Tips for moving rugs and carpets

When it comes to moving, every detail is important. It requires a good organization, endurance, and skill. We are about to give some tips for moving household belongings, office belongings, etc. Special tips are for moving rugs and carpets.

Choose a reliable moving company

Whether you are moving your household or the office, you will need some professional help along the way. You have found a good house for you, but you have so much to do in order to prepare for the BIG DAY. The important thing is to set a moving date. When you have set the moving date, you will organize your activities according to it. Choosing a good, trustworthy moving company, on which you can rely, is only half work done. Moving your belongings, vehicle, moving rugs and carpets, demands good preparation.

How to preserve your things in moving-moving rugs and carpets

Let say that you are planning to move to Hong Kong. There is nothing better for preserving your belongings to keep them in Kwun Tong storage. Keeping your belongings in storage, you will protect them and they will be safe from devasting and damage. Of course, you can arrange insurance for the in order to be relaxed and sure that if something happens to them you will get adequate compensation.

Our company has the best conditions in storage units, so you don’t have to worry about potential danger like moisture that can ruin the furniture. Moving rugs and carpets and keeping them in storage you will not think about pests.


-Moving carpets and rugs
Moving carpets and rugs and keeping them in storage

Important tips during the office move

The situation is not so different during the office move. If you are planning to move your office to Hong Kong, the best thing that you can do is to hire office movers Hong Kong. Our professional will transport your entire office to a new address with the attention of a good host. Treating your belongings as our own, every item and every thing from your office will be transported without any damage.

Confidentiality is our moto. By moving the desks, chairs, moving rugs and carpets, computers and fragile things we are helping you to achieve your only goal-a a good starting point on the new market.

Preparation before moving

You need to know that a good realization of every plan requires good preparation. In that order, you have to prepare your belongings in a proper way, before the relocation starts. Preparation for moving carpets and rugs is a little different from preparation of other belongings.

There are many types of carpets and rugs. They are designed and manufactured for your comfort, but materials from which they become are so beautiful and also so different. Some of them are very delicate and very expensive. They come in all shades. Before the moving please check a little mark on them. Every carpet and rug has a special way of maintenance. So, be careful.

Different carpet requires different maintenance

Start with cleaning

Depending on the number of carpets and rugs in your home, start with cleaning one at the time.  You will need to vacuum clean them first. The dust and all the filth need to come out. After a good vacuum cleaner, take a brush and soap and begin with brushing. When you are finished with brushing the best thing you can do is to get them outside so they can dry on the sun. As you can see moving rugs and carpets can be useful.

-carpet and shoes
Cleaning carpets and rugs before moving

Wrapping-moving rugs and carpets

After a good brush, carpets and rugs will shine. When they are super dry you will have to begin with packing. Pack on at the time. Put the carpet on the floor and make sure that it is properly dry. You will have to wrap them good in order to protect them from insects and all kinds of moths. Varmits and moths can severely damage the carpet or the rug and you can throw it away. It won’t be useful anymore. You need to get rid of them because if you don’t do that, the moths can easily eat some other item in your home. You don’t want that scenario. So, follow our tips for moving rugs and carpets and you won’t be sorry.

Protecting before moving rugs and carpets

You have done with wrapping carpets and rugs. Before moving rugs and carpets you will need to protect them. There are different types of protection for moving rugs and carpets. There are protection plastic wrappings, carpet bags, nylon sacks, etc. The best for protection in packing of ruck and carpets are the sacs for garbage. Wrap them around the carpet, get big, strong long ropes so you can tighten them. But, you need to know that carpets and rugs can be very heavy when they are wrapped, so you will need to consider inviting some friends to help.

Moving rugs and carpets are not easy

In fact, moving rugs and carpets is not easy and it is a lot of work. People don’t have time to do all that themselves. Call us, we will gladly help! Our services can include packing and unpacking your furniture as well as the carpets and rugs. Before transportation, our movers are going to load them in the moving trucks and unload them when we get to your new address. So, the problem with insufficient manpower is solved. We are going to do that for you.

Our services can include unloading of the moving truck and getting the carpets and rugs inside the house. Unwrapping can be arranged too. So, you can see we are taking good care of our clients. All you need to do is to contact us and send us your inquiry. We will need elements like your current address and the moving address, floor in the building, etc. When you submit the form, our offer will come as soon as possible.


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