Tips for a family relocation across the seas

A family relocation across the seas is a thrilling experience. Followed by the excitement of exploring new places and meeting new people. Although there are some people that are not as enthusiastic about the change, due to the stress of moving or the unknown future waiting for them. But let us tell you something. The stress of moving can be solved easily, with some professional help. And although moving from Hong Kong to the USA will bring some culture shocks in the beginning, it’s safe to say that with time everything will be okay! So we made for you some tips for a family relocation across the seas.

Hong Kong

In the People’s Republic of China, there is one Special Administrative Region. And that region is Hong Kong. This is one of the most densely populated cities in the world, with 7.5 million residents of all cultures and ethnicities. Looking back on history this area was once farmland with small fishing villages. But over the years it has grown into one of the world’s biggest cities. It also holds the position of one of the world’s most important financial centers and commercial ports.

A skyline of Hong Kong at night
Hong Kong is a city where many opportunities are only a step away from you if you are brave enough to take them.

Almost every moving company Hong Kong has to offer is busy all the time. And requires making appointments in advance. As a huge number of people move in and out of the city on daily basis. As for people that are planning a family relocation across the seas from Hong Kong there are some things they need to be mindful of.

It’s only natural that not everyone will be happy and enthusiastic about a long-distance move. At the end of the day, you are leaving behind everything you are used to and walking into the unknown. But this is not the end! Actually, it’s only the beginning! Especially if you are doing a family relocation across the seas your kids might need some time to adapt. But after that, it’s a start of a new life for all of you! There are some things you can do to make the change and move easier for everyone involved.

Extensive research!

Don’t just decide to do a family relocation across the seas without any research! When you find the destination that seems to fill all of your needs and criteria do extensive research about it. There is no such thing as too much knowledge. And in order to grasp the surroundings, people, and living in that region you will need to know more.

Learn about history, culture, lifestyles, healthcare, education, crime rates, food, and so on. There is nothing that is irrelevant when researching! Contacting a moving company is easy, and sure the moving process can be hard but the hardest part is going in blind! This way you will know what to expect, and you will be aware of things you need to be mindful of.

Mother reaserching about family relocation across the sea
You will need to research about family relocation across the sea before you attempt to do one!

Don’t research sites about travel and brochures. As those will only give you a nice description and introduction to the area. The best way to go around this is to contact foreigners (or acquaintances living there). If you can access news of that specific region that is helpful as well.

Knowing more about your destination might not affect your decision about your family relocation across the seas. But it will prepare you for what’s going to welcome you there. And pictures and videos along with attractions there will only make your family relax and look forward to seeing them in person.

Go on a trip before moving

If it’s possible go on a trip to the desired location before your family relocation across the seas. This will be a big help for you and your family. This way you will see how daily life here looks. Not only that but you will partly discover what living there feels like. Although you should not base all of your opinions on that move. Keep in mind that most people when on a vacation usually look only at the positive things. 

The best time to make this trip is off-season. And not because you should avoid tourists and crowds, but because this is the best show of what your life will be. During winter or at least during the rainy season you will see what the country is really like. The education, healthcare as well as other factors that will influence your family life there will show their true colors during this time.

The language barrier

We hope that before you inquired about the moving service Hong Kong has to offer, there was time you devoted to learning the language of the country you will be moving to. So if the country you picked for your family relocation across the seas does not have the same language you should at least know the basics before the move. How do you expect to make friends and get integrated into the city without talking to people?

Find a dictionary to help you learn
A good dictionary will be a big help in your quest to learn the local language!

Although adults need to learn it too, children are usually the ones that pick up the language faster. You don’t need to pay for overpriced language classes for the whole family. Invest in some DVDs or find some online movies and shows you can all watch together. Not to mention that we live in the time of the internet. Where we have language apps on our phones ready to help us learn at any place and at any time. You don’t need to be fluent in order to have a successful relocation. You only need to have the basics down in order to make your everyday life easier.

