Tips for leaving Hong Kong after college

You’ve graduated and it’s time to move out of Hong Kong? You have nothing to worry about. Moving can be hard and stressful, but with a good relocation company Hong Kong, everything will go well and in the time that suits you. Here you will find the best tips for leaving Hong Kong after college. Good luck!

Life in Hong Kong has certainly been fun for you. A very urban city with many opportunities and challenges. Also, if you have spent several years studying there, you certainly have a lot of your belongings, clothes, and furniture. When the time comes to move, you must be wondering how to move all of them? With a good moving company, you have solved most of your problems.

A common question when leaving Hong Kong is what to do with unnecessary things. When you finish college you are sure to have a lot of little things and things that you would not take with you to your new address. Seasonal wardrobe, books, notebooks, folders, and much more will packing more difficult, and you don’t need them to start your new chapter in life. Look for one of the best short term storage Hong Kong and store your belongings in a safe place.

Empty apartment with packed carton boxes when leaving Hong Kong after college
Pay attention to pack your items properly for storage

Storage is a great thing because you will have access to your belongings at all times, and you will be able to take them if you need them. You will be able to move carefree and focus on looking for a job because your things will be safe and locked, all in one place!

How to pack when leaving Hong Kong after college?

Remember that packaging is one of the most important tasks when moving. Moving is not just transporting things from one address to another. That is why it is extremely important to pack your items the right way. The safety of your belongings depends on the packaging. If things are not packed adequately, they can be damaged, which you certainly do not want to happen. Also, there is a possibility of damaging your walls and floors if things are not properly packed. Try to make a detailed plan before packing, how much you need and in what way and which room you pack first. If things go wrong you can always rely on people from moving companies who will help you and make sure you finish everything quickly.

Your checklist before leaving Hong Kong

White and black weekly planer on gray surface
Make your own to-do list!

Checklists are indispensable for any move. If you are relocating from Hong Kong after college, a checklist can be a life-saver for you. Write down everything that awaits you and everything that you have to do. You know that there is no better feeling than crossing off the tasks you have finished knowing that the end is near. Try to make the checklist look like this:

  • Purchase packing supplies
  • Declutter before packing
  • Pack room by room
  • Sort your wardrobe
  • Separate unnecessary things
  • Clean after packing

It’s time to say goodbye to Hong Kong

Surely leaving Hong Kong after college is hard for you. Also, it is certain that during your studies you did not have time to get to know Hong Kong completely. Now it’s time for that. Forget about moving, packing, and other worries and dedicate yourself to the city where you spent so many years. Investigate what you missed, and be sure to visit that place. Hong Kong is a huge city with many sights and good food. Relax and visit those places you haven’t had the chance to visit before.

Make sure you take care of all financial transactions

If you are relocating from Hong Kong after your studies, make sure to pay all the bills. That way, you will be able to look for a new home in a new city in peace. Make sure you have paid your utility bills on time. Also, if you have borrowed books from the library, return them on time before you leave Hong Kong. If you have been a member of a gym or other sports activity, cancel your subscription so that there are no unplanned expenses.

It is very important to have a clear financial situation. Every move brings with it financial difficulties, so watch out for your wallet. It would be a good idea to start saving ahead of time if your move from Hong Kong is certain.

Organize a farewell party for your friends!

People toasting
Relax at your own party!

The time spent in Hong Kong must have made you a lot of friends. Leaving Hong Kong after college is hard both on you and them. So it’s a good idea host a farewell party to get together before you leave. Prepare drinks, food and a camera. Capture that moment with a few photos so you can always remember your stay in Hong Kong.

Say goodbye to Hong Kong and to your family

If Hong Kong has been your city since birth, you certainly have a lot of family and relatives there. Your step into the world of adults is something that comes to you spontaneously and it is difficult for them as your family. Completing your studies is something you all aspired to, however when the time comes to say goodbye, it is anything but easy. That is why it is a good idea to dedicate your time to your family and relatives a few days before leaving. If you’re moving overseas after college, the question is when you will have the time to return to Hong Kong again to see the closest ones.

Now that you have your practical To-Do list before you move, and when you know what things to deal with before leaving Hong Kong after college, you’re ready for a big leap. Now new challenges and new adventures await you. Every relocation is difficult but with good organization and good decisions, your departure from Hong Kong can be a smooth experience.

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