Things you should prepare for before moving to Hong Kong

Moving is a big step and you shouldn’t take it lightly. If you moved before, you might be aware of the set of challenges you could expect. However, if it’s your first time, there are a few things you should know before getting into it. Every move can require different solutions, especially based on where you are moving from. You won’t have as many things to worry about when moving locally, as you would when moving from abroad, for example. Even when just moving to another neighborhood in the city, local insight can be of great help. Unless you’re confident with all the know-hows and navigating the city on your own, hiring professional movers might be a good idea. Moving to an urban area, such as relocating to Hong Kong, often requires smart solutions and professional equipment. Here are some things you should prepare for before moving to Hong Kong.

What things you should prepare for before moving to Hong Kong?

Getting stopped at the border or not being able to board everything on the plane can result in great frustration. Don’t worry, though, as this can be easily avoided. You should do a bit of research on your own but also consider hiring help. Start gathering the required documents early and consult with trained movers. Contacting some of the professional movers Hong Kong offers can be greatly beneficial. They know all the things you should prepare for before moving. Note that the location you are moving from can also narrow down the potential options for transporting your items.

hong kong street at night
Relocating to Hong Kong is easier when you know what things you should prepare for before moving.

Choose a reliable company before moving to Hong Kong

Hiring an unreliable company can cause many problems, so you should always take some time before making the final choice. Not all companies will be able to pull off every kind of move, especially across greater distances. For example, you should hire an international moving company Hong Kong when moving from abroad. Also, you should make sure the movers you hired fit into your budget and that they can provide top-quality service.

Some companies will offer a free estimate which is a great starting point. Having a roadmap for the move makes budget planning much easier. Depending on what you plan to move, some things may require special care. These things can increase the final cost so don’t forget to mention any details to the candidate company.

Going into detail can also give you better insight into what kind of solutions they can come up with. If you’re satisfied with what you hear and it fits into your budget, you could consider hiring them.

Other things you should prepare for before moving

Another thing that you should start sorting early is packing and preparing your items for the move. With many guides online, it’s easier than ever to learn a few smart tricks. However, there are a few things that apply to almost every moving scenario. Make sure that you have enough time to plan and do everything you need to do. Packing in a hurry can result in damaged items upon arrival and it can make unpacking a bit more stressful.

moving box on a bed
Packing is one of the crucial parts of moving, so start planning before it’s too late.

Create an inventory of your items

You should start by creating an inventory of your items. This essentially means that you need to create a list containing every single item you’re going to move. It may sound impossible to do, but it isn’t hard when you have a system. The first thing to consider is the room and furniture layout. Will you have the same number of rooms in your new place? If the layout is going to be the same or fairly similar, you can start making the list right away. However, if that’s not the case, you should make some considerations before moving on to the next step.

Creating a list of your items can be hard to pull off when you have many items stored in places hard to reach. Sometimes, reaching everything requires moving furniture around which can cause even more stress. That’s why you can pack while doing inventory, finishing both tasks at the same time.

list of all things you should prepare for before moving
Making a list ensures every item is accounted for, and helps you pack more easily.

Packing for the move to Hong Kong

Packing will be a crucial part of preparing for the move to Hong Kong. If you pack too early, you will end up in a wrapped-up and dysfunctional home. On the other hand, if you pack too late, you could end up losing more money, forgetting something, or unsafely transporting your items.

If you plan to pack alone, know that it can be a lengthy process. It will most likely take a few days so try to clear your schedule before you start. If you’re in hurry, consider hiring professional movers. A team of professionals can pack any home in a day at your convenience, but it will result in extra cost.

Whether you hire someone to help you with packing or do it by yourself, there are a few things you’ll need to know first. You should acquire specialized moving boxes, a lot of paper, and some duct tape. Make sure you also label the boxes. This will help with knowing where to place each box in your new place which helps when unpacking.


When you pack carefully, it doesn’t only help with unpacking and categorically organizing items, but it also keeps your items safe. Transportation can be rough and some items may break but you can easily avoid this.

If you hired a reliable company and packed carefully, there won’t be much more things you should prepare for before moving. Transportation is best handled by a professional moving company, that often comes with basic liability insurance while your items are handled by their employees. However, some things are considered extremely fragile and basic insurance usually doesn’t cover them. You can purchase extra insurance for fragile items, but preventing them from breaking should be your priority.

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