Income and expenses

What is the point of a family relocation across the seas if there you don’t have a better life waiting for you? Actually, the biggest motivation behind family relocations is the search for better opportunities. Better education, more job offers, and higher pay are just some of the reasons people move. And what is the point of moving if these are not the reasons?

When people hear that pay in one region of the world is drastically larger they start to imagine a better life. More money to them means that there will be more to put on the side or invest. But what most turn a blind eye to, or fail to realize is that usually where there is better pay a higher standard follows. So before moving calculate your expenses and income to determine if it’s worth it.

Woman calcualtaing her living expences
Before the move make sure you calculate everything properly! This way there will be no hidden costs and surprises.

Some of the things you will need to take into account are the moving costs, visas for the whole family, rent, education, groceries, transportation, utilities, traveling, taxes, and so on. Because some people run in blind the term “value shock” was created. That means that some people are shocked by the difference in prices. As some things that they thought were cheap here are pretty expensive and the ones that were expensive are cheap.

Children’s education

Most cases of family relocation across the seas happen because parents want to find a better environment as well as education for their children. Don’t forget that education varies from one place to the other. As there are different standards for everything. Some places value different methods of teaching and demand a different style of learning from kids. All schools follow the education methods assigned to them by the country they are in.

One of the most basic choices you will need to make after a family relocation is the language your children will have in school. Do you want them to learn in their native language or in the language of the country you are in? Depending on your choice there will be two types of schools to choose from. A local or international one. Although the local school might seem harder in the beginning it will help your kid learn the language and make local friends.

Four kids in school
Make sure you pick a good school where your kids will feel safe.

Find a home

You can’t decide to make a family relocation across the seas and just go in blind. I mean you can, but then you will have to be in a hotel without any room for your belongings. The difference in housing can be clearly seen from one country to the other. For example, Hong Kong is a place where prices are through the roof even for the tiniest apartments. Huge houses with gardens are unimaginably expensive, and on the other side, some American and European counties are quite the opposite. 

Finding a home across the seas before the move can be a tough thing to do, without going there directly. So the best option is to go there for a couple of days and house hunt. Not only will you be able to inspect the home in person, but you will also avoid many scams.

One more way you can go about this is by hiring a verified agency to find you a home. This is the best option if you are not able to go in person. All you have to do is contact them, tell them the budget and preferences, and wait. After a while, you will get information and pictures of all locations that fit your needs.

Talk to your family

Something as important as a family relocation across the seas is not a decision you can make alone. One of the most important things you will need to do is talk to your family. Your children and loved ones will need to express their thought as well as worries about the move. Don’t tell them only the best parts about the desired location. They deserve to know everything. Disappointment that they can experience if they know only the good is a big thing. They might feel cheated out of their old home.

And this will be a big chance for everyone. You are leaving everything you know behind. All of your friends and acquaintances, family, home, school, jobs, etc will be left behind. And that is not a small thing. In this new home, all you will have in the beginning is each other. So, making sure all of you are on the same page is something that you should value.

A family sitting on a couch talking about the overseas move
A healthy talk is all you need in order for everyone to get on the same page before the family oversees relocation.

Integrate and adjust yourself

No matter how good of an idea it is to meet other people like you(expats), it is also a big plus to meet the locals. You should work on interacting with your neighbors as well as other locals regularly. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should rush things! You should not invite people you don’t know into your home. Over a period of time interacting with them, and if make some friends over time that’s great!

Speaking to the locals will give you great insight into how the city works. Not only that but you will learn about the local lifestyle, culture, beliefs and so on. One piece of advice we have for you in order to adjust to the new place faster is to visit a local place with your family regularly. This way you will meet people in a controlled environment and at the same time relax and have family time.

If you only complain and compare your old and new life you will not be happy. Find new things that will make your day interesting. A family relocation across the seas is hard and requires many sacrifices, but it also opens doors to new possibilities. Don’t trap yourself in a bad mindset and try to experience your new surroundings with an open mind.

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