Tips for last minute packing

Short notice moving is the most nerve-wracking kind of moving that you can experience. If you don’t find normal moving difficult, this will most likely test your limits. Moving with ReloSmart Movers Hong Kong will greatly help, but some people decide to do it by themselves. Last minute packing is as difficult as normal packing, but you will feel a bigger pressure for time. In the perfect scenario, you will have a few months to pack, whereas you can have as little as one week for a hurried move. So you ask, how are you supposed to fit one month’s worth of packing into a much smaller time frame? With our tips, you will hopefully finish packing before your deadline.

What are the best things you can do when last minute packing?

When moving last minute, you will feel a lot of pressure. You will think that there won’t be time for anything, and there won’t unless you organize your time right or hire some moving service Hong Kong. Your most precious asset will be time, so there is none to waste. To save as much time as possible when last-minute packing, you need to:

  • Collect moving quotes fast
  • Skip the decluttering
  • Don’t say no to help
Picture of a person zipping a bag
You will feel a lot of pressure while packing in a hurry

Collect moving quotes fast

As we said, time is of essence in this situation, and you cannot waste it with looking for some international movers Hong Kong for a long time. Find a few of the most reputable movers and get their quotes. But how are you supposed to find good movers in the sea of advertisements online? The easiest way is to avoid suspiciously low moving quotes and look for the company’s insurance and license. Good moving companies will have a realistic price, and will be transparent about it from beginning to end.

Skip the decluttering

The decluttering is a crucial step when you have time. But now time is of the essence, and it cannot be wasted. Decluttering before moving is a great way to downsize your possessions, but if there is no time, don’t bother. Even though you will end up paying more to some domestic movers Hong Kong, at least you will have time to do other things. You can always get rid of some items while unpacking.

Don’t say no to help

Your friends and family will likely offer you help for a move. But when you are short on time, asking your friends for help is a logical solution, even if no one offers. In order to make the time more enjoyable while working, put on some good music and get some snacks and refreshments. Tedious tasks tend to be easier when you have nice company. Just don’t forget to repay the favor or give them a nice compensation for it. A gift card or a dinner invitation are all great options.

Picture of pastries ready for snacking during last minute packing
Offer snacks and drinks to your friends and family

Conclusion on last minute packing

Last minute packing might sound scary and impossible, but it doesn’t have to be. It is all in your mindset. You can see it as an obstacle on the road or as a challenge that you can take on. Once you finish everything and find yourself in your new home, you will feel proud of yourself that you finished everything. We wish you good luck and that the time flows just a little bit slower while you pack!

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