Tips for dealing with fraudulent moving companies

After you’ve decided to move, there are many more decisions you have to make. One of the biggest decisions is choosing a reputable and reliable moving company. Along the way, it’s all about avoiding any moving company scams and end up being a victim of a fraud. The last thing you should worry about is whether your belongings will arrive at their final destination. That’s why it is important to notice the first signs of fraud and act accordingly. Therefore, in this article, we will introduce you to the main guidelines for dealing with fraudulent moving companies. Eventually, following these tips will lead you to hire the best local moving company Hong Kong.

Dealing with fraudulent moving companies starts with knowing what moving scams are

First, you have to know what is a moving scam. A moving company scam is defined as a fraudulent and unlawful transaction between a moving company and the mover. Some statistics show that over 99 percent of all interstate moves end successfully. However, any occasion when a customer has any type of negative experience casts a shadow. Whether you’re moving locally or you are relocating to Hong Kong. There are many different ways a rogue moving company can scam their clients. From heightened quotes post-move to a total loss or damaged goods during the move, the options are infinite.

fraud alert sign
Dealing with fraudulent moving companies means facing some serious scams.

Fraudulent moving companies can get you into a hostage situation

One of the ways a fraudulent moving company can scam you is the hostage load. This is a situation when a moving company loads all of your goods onto their trucks. Afterward, they refuse to unload or move your items until you have paid them an extra sum of money. They will hold your goods hostage until you agree to pay them more than was previously quoted.

Deal with fraudulent moving companies by preventing the `no-show` situation

This is another common situation of a moving scam. It refers to a scam when a moving company requires an up-front deposit, usually in cash. Then, they don’t show up for the moving day or ever. In the end, you will end up paying for a service you will never get.

The escape artist

Also, this is a common moving scam. It happens when a rogue moving company loads your goods, drives away, only to never hear from them again. Logically, this is maybe the most damaging and frightening situation. You’ll have to face the loss of all your property at once, with very little chance to get it back.

The most often signs you’re dealing with fraudulent moving companies

As we already mentioned, it’s crucial to hire a reputable moving company, with a quality moving experience. To recognize any potential frauds, we’ve put up a list of red flags to look after.

  • A moving company in question doesn’t have a federal motor carrier number or a USDOT number.

First, a moving company is required by law to have a federal motor carrier number or a USDOT number. If a moving company you’re considering doesn’t have one or refuses to share it, they are probably not legal. Maybe they aren’t even a moving company at all.

  • The moving company won’t answer your questions.

Any reputable moving company wants to satisfy their customers. Therefore, they will want you to be as informed as possible so you don’t run into any unexpected issues. However, if a moving company refuses to answer basic questions, there might be a problem. This might be an obvious red flag of a fraudulent moving company. They’ll want to hold back information such as claims process, finally making it impossible for you to file a claim. This way, they will avoid any responsibility for potential damage or loss of goods.

  • They refuse to do an in-home estimate.

Often, the best way to get an accurate quote is when the moving company conducts an in-home estimate. So, if you request one and a moving company refuses to do it, suspend any further action. The least minimum is that a moving company asks you to submit a thorough inventory of your home. If this is not the case, move on and look for another one.

Be aware of fraudulent moving companies
There are many obvious signs you are dealing with fraudulent moving companies. Do not ignore them.

Prevent a moving company scam and avoid dealing with a fraudulent moving company

Prevention is important to avoid becoming a victim of a moving scam. Now that you know the possible ways fraudulent moving companies work, it will be much easier. However, we would like to point out several ways to take precautionary measures and protect yourself. First, do your research before agreeing to the moving company’s proposal and conditions. Search through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s website. The goal is to make sure the company you are looking into is properly registered. Then, check the moving company for Better Business Bureau accreditation. Also, check for the American Moving &Storage Administration Pro Mover certification.

What to do if you have already been a victim of a scam from a fraudulent moving company?

If you’ve ended up as a fraud victim, you still have some options. The first thing to do is to contact local law enforcement. Because there are good chances a moving company committed a crime by participating in any kind of fraud. Due to illegal activity, such a fraudulent moving company can be prosecuted. Therefore, report any kind of fraudulent activity to local police. Furthermore, if the moving company is participating in a hostage load, the local police can arrest them for theft. Also, we advise you to report your scam to local media. Even though they won’t be able to provide any legal action, they can bring attention to your circumstances. The media can bring attention to your problem and have a huge influence on enacting quicker action. Finally, conclude for the next time. Meaning, don’t hire a moving company that has issues listed above.

you got this message
If you have ended up as a victim of a fraud, there are ways to solve this issue.


By knowing these steps for dealing with fraudulent moving companies, you can be peaceful. You won’t allow yourself to become a victim of any scam but safely organize your next relocation. Anyways, we wish you the best of luck!

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