving from Hong Kong to London. Get a few quotes and ask a few international movers about the price and other details. When you come to your potential employer prepared, you will surely have more chances for a good outcome. These are things that you need to know before moving to London for a job:

  • Relocation costs like packing, shipping, etc.
  • Temporary housing costs – will the company help with the expenses of finding a new home and paying for temporary housing
  • Travel expenses – if you need to travel a few times before you move to London
negotiate about travel expenses before Moving To London for A Job
Check if your travel expenses are covered.
  • Assistance with relocating your family – if you are moving with children, you need to find a school, job for your partner, etc.

Another important thing to know is the cost of living. When you are moving to a country that has significantly higher living costs, and taxes, you need to emphasize that during negotiations. Because this will have a huge effect on your life and budget. At the same time, you need to be aware of the usual conditions that a company offers. Also, evaluate carefully your significance to the company and ask accordingly. 

Salary expectations when moving to London for a job

People often have higher expectations than reality.  Negotiating a salary can be tricky if you are not realistic and informed. Before you try to negotiate you need to know what is usually paid for the position and start from there. Think about what salary you would be comfortable with and then consider moving to London for a job. This is the most important part of relocation and you need to be completely sure before you jump and hire an international moving company Hong Kong

When is appropriate to negotiate?

Besides expectations, you need to know when is a good time to ask for better conditions. It can set off a potential employer if you ask for a higher salary during the first interview.  It is always better to wait for an actual job offer and then begin to negotiate. Also, if you are happy with their offer, you don’t have to necessarily negotiate.

If you accept the job, with the conditions offered to you, it can be too late to negotiate. In this case, when you have already accepted the job, you won’t have the leverage to ask for higher pay. Instead, you can wait for a few months and then ask for a raise. Once office movers Hong Kong have started to pack up, you need to be patient and wait.

Things to avoid during negotiations

There are in fact, some common mistakes that people make when they negotiate for a salary.

The first and the most important DON’T is to come unprepared to an interview. If you are not comfortable with an offer, but you are not ready to ask for better conditions, you should ask them to give you a little time to consider the offer. It is better to sleep on it. Don’t be too eager to decline a job.

person signing a document
Make sure that you have in writing everything you are promised in the interview.

Another thing that is not very desirable is being too demanding. Know your worth, but avoid sounding too demanding. You need to be professional at all times. Whatever you agree on, make sure that you have it in writing. Check your contract before you sign it. Some contracts don’t have previously offered incentives. The employer is obligated only by the contract, if they promised you some benefits and you don’t have it in writing, it doesn’t count. 

Vacation and other benefits

The salary and relocation are the most important for deciding on moving to London for a job. Besides them, you need to think about vacations, bonuses, travel expenses, working hours, etc. People negotiate about different things. Choose what is the most important for you and then focus on that. You don’t need to do exactly what other people do. Try to get better conditions for things you care for. For example, if the salary is good but vacation days are not acceptable, negotiate about vacations.

In the end, it is all about your preferences and the things that are important to you. If that is working hours, salary, or vacations so be it. But, if you start to negotiate with an employer, do it for more things but at the same time. Don’t come back every time with something else. That is not very wise and it weakens your position. When it comes to negotiations, the most part is in preparation and in the successful assessment of the situation. Good luck!

